10 Easiest Characters to Play in Tekken 7

Tekken 8 is looming around and while we don’t have the exact date as to when it is going to drop, we are still fortunate enough to have Tekken 7 to settle with. Don’t worry though, you’ll have your hands full with Tekken 7 as it is easily one of the most difficult fighting out there!

Luckily, the developers of the game aren’t heartless as there are some characters in the game that are relatively easy to learn. Do note that these characters are not by any means bad as at the highest level, they can be really deadly as well. We’re just diving into some entry-level characters that beginner players can look to play.

So let’s get started!




1. Kazumi


The Mishima family members are usually famed for their high-skill ceilings. They are generally hard to play and require a lot of mastery of combos and timings. Kazumi is the odd one from the Mishimas as her playstyle is rather beginner-friendly.

Generally, her combos are straightforward and easy to digest. There isn’t much game plan to Kazumi’s playstyle and she has some decent panic moves that beginners can abuse. Decent keep-out attacks with simple executions.




2. Shaheen


Shaheen is a newly added character and is almost designed for newcomers to play. Shaheen has a very easy flowchart that players can follow to win games at the early ranks. Like with Kazumi, his executing his combos is fairly simple and can be learned by anybody.

Essentially, Shaheen is ideal for players who want to get to know the basics and mechanics of Tekken 7. He is generally a safe pick and you can almost not go wrong practising Shaheen for your rank journey.




3. Noctis


The guest character from the Final Fantasy universe has some of the flashiest moves in the game and on top of that, they are all pretty easy to use.

Noctis is a character where you can spam a lot. His combos are arguably the easiest in the game to use and visually, his moves are pretty hard to predict. This means, his combos can fool many beginner players, scoring newer players some easy wins.

Of course, as you progress through the ranks, be sure to learn about Noctis moves’ frames as veterans will know which moves they can punish upon blocking.




4. Miguel


Miguel is a hard-hitting character in Tekken 7 and his move strings are very direct. They might be predictable but with little understanding of how frames work, beginner players will love Miguel.

This cool-looking character also has an easy flowchart beginner players can abide by. There isn’t too much depth to his game plan as Miguel is fairly versatile in many aspects of the game. Plus, Miguel’s poking moves have a good range which means his keep-out game is also very strong.


Leroy Smith


5. Leroy Smith


The master of Wing Chun is so powerful that he had to be nerfed with a couple of patches. It is one thing that Leroy is so mighty but the thing is, he is also ridiculously easy to use.

Similar to most characters on this list, one of Leroy’s biggest strengths is how easy it is to execute his combos—most of which also deal above-average damage. Leroy also has insane defensive coverage where he has a parry that is really quick and cheap to use.

Adding to that, Leroy’s launch moves are also very fast and when he successfully executes them, the opposing player will be in a whole world of pain. Despite the nerf, this character is still super strong and also really easy to learn.




6. Claudio


Claudio has some of the strongest and safest moves in the game. They are good in almost all situations and they are all rather easy to execute. It’s a character that encourages aggressive play which most beginner players will definitely enjoy.

His super-fast hop kick is almost impossible to react to and can really catch even seasoned players off-guard. In terms of wall pressure, Claudio has some pretty nasty moves that can keep their opponents in check and if the enemy is not familiar with Claudio, they can almost never escape.




7. Gigas


Visually, Gigas might not be as appealing as characters like Jin or Noctis but if you want a cheap and easy character to play, Gigas is your ideal choice.

If we’re talking about character depth, Gigas is as shallow as it gets. Don’t get us wrong, Gigas isn’t necessarily a bad character, it’s just that his play style is so straightforward that you don’t need to put too much thought into it.

The concept of this character is very easy to learn. His combos are very reliable and his launch covers a good range. This also means combo-ing with this character is actually pretty easy and common.




8. Paul


Paul is a really fun character to use due to his absurd damage capabilities where he can almost drop a character’s health from 100% to the red status in a flash.

Launching opponents into the air is also really easy with Paul as his while-standing is really subtle and hard to catch. Once they are behind the wall, Paul has some devastating moves that can take away chunks of his opponent’s health easily.

Combined that with some of his best 50/50 moves and you can cheese many beginner players. It’s a great character to climb the early ranks and also to learn about the game’s mechanics.




9. Katarina


Another newly joined character in the franchise and is also one that is super-easy to get into. Katarina is also a spam-based character where button-mashing is somewhat recommended. By spamming one button, you can do really good damage which will get you through some earlier-ranked matches.

In these lower ranks, Katarina will enjoy a lot of success because there are few players who will know how to punish her strings, making her a pretty cheesy character. It’s a good character to get a feel for the game.

Once you’ve got the hang of things, learn about punishes, frames and advanced combos to bring out the best in Katarina.




10. Josie


Josie is a nasty character to go up against but really great to use because her moves can catch many players off guard. Execution-wise, Josie is up there in the easy category, making her very suitable for new players.

She has some really good combo strings that are easy to get a hang of. They are very usable in almost any situation and sometimes can even come in clutch during dire times. In other words, Josie players can get away with minimal knowledge of the game’s nuances, at least in the lower ranks!

Whew! We’ve finally made it to the end of the list! We would also like to repeat that none of these characters is bad and you should never be ashamed for trying them out. And if you really want to give them a go, you can purchase Tekken 7 using our Steam Wallet Codes here!


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