10 Best Games to Speedrun

10 Best Games to Speedrun


Beating or completing a game is super satisfying, but doing it in the shortest amount of time possible is something else. The term for this is speedrunning. It’s a unique category in gaming where people compete to finish a game in the quickest manner.

Today, we’ve gathered 10 games that we consider to be the most fun to speedrun which you can try on your own. Do note that you will still need to be very familiar with these games if you want to attempt to speedrun them.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!


Hades Speedrun


1. Hades


Hades is an extremely fast-paced game and it is only natural that it becomes one of the favourites for speedrunning. Aside from its explosive gameplay, it is the countless builds that make Hades such a fun game to speedrun.

With so many Aspects for each Infernal Arms, there are actually countless combinations one can try to clear the game the quickest. As such, most Hades speedrunners will spend most of their time theory-crafting and building ideas that reduce the time taken to clear Hades.

However, it is important to note that Hades is a rather difficult game and if you are playing it for the first time, speedrunning it is not a good idea. Instead, try reading up on a guide on how you can comfortably clear Hades as a newbie!


Neon White Speedrun


2. Neon White


One of Neon White’s main accomplishments is requiring its players to beat their own time records. This is already the perfect template for speedrunning.

For one, there are just so many ways players can tackle each stage. There are multiple ways for you to reach the end figuring out the quickest way to do it is super interesting. Like with Hades, this will require a lot of trial runs but the end result is very satisfying!

That said, Neon White is still a fairly new game and its speedrunning community is still growing. Don’t take this as a discouragement though. There aren’t many speedrunners now and if you want to take the speedrunning spotlight with Neon White, now’s the time!


Cuphead Speedrun


3. Cuphead


Cuphead is not for the faint of heart. By clearing the game, one would have cemented themselves as a “pro” gamer. Some players, however, take Cuphead to a completely new level.

Imagine beating all stages in under an hour! Many of us casual players can’t even beat the first few stages of the game! Cuphead speedrunners, you peeps have really earned our respect!

With Cuphead, speedrunners will need to memorise the attack patterns of all the enemies that are coming their way. The speed and quirk of each projectile need to be downloaded to their brains so that reacting to them is second nature.

Cuphead might not be the easiest game to speedrun, but it is sure as hell one of the most rewarding ones if you can do it! Definitely worth a try if you can beat this game comfortably.


GTA San Andreas Speedrun


4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


It is kind of ironic that a plot-driven game like GTA: San Andreas will have a speedrunning community. The game is super-long and being able to finish it within a couple of hours is certainly no easy feat.

There are many categories for San Andreas speedruns. Speedrunners can choose either to speedrun ‘till the end of the main story or do that while completing every mission available. Needless to say, both are insane achievements that should be praised.

Still, GTA: San Andreas is a game best played at your own pace. However, the game has been out for a really long time now, so if you’ve beaten it, why not try beating it quicker?


Stardew Valley speedrun


5. Stardew Valley


Like many, we were also very surprised that such a calm and serene game like Stardew Valley can be speedrun. Amazingly you can! For most speedrunners, the main objective is to complete the community bundles in the shortest time possible.

To do that, speedrunners will need to utilise every trick in the book for maximum efficiency. They need to make sure that every action takes the least amount of time and effort. Plus, knowing what equipment and tools to upgrade is also essential for a good speedrun record.

So, if you think you are the best farmer out there—think again! There are actually speedrunners out there who can finish all of the bundles in less than 3 hours!


Dark Souls speedrun


6. Dark Souls


Completing a FromSoftware is already an achievement itself, but beating it in under 30 minutes is certainly a gaming flex. We guess there are some really insane gamers out there!

For Dark Souls, speedrunners tend to abuse a programming loophole inside the game where they can ensure faster executions and movements. Some might say this is exploitative, but the spirit of speedrunning is utilising all resources to clear the game as fast as possible.

Besides having to know all of these glitches, understanding boss movements and movesets are also imperative in a Dark Souls speedrun. Timewise, having this information wired into your brain will reveal what method is the best way to take down an enemy.

Therefore, it is best to clear Dark Souls a few times before attempting to speedrun it. Take your time and look for resources that let you know which dedicated build is used for speedrunning.


Getting over it speedrun


7. Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy


Playing Getting Over It can be the most frustrating thing ever. Rage compilation videos of this game on YouTube are proof of that. So why in the world would some people speedrun this game?

Gratification. Similar to many games on this list, Getting Over It is not an easy game to finish. It is a game—if you are playing for the first time—that is very unexpected. The path to the end is abnormal and you are not reaching there in your first few tries.

Hence, the gratification that comes from beating the game and doing it with lightning speed is something else. The game might be difficult at first, but once you know all the quirks of this game, you’ll be looking at yourself trying to beat it within the shortest amount of time!


Super Mario Bros speedrun


8. Super Mario Bros


The Mario franchise has always been known for playing a large hand in popularising the platform genre. Little did we know that the franchise would also become one of the most popular speedrun games out there!

To start a Mario speedrun, you will need to know all the secret and hidden passageways that will lead you to the end the quickest—also, having good reflexes help tremendously. You will need to have your timing and anticipation skills down to successfully speedrun a Mario game.

Again, don’t let this discourage you though. All you really need is to have practice and look up walkthroughs for assistance. If you are interested in starting your Mario speedrun, make sure you purchase some Mario games with our Nintendo eShop Cards here!


Sonic the Hedgehog speedrun


9. Sonic the Hedgehog


When one of the game’s most iconic lines is “Gotta go fast”, there definitely has to be room for a speedrunning community in it.

Speedrunning in Sonic is just like Dark Souls where you will need to employ some glitches to get the best time. However, you will not be able to get a good time with the Sonic games if you don’t have enough practice.

Most speedruns require you to have insane mechanical ability and the Sonic games are no different from that. Luckily, these abilities can be developed with practice. So, keep repeating the game over and over again until you have a natural sense of the game.


Portal speedrun


10. Portal


Portal is an amazing game when you play it for the first time. After that, many parts of the game become very predictable. So, what players do to increase its replay value is by speedrunning it!

When it comes to speedrunning Portal, solving the puzzles isn’t your main problem anymore, it is how quickly you can finish them. As such, you will need to master movements like your Accelerated Backwards Hopping or Accelerated Sideways Hopping. Conquering both movements will tremendously improve your efficiency in navigating many areas.

That said, we would still recommend players to play through Portal a couple of times before they start their speedrunning career. You would need to have a firm understanding of each stage and how you can exploit and take note of any possible hindrance that may affect your run.


Look at that, we’ve managed to speedrun right to the bottom of this list! We hope that these games will make you want to try out speedrunning sometime. The most important thing though, is that you have fun while blitzing through these games!


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