10 Easiest Boss Battles in Video Games

Earlier, we did an article about some of the most unfair battles in video games. Those battles are generally really difficult but satisfying to beat. This time around, we will be looking at the other side of the aisle where we dissect 10 of the easiest video game bosses.

These boss battles are significantly easier than the other bosses in their respective games and sometimes, their difficulty is non-existent!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. First Rival Fight (Pokemon)

Rival Fight Pokemon

The Pokemon games are generally considered easy games but your first official fight against your Rival has to be the easiest.

It’s essentially a battle of tackles and pounding where you will almost always come out on top. After 3-5 turns of constant attacking, your Rival will surely bite the dust. A great way to gain a free level for your starter Pokemon and some prize money along the way.

It gets even better in the later generations because your Rival will now even pick the starter that is type-weak against your choice. Don’t we all love the pampering from Nintendo?

2. The Emperor and Empress (Persona 3 Portable)

Emperor and the Empress Persona 3 Portable

Usually, the best way to approach modern Persona games is to abuse the Shadow’s weaknesses. This method, however, is commonly not applicable to boss fights as it would make the fight way too easy.

Well, ATLUS thought otherwise for a split second and applied it in the Emperor and Empress New Moon fight. Essentially, all you really need to do is throw in their weaknesses—which are a lot—and they will always be open to an All-Out-Attack, making this fight super simple.

Plus, these two bosses have rather mediocre health and again, after a few turns of AOA, this battle is pretty much finished.

3. Lucien (Fable 2)

Lucien Fable 2

When it comes to character writing and development, Lucien is up there as one of the evilest villains. It is very easy to hate for what he has done and with his acts of atrocities, players might infer that Lucien would be a formidable foe in combat.

This is far from the truth. Once the player encounters Lucien in battle, he is actually just a cakewalk. All you need to do is land a single—yes a single—hit and Lucien is history. A little bit anti-climatic but we’re not complaining as Lucien is such an annoying villain, to begin with.

4. Golem Overlord (Chrono Trigger)

Golem Overlord Chrono Trigger

Honestly, battling Golem Overlord is a win by default. One can even compare it with the first Rival fight in the Pokemon games. At the end of the day, if you survive enough turns, you’ll eventually be the victor.

The premise of the hilariousness of this fight is that the Golem Overlord is setting for one ultimate attack to wipe your party. As a matter of fact, this is all one big joke; as soon as the Golem is ready for the attack, he’ll fail and humiliatingly flee.

So there’s that. Not only is this battle easy, but it is also one of the goofiest ones out there.

5.  Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)

Gyoubu Sekiro

In terms of design, Gyoubu is pretty cool. Riding his fearsome horse and making such a grand appearance when you first reach the gate he is guarding. Fortunately, Gyoubu really isn’t as tough as he looks.

For one, Gyoubu’s moves are very methodical and choreographed. This means reading what’s coming is pretty easy. Once you’ve got that down, Wolf can easily chop away his health. Plus, Gyoubu doesn’t really have a lot of gimmicks up his sleeve unlike some other bosses in the game (yes, we’re looking at you Genishiro).

All in all, compared with the other bosses that FromSoftware has in store for us in Sekiro, Gyoubu is arguably the easiest to overcome.

6. Whispy Woods (Kirby)

Whispy Woods Kirby

This battle literally requires you to beat a stagnant tree. An immobile entity that only throws apples that any five-year-old could dodge. Whispy Woods is actually just a punching bag.

There’s really nothing much to say about this boss fight—if you could call it one. Kirby and the player will just need to pummel and hammer the living daylight of this tree and they’ll win. It is extremely straightforward and is genuinely designed for children.

7. Ganon (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Ganon Zelda

Ganon certainly has the looks of an intimidating final boss. He is scary for real but sadly, he doesn’t have the ability to back all his aesthetics up.

Aside from being a health sponge, Ganon offers nothing in terms of combat variety. This means all of Ganon’s moves can be downloaded to the player’s brain easily. Dodging his attacks is super easy and he doesn’t really change, even when he is backed to the corner.

Keep doing what you’ve been doing and Ganon will fall. That’s pretty much it for this game’s final boss!

8. Mysterio (Spider-Man 2)

Mysterio Spider man 2

We’ve all seen how cool and OP Jake Gyllenhaal is in the movies. He literally creates and conjures illusions out of thin air, giving Spiderman truly a hard time.

The same cannot be said for the games though. In the game, he gives a false pretence that he is truly a menace by having a huge health pool. While we are ready for the fight of our lives, this is all but a sham. Once you managed to land a hit against him, he literally goes down.

Yup, you’ve read that right. Just like that, you’ve managed to one-hit-ko a boss. We don’t know if this might be boring, but to us, this battle is easy as heck and one of the more comedic ones!

9. King Bob-omb (Super Mario 64)

king bomb omb mario

If there is one thing difficult about this boss fight is getting there. Reaching King Bob-omb is a hassle and with that, we expect a worthy opponent, turns out, he is pretty laughable.

Most Mario games are based on speed and timing. In that sense, King Bob-omb is clunky and slow which allows the player to conveniently evade all of his attacks. Good enough, the player can most likely get out of this battle totally unscathed.

Funny thing is, King Bob-omb doesn’t even have any particularly strong moves. We have no idea why Nintendo decided to make this boss such a weakling, but hey, we’re not complaining!

10. Soldier of Godrick (Elden Ring)

soldier of goldrick elden ring

FromSoftware games usually pride themselves on their insane difficulty, even with their first boss. Only a chosen few are able to even pass the first hurdle.

However, for Elden Ring, we were greeted with a welcome surprise. The first challenge that we need to overcome is a boss by the name, of Godrick. He looks extremely generic and surprisingly, he is really a super normal boss!

If you have any experience in Souls games or even action games in general, this boss shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. We even believe anyone is truly capable of beating the Soldier of Godrick with one or two tries!

Finally, we’re done! That concludes our list of the easiest bosses in video games and we’re sure you have some choices of your own! Let us know in the comments on your picks of the easiest bosses, in the meantime, be sure to get all your video game needs on our OffGamers website here!

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