10 Easiest Heroes to Play in DOTA 2

MOBA is arguably the hardest genre in video games. The MOBA games are highly competitive and require an extensive amount of skill to reach their peak. To be honest, players will still need a lot of dedication and time to get off the starting point. It’s a mountain that can only be conquered by a few. 

DOTA 2 is one of those titles, and since it is almost impossible to cover all aspects of DOTA 2 in one article, today, we’ll be shedding some light on the 10 easiest heroes to play in DOTA 2. Picking your starting hero is crucial as ideally, you want to learn about the game in your first 100 matches. This article will help you do just that.

Let’s get started!


crystal maiden dota 2 easy hero


1. Crystal Maiden


Crystal Maiden has been around for a long time and she has been the face and a staple for all Support players. She is very easy to play and there isn’t much depth of knowledge needed to use her comfortably.

Her skill set is as straightforward as it gets. She has a large AOE slow/nuke, a reliable root and a passive aura that grants all her allies additional mana regeneration. There isn’t much, or almost any execution skills needed to cast her spells, making her a safe choice for many beginners.

All in all, Crystal Maiden is a great hero to get a grasp of the game’s mechanics, especially laning and positioning. So, if you’re looking for an easy and reliable support hero to play, Crystal Maiden’s your girl.


phantom assassin easy hero dota 2


2. Phantom Assassin


Almost everyone wants to play the Carry role and unfortunately, this role is supposedly the hardest to play and if the Carry hero you are playing is a complex one—you are in for a rough time.

Luckily, there are some Carry heroes that are designed for newbies and one of them is Phantom Assassin. Her game-plan and flowchart are very simple and as long as you follow a proper build, you are pretty much set.

Her second skill allows her to close the distance between her enemy which is great as you won’t need to worry much about your positioning yourself much when attacking. Just remember, always build a BKB on this hero and once it is activated, you’ll basically let the game do the damage for you with her Crits.


vengeful spirit easy hero dota 2


3. Vengeful Spirit


Timing skills in DOTA 2 can be tricky if you are not a seasoned gamer and if you are bad at that, you might want to give Vengeful Spirit a try.

Vengeful’s abilities are all point targets, which means all you need to do is click correctly and you’ll almost never miss. Combined with her reliable stun, Vengeful Spirit is a consistent hero that is favoured by many newbies.

Ideally, you would want to build cast-range enhancing items like Aether Lens to make her job easier. And with such a low-item priority, Vengeful Spirit can make do with very few tools, making her a safe and comfortable pick.


drow ranger easy hero dota 2


4. Drow Ranger


Imagine Phantom Assassin but a ranged version of her. Drow Ranger hits like a truck and with the proper items, she can destroy enemies even in the hands of beginners.

As an entry-level Carry hero, Drow’s laning stage is pretty decent with her Frost Arrows ability where she can comfortably harass her lane opponent away. Her damage scales really well and once she gets her Ultimate, Marksmanship, she can safely farm the jungle alone.

Unlike Phantom Assassin, Drow doesn’t have Blur or any defensive passives that can get her out in a pickle. Therefore, try building escape items like Shadow Blade and Hurricane Pike that can help her escape ganks.


dragon knight easy hero dota 2


5. Dragon Knight


The mid-lane is arguably the hardest lane to play but is also the lane that is coveted by many. As it is the hardest lane, heroes that generally play there are also super difficult to use. Invoker, Meepo and Pangolier to name a few.

So, if you’re looking for an easy hero to play the middle lane, Dragon Knight is the hero for you. Tanky and reliable, Dragon Knight is a safe pick and you can rarely lose the lane with him. The only downside is that you can’t really win the lane per se, but you’ll most likely come out equal.

Once you are farmed, you’ll become a tower destroyer with your Elder Form. You don’t deal insane damage but if played optimally, there are times when your opponent will need the whole team to take you down.


undying easy hero dota 2


6. Undying


Undying is a lane bully that is fun to use and annoying to deal with. With little understanding of the game, Undying can cripple Carry players on the offlane with his abusive abilities.

Decay and Tombstone are Undying’s trademark abilities that are specifically designed to make the laning stage a living hell for the opponent. Without a range hero, Undying almost always win the lane. Best part is, this hero is really easy to use.

So, if you’ve been losing your lane a lot, try Undying. Make sure your Decays land and when the time is ripe, unleash your Tombstone and you’ll see enemies drop like flies.


viper dota 2 easy hero


7. Viper


Viper is another super annoying hero but when you are using it, it’s all good. His first ability is possibly the best lane-harassing tool in the game. If used on an enemy constantly, they’ll lose even more health and even slowing them further.

Understandably, Viper is a hot pick for many newcomers as there isn’t really much depth that goes into Viper’s play. All you need to focus on is building the right items in the right scenario and you are pretty much set. Viper is a macro hero rather than a micro one.

Decently tanky and can deal good damage, Viper is a staple mid hero that has tormented many players. If you’re feeling a little dirty and want to ruin your opponent’s lane, this is the hero for you.


lion dota 2 easy hero


8. Lion


Similar to Crystal Maiden, Lion is a Support that many beginners like to use. His skills are easy to land and are very simple—a stun, a hex and a high-burst Ultimate.

Also, Lion is a great Support hero is the player wants to learn to take the initiative. Using a Blink Dagger or a Force Staff, Lion can set up many kills and initiate during team fights. As a hero with 2 reliable disables, Lion can lock down a hero for a good chunk of time with ease.

What’s best is Lion can now also scale really well into the late-game. His Ulitmate, now gains a charge every time it kills an opponent. (or is killed from other sources within a certain time). This charge will increase your Ultimate’s damage and if you have a good number of charges, his Finger of Death can deal devastating damage.


wraith king dota 2 easy hero


9. Wraith King


Wraith King used to be hailed as the easiest hero to play in DOTA 2 as back then, he has only one active skill to use. Nevertheless, even with the change to his second skill, he is still really simple to use.

In the lane, Wraith King has great killing potential with Supports. His Wraithfire Blast is a great early initiation tool which can be followed up by a lane support. Plus, with his passive lifesteal aura, Wraith King’s sustainability is great for both jungle farming.

And if things go south, his Ultimate gives him a second life which he can use to buy time for his teammates to arrive. Essentially, he is a very solid pick and if you don’t want to manage a lot of skills, you might want to make Wraith King your main Carry hero.


sniper dota 2 easy hero


10. Sniper


Sniper can be pretty unfair with his range and that is why he is also great for newcomers. Sniper’s passive range ability allows him to right-click enemies from an absurd distance and with a low base attack time, he can deal superb damage from miles away.

Paired that up with a Dragon Lance and Maelstrom, Sniper is a menace and all you do is just right click and you’ll be contributing a lot. Just remember to watch out for enemies that can close the distance like Storm Spirit and Phantom Assassin. If you’re going up against heroes like these, be sure to build defensive items like BKB and Shadow Blade.

Whew! What a list! Well, that pretty much sums up our list of the 10 easiest heroes to play in DOTA 2! For a better experience, be sure to also subscribe to Dota Plus which you can get from Steam using our Steam Wallet Codes here!