10 Best Characters in MultiVersus


MultiVersus is taking the gaming world by storm, and it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t want to play their most beloved cartoon characters? It’s one of the best games with crossovers out there right now. But if you want to start playing, make sure that you top up your Xbox with OffGamers first!

Before you jump in, read through our list of the 10 best characters to play. 


10 Best Characters in MultiVersus

1. Taz

Taz is fun and quirky, and he’s one of the most recognizable characters in the Looney Tunes world. As you may have guessed, Taz is a bruiser who uses his overpowered spin move to cause mayhem in the MultiVersus community.

A few of his moves include:

  • Chew Em Up, Spit Em Out: A neutral, ground-on-air attack that has Taz eat and spit out his enemies, stunning them.
  • Taz-Nado: A special, side move, Taz-Nado is a spinning tornado that will hit multiple times.
  • Dogpile! Dogpile!: Create a dust cloud that continues to grow bigger. If stuck inside, enemies will be hit multiple times.
  • You Spit What You Eat: A simple move where Taz spits an apple at his opponents.


2. Harley Quinn

DC’s Harley Quinn needs no introduction, and she’s a load of fun to play. As an assassin, she has a lot of neat abilities that will cause some serious damage to her foes. Some of the many abilities you’ll enjoy include:

  • Stuffie Bat: Harley will throw a stuffed Batman toy out and with a tap of a button, it will detonate a bomb.
  • Prank Shot: A projectile attack, which can change directions and fire a projectile to the left rather than the right.
  • Batter Up: Harley jumps into the air and swings her bat at her foe.
  • Jerk-in-the-Box: Send out a jerk-in-a-box proximity bomb that blows up on enemies who touch it.


3. Shaggy

Shaggy, the beloved character from Scooby Doo, is a bruiser character who specializes in close combat. In MultiVersus, he’s a walking ball of rage. In fact, rage can make his moves more powerful and buff his allies.

Shaggy’s moves include:

  • Chiller instinct kick: Kick your enemy to hurl them across the stage.
  • Zoinks: Charge up your rage to get a rage buff for yourself and your allies.
  • Power uppercut: Deal an uppercut punch, hurling yourself and your enemy into the air. If you’re fully raged, this move will hit multiple times.
  • Like, c’mere man: Perform a ground slam attack that launches enemies into the air.
  • Like, feed the hunger: Pull out a sandwich and toss it at your enemy. If it passes through an ally, it will heal them. If it hits an enemy, it will damage them.


Shaggy is fun to play, and his moves make him very different from his TV show character. 


4. Batman

Batman is arguably the most famous superhero of all time, and not surprisingly, his character falls under the bruiser class. But even though he specializes in close combat, his moves are mostly ranged. One advantage he does have is that he can dodge straight up or diagonally upwards, making it easier to evade attacks.

Here’s a look at Batman’s moves:

  • Bat-grapple: Hurl at your opponent to fly to them and deal a damaging blow. Alternatively, you can toss your grapple at objects in the scene and pull yourself towards them. This comes in handy if you want to avoid falling off of the stage or want to strategically move around your opponent.
  • Bat-bomb: Attach a small explosive device onto your opponent that detonates after a few seconds and tosses enemies upward.
  • Rising bat: Perform a damaging uppercut punch. Charge up this move to hit your opponent twice and deal extra damage, or perform it in the air to give yourself more height.
  • Smoke bomb: Drop a smoke bomb on the ground to create a cloud of smoke that makes you invisible. Attacking enemies while standing in the smoke will give them a debuff. You can dodge more frequently, too.


5. LeBron James

Play as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. LeBron’s character is from Space Jam: A New Legacy, and as a bruiser class, he can deal heavy blows in close combat. And even though he’s not afraid to get up close and personal with enemies, Lebron can still deal damage from afar by throwing basketballs at his foes.

When LeBron’s basketball move is on cooldown, a melee attack will spawn a new one automatically. His allies can use this move to their advantage, too. Tossing the ball at an ally will cause it to stick to them, and their next move will launch the ball in that direction.

Here’s a look at LeBron’s moves:

  • L-train: Jump into the air and dunk the ball downward. Upon landing, the ball will create a shockwave that weakens opponents. But be careful when using this move. It’s so powerful that it will shatter your basketball. 
  • Buckets: Toss a basketball at your enemy and direct its path up, down or straight.
  • Got hops: Throw a jump shot to propel your basketball flying at a high arc. If LeBron doesn’t have a ball when you perform this move, he’ll either toss chalk in the air or clap his hands. Both will deal damage.
  • Denied: Spike the ball down towards the ground to make it bounce up and hit aerial enemies.


LeBron is a projectile-heavy character, and without his basketball, his moves change slightly. But he’s a fun character to play, and there’s potential for potent double-attacks if you time some of his moves properly.


6. Finn

Adventure Time’s Finn is an assassin with nearly endless combo potential. His down-air and up-special moves are some of the most powerful KO chains right now in MultiVersus. Finn is speedy and agile, but his down-special move does leave him vulnerable to attack.

Also, Finn is unique in that opponents drop gold when he hits them. Gold can increase his damage and allow him to buy items using a special move.

  • Get skronked: Shoulder-charge your enemy, blocking projectiles and closing the distance between you and your opponent.
  • High five, dude: Reach back for a high five. Run around to charge up this attack, and let go to damage enemies. This move can also block and even reflect projectiles.
  • Mathematical air dash: Perform this move mid-air for an air-dash attack. It does more damage at the end of the move, so time and position it carefully to maximize its effects.
  • Sweet deals: Crouch down to open a shop to buy items from the gold you’ve collected. Choose from a speed boost, a projectile shield and an attacking companion who can deal some serious damage. This move leaves you vulnerable to damage, so positioning is crucial.
  • Backpack attack: Spin around with your backpack to perform multiple hits. Your final blow will launch enemies into the air and deliver the most damage. 
  • Throwin stones: Toss a gem through the air and use a side special move in the air to teleport to the gem’s location.


Although he doesn’t have many projectile attacks, Finn can keep the pressure on enemies. His gem-tossing move gives him the ability to teleport around and close the distance between himself and his opponents.


7. Jake

Jake the Dog is from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. His ability to stretch and transform his shape makes him a fun and interesting character to play in MultiVersus.

Jake is a bruiser, which means he specializes in close combat and dealing out some punishing damage. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in reach thanks to his ability to stretch and morph his body.

His side attack has a seriously long reach, and he’s skilled at breaking armour. 

Here’s a rundown of Jake’s moves:

  • Giddy up: Transform into a horse and charge into opponents. Hold the button down to keep this move going until the gauge runs out. Oh, and while you’re transformed into a horse, allies can hop on your back and use you as a platform.
  • Rubber stomach, dude: Eat your opponent and walk around with your enemy inside. When you’ve tortured them enough, spit them out to use them as a projectile. You can eat allies, too, which allows them to spit themselves out as a projectile.
  • That’s heavy, dude: Randomly transform into a house, boat or car. Hold down the button to keep this move going and slowly move across the screen. While transformed, projectiles will bounce off of both him and his allies.
  • Stretchin’ out: Stretch up into the air, knocking back opponents who try to hit you. At the end of the move, snap back into place and damage enemies along the way.


Overall, Jake is a great partner to have and a balanced character. However, his moves really do limit you to close combat.


8. Velma

Velma Dinkley, our favourite nerdy gal from Scooby-Doo and the brains of the bunch, is – surprise, surprise – a supporting character. Velma’s moves support her partner, but her disdain for violence makes fighting a little more complicated. Her moves still do some damage, although in an indirect way.

Here’s a look at Velma’s moves:

  • Fast thinker: Run on the spot and charge up to a sprint. The longer your charge, the faster your sprint. Velma also picks up enemies in her path, damaging them and throwing them upwards at the end of her sprint. Partners can also jump into Velma’s arms to get an armour buff and allow Velma to do some extra damage.
  • Motivational speaker: Use a megaphone to shout a message to your enemy: “Find the clues!” The beam itself does damage to enemies and heals allies. If the end of the beam touches an enemy, it gives them a debuff and knocks them back. If the beam hits an ally, it spawns another, stronger beam. 
  • Hit the books: Open a textbook midair and charge forward. 
  • Shutterbug: A special move performed in the air. Velma uses her camera to take a picture downwards. If the flash hits an enemy, it will thrust both Velma and the opponent upwards. The beam can also shatter Wonder Woman’s shield or other enemy armour.
  • Toxic concoction: Toss a puddle of goo on the floor that slows enemies and starts stacking a frozen debuff that eventually encases your opponent in a block of ice. While frozen, enemies are vulnerable to attack, but it’s important to remember that they can break out of the ice.
  • Spread the knowledge: Hurl your book at your enemy, causing damage and giving yourself a buff. While buffed, your cooldowns are shorter. You can also give this buff to allies.


Velma has a fun set of abilities, and she can be a great partner for characters with lots of cooldown moves. But don’t expect her to be exceptional at damage dealing.


9. Wonder Woman

DC Comics character Wonder Woman is a great partner to have on MultiVersus. As a tank, she can soak up damage, allowing her partner to unload on the enemy. Additionally, she specializes in close combat, where she can keep her opponent distracted from her partner.

Here’s a rundown of Wonder Woman’s moves:

  • Warrior’s charge: Charge forward to quickly reach your enemy and raise a giant shield when you get there. The shield gives protection, but it’s not invulnerable. Some moves can destroy it in one hit. 
  • Lasso of truth: Hurl a lasso at your opponent to pull them to you. This move may look familiar to fans of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. And from time to time, Wonder Woman will shout “get over here” when she uses this move.
  • Flying warrior: Jump into the air, thrusting your shield up towards the sky and damaging enemies along the way. Along with damaging enemies, her shield will also protect against attacks and can even serve as a platform for mid-air combat allies.
  • Soaring punch: Punch enemies from mid-air while dashing forward. Using this move will help you cover more distance and get to enemies faster.
  • Defense of the gods: Dash to an ally to remove debuffs and give a new protective buff that blocks damage.


Wonder Woman is fun to play, and her defensive abilities make her a great partner for offensive-oriented characters. But like any other character in MultiVersus, she takes skill and practice to master.


10. Arya Stark

Adaptive, agile and ninja-like are just a few words to describe Arya Stark’s character. And just like her TV show personality, Arya’s character is powerful, cautious and nimble. 

Here’s a rundown of her moves:

  • Face-stealer: Steal your opponent’s face and either stun them or use their neutral attack against them up to five times.
  • Dagger slash: Swipe your knife upwards to catch opponents in the air.
  • Knife-thrower: Hurl your knife at your opponent, causing it to stick to them. Dash quickly to your enemy to do more damage while the dagger is still lodged.
  • Blade sharpener: Dash to an ally and give a buff, which breaks the enemy’s armour on their next attack.


The only problem with Arya is that her combat style is counter-focused, making her less effective in offensive situations. 

These are some of the best characters in MultiVersus. Each one has its own fun playstyle and moves that make this crossover game a pleasure to play. If you’re looking for more updates and playthroughs for MultiVersus, be sure to check out streamers and gameplays on YouTube and Twitch.


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