10 Best Guns in Free Fire 2021

Free Fire is one of the quiet battle royales that have been growing in popularity in the shadow of games like Fortnite and PUBG. If you want to be the last one standing in Free Fire, you need to have one of the best guns, or a lot of skill.

The Free Fire shop can help you gear up fast, and don’t forget to get some Free Fire Diamond Pins to gain a competitive edge.

If you haven’t played the game yet, it’s a 50 player battle royale that has the Free Fire diamond shop to spend currency in, a ranked mode, and an upcoming character named Skyler that you can start playing soon.


10 Best Guns in Free Fire 2021

1. MP40


The MP40 is the best of the best, and if you rock it with the GROZA, you’ll be a killing machine. Boasting a 20-round magazine and an 83 rate of fire, you’ll blow people away before they even know you’re around.

Damage is a moderate 48 and the reload speed is 48, too.

Considered a “submachine gun,” the only attachment you can get is the magazine. A scope would have been nice, but you’re stuck with a 17 accuracy and a range of 22. If you’re an SMG fan, this is the gun to use, especially for close-range combat.

New and seasoned players will benefit from the MP40 because it fits with any suitable playstyle.

You will want to combine this rifle with Scar, AWM, or the GROZA for some sick damage. Recoil on this SMG is high, so you’ll find that keeping your aim steady can be difficult.


2. AWM

free fire diamond

Want reliability? The AWM is your best option. You’ll find this sniper rifle to be the game’s most reliable, and it’s best suited when you’re at long range and are able to zero in on stationary targets.

Damage is a staggering 90, as is the rifle’s accuracy. The range hits 91, but reload speed is 34, and the rate of fire is 27. The magazine has just five shots, but in the right hands, you’ll be able to snipe targets all day long.

Attachments include:

  • Silencer
  • Muzzle
  • Magazine
  • Scope


Lethal in any battleground, the only downside of this sniper rifle is that it takes a long time to reload – the downfall of all sniper rifles. When combining your AWM, you’ll want to pick up the MP40 and the M1873 shotgun for some staggering firepower.

You won’t find this rifle in the Free Fire diamond shop. Instead, the rifle falls from airdrops at the safe zone edge, so they’re hard to get but well worth the effort if you want to be a beast on the battleground.


3. M1887

free fire shop

Want to pump out massive damage? The M1887 is a great choice, with 100 damage. The double-caliber shotgun is perfect for anyone that doesn’t mind close-range combat. One hit will destroy your enemies.

Armor penetration is 54, and range is 21, so you need to enjoy close-range gameplay. The fire rate is 42, so it’s fast for a shotgun. You won’t be able to use any attachments – you really don’t need to with this excessively high power.

Combine this shotgun with the stability and accuracy of the XM8 and you’ll be obliterating everyone on the field.

The M1887 is one of the shotguns that outperform every shotgun in its class. If you come across an enemy, you can easily 2-shot kill them. Damage and range are great for a shotgun, but you need to make every shot count because the two-round capacity can quickly leave you with an empty gun.

In the right hands, the M1887 can destroy the competition, but you’ll definitely want to pair it with a higher magazine capacity in the event that you miss a few shots.


4. M60

free fire diamond shop

The M60 has an AOE and high damage. Packing 60 rounds in the magazine, this assault rifle may not be as powerful as the Groza, but it is a great all-around AR. The rifle only has one attachment magazine, so there is little in the way of upgrading.

The magazine makes this AR a great choice, but it’s still a light machine gun that functions best at mid-range.

Damage stands at 56, so it’s not overly powerful, but it has a range of 65 for nice mid-range kills. The rate of fire is 56, while reload speed is 48 and accuracy is 43. If you don’t end up too far away, this is a deadly assault rifle with a lot of room for error thanks to its massive magazines.

If you want to get the best combo in the game, you’ll want to mix the P90 and M60, but some prefer the M60 and M40 together. Give the combo a try for yourself to see what you like. You’ll need to spend 30 diamonds to get this rifle, which can be purchased from the armory shop and is found in the Spirited Overseers Weapons Loot Crate.




GROZA is a beast of a weapon that does the damage of an assault rifle but acts much like an SMG. If you’re looking for the best assault rifle in the game, this is it. The one downside of this rifle, and why so many people put it further down on their list, is that it’s only available to you through airdrops.

Due to the risks that the rifle won’t drop, you should try getting some of the other rifles on the list.

You can add a bunch of attachments to this rifle:

  • Foregrip
  • Muzzle
  • Magazine
  • Scope
  • Silencer


The range is a major strength at 75, while damage is 61 and the rate of fire is 56. Reload speed is 48, the magazine holds 30 rounds and accuracy stands at 54. If you like to be in short to mid-range, the GROZA is a great option.

Two strong combos for this rifle include the MP4 or the Mag7.


6. MP5


The MP5 can be found in Free Fire and is an SMG. By default, the magazine capacity is 48, so you’ll be able to spray enemies with bullets to take them out quickly and efficiently. While the performance can be “mid-range,” the steady fire rate and accuracy make it one of the top choices among players.

Medium and close-range damage is possible, and attachments are available to make the SMG even deadlier:

  • Muzzle
  • Silencer
  • Foregrip
  • Scope
  • Magazine


The rate of fire is 76 and reload speed is 77, which are the two most impressive specs. Accuracy sits at 54, while damage is 48. The range is 41, making the MP5 less practical as you move away from enemies.

Unless you’re very skilled or lucky, getting a long-range kill can be very difficult with the MP5, albeit not impossible.

Movement speed is 66, so you’ll be able to close gaps between enemies fairly easily. As a fast SMG, people often combine the MP5 with the M1887 or the AK for massive firepower. Another great option is the MP5 and M4A1.

We recommend trying out a lot of combinations to find one that fits best with your playstyle.


7. KAR98K


The KAR98K is a sniper rifle, and it’s one of the deadliest options in the game. When you take a shot, you’ll either kill the opponent or knock them down. Five bullets are in the magazine, so you’ll have a few shots to kill your enemies, which is good because the rate of fire and reload speed are just 27.

Damage is a high 90, while the range is an 84 and accuracy is a 90.

With these specs, it’s easy to see that the KAR98K is a long-range monster and best for people that want to play the long-range, tactical style of gameplay. You can also add two attachments to your rifle:

  • Muzzle
  • Silencer


Movement speed is 65, so if you see enemies coming in from a distance, you can pack up your rifle and be on the move before they get too close.

What combinations work best with the KAR98K? You’ll have a blast with the AWM and KAR98K. Combining the two is complete madness in the battleground and offers you the game’s best long-range combo.

And the best part? You’ll be able to find this sweet weapon just sitting on the map pretty much anywhere. You don’t need to wait for a dropbox to find it.

One hit to the head and the player is dead unless they’re wearing a helmet.


8. Desert Eagle


Desert Eagle is one of the pistols that is worth carrying. High damage and mobility fit into the run-and-gun playstyle, but the magazine only holds 7 rounds, which is normal for a pistol. The pistol has 90 damage with a range of 74, so it packs a lot of power even at long range.

Accuracy is 45, so it’s not great but still good enough, especially with a fire rate of 33.

Two main attachments are available:

  • Muzzle
  • Silencer


Desert Eagle was originally removed from the game, and after a lot of backlash from players, it was added back into the mix. Players suspect that the pistol was removed because it was too powerful.

What combinations should you be rocking? Desert Eagle works really well with the MP40. Desert Eagle is great for getting enemies knocked down, and the MP40 offers speed and rapid-fire, so you have freedom at all ranges.


9. M500


The M500 is a lot like the Desert Eagle in terms of power, but the built-in scope allows you to hit targets at a longer range, which is good for players that like to keep their distance rather than get up close to enemies.

As a revolver, the 2x scope and five rounds are enough to take out a few enemies fast.

Plus, this is the only handgun in the game with a scope, which is nice.

Damage is 67, while the reload speed is 69 and the range is a staggering 76. Accuracy is a 10, so you’ll need to use the scope to really zero in on targets and kill them. A silencer and muzzle attachment are also available.

Combinations are vast, with a lot of people using MP400, MP40, and Scar together with the handgun. Headshots are where you’ll really feel the power of the M500.


10. M1873


One of the only secondary weapons that are powerful enough to make enemies cower at the mere sight of it. The M1873 doesn’t have any accessories, and the range is a pitiful 8, so you’ll need to be up close and personal with your enemies.

But if you’re the type of player that doesn’t stay back to try getting a long-range kill, the M1873 is really the right choice for you.

Damage is a staggering 94, which makes up for the poor 10 accuracy. Movement speed is 75, so you won’t be slowed down and can rapidly move across the battleground to get kills. One drawback is that there are only 2 shots in the magazine.

You’ll need to make each shot count, and reload speed is 41, so it’s not terribly slow to reload if you do miss. The rate of fire is 35, so if you do need to hit an enemy with a second shot, you can.

A lot of combinations work well with this pistol, including:

  • AWM and MP40
  • M79 and Groza
  • M4A1 and M1014
  • Scar and MP40


If you’re all about running around with a “pocket shotgun,” this is definitely the weapon you want by your side.

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