【R.O.H.A.N】Flash Sale & Extra Rewards!

[⚡Scratch Extra Rewards⚡]

Start: February 18th.
End: February 24th.

⚡ Crone Roller: 20 Attempts = Hunting Bonus Box x2 & True feeling chocolate Box x3
⚡ Scratch Conquest: 15 Attempts = +1 Enhancement Ticket Up to 10 Enhancement (IM) x2 & Mystery Package x3
⚡ Silvas luck: 20 Attempts = +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +12) x1 & Opaniel Box x3
⚡ Blazing Temple: 20 Attempts =+1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +15) x1 & Pet Adoption Ticket x20


➡[Discounted items]

⚡ 80% OFF
[Sale] Sealed Growth Seal (7D, 100%)
[Sale] Sealed Growth Seal (15D, 100%)
[Sale] Harmony Seal (IM – 7D)
[Sale] Harmony Seal (IM – 15D)
[Sale] Blessing Seal (IM – 7D)
[Sale] Blessing Seal (IM – 15D)
[Sale] 100% Unity Seal (IM – 7D)
[Sale] 100% Unity Seal (IM – 15D)

40% OFF
[Sale] Ancient Weapon Preservation Stone (IM)
[Sale] Unique Preservation Stone(IM)
[Sale] Ancient Armor Preservation Stone (IM)
[Sale] Rare Preservation Stone(IM)
[Sale] Rare Preservation Stone(N)
[Sale] Unique Preservation Stone(N)
[Sale] Ancient Weapon Preservation Stone(N)
[Sale] Ancient Armor Preservation Stone (N)

20% OFF
[Sale] Complete Stat Reset Stone
[Sale] Vault Expansion Ticket – 30 D
[Sale] Skill Initialization Stone (IM)
[Sale] Skill Point Recovery Stone (IM)
[Sale] Job Change Stone
[Sale] Ancient Merchant’s Legacy (IM)
[Sale] Job Change Certification
[Sale] Sealed Lightweight 60 Slot Bag (IM)
[Sale] 54 Slot Vault Expansion Bag – 30 D
[Sale] Travel Food Pack (IM – 15D)
[Sale] Travel Food Pack (IM – 7D)
[Sale] Source of life




GoCash USD100
Game Card (Global)
GoCash USD50
Game Card (Global)
GoCash USD20
Game Card (Global)
GoCash USD15
Game Card (Global)
GoCash USD10
Game Card (Global)



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