10 Games for Your Post Elden Ring Depression

10 Games for Your Post Elden Ring Depression


Most of us would probably have finished Elden Ring by now and with E3 2022 cancelled, there’s honestly not much going on in the video game industry.

Plus, given how successful Elden Ring was, it’s really hard for us to fill that void when we are finally done with the game. Finding an Elden Ring replacement is almost impossible.

That said, we have compiled a list of games that we think Elden Ring players would enjoy and could be just the games you need to cure the Elden Ring “depression”!


Bloodborne Post Elden Ring Depression


1. Bloodborne


Being one of FromSoftware’s amazing lineup of games, Bloodborne lives up to its expectations and is still one of the best soulslike games for the PlayStation.

Its gameplay is equally as punishing as Elden Ring, combined with its edgy dark fantasy game design, playing through Bloodborne can be nerve-wracking in a good way.

If there’s one thing bad about Bloodborne is that it is exclusive to the PlayStation but if you do own one, Bloodborne is definitely a must-play, especially if you enjoyed Elden Ring.


Devil May Cry 5 Post Elden Ring Depression


2. Devil May Cry 5


The Devil May Cry franchise has been here for the longest time. Of course, it might not be as challenging as the games from FromSoftware, but if you are looking for a game like Elden Ring with an additional spice of anime fantasy, Devil May Cry 5 is the game for you.

Visually, Devil May Cry 5 is gorgeous and has definitely surpassed all of its previous entries. Gameplay-wise, the game is more hack-and-slash compared to a more time-oriented combat style of Elden Ring, meaning you will not need to be that patient when approaching Devil May Cry 5.


Dark Souls 3 Post Elden Ring Depression


3. Dark Souls 3


Honestly, we could’ve picked any of the Dark Souls games but since most people’s first soulslike game is Elden Ring, Dark Souls 3 might be more fitting in terms of gameplay and visuals.

While Dark Souls 3 might not have the conveniences of Elden Ring like a map or a mount, it still has some of the best bosses in video games like Sister Friede, Nameless King and Demon Prince.

And if you want to dip your toes into more FromSoftware games after trying your hand at Elden Ring, Dark Souls 3 is the ideal gateway for you.


Code Vein Post Elden Ring Depression


4. Code Vein


When Code Vein first dropped its trailer, we were afraid that it would be a carbon copy of Devil May Cry. Truth be told, it shares many resemblances to DMC but ultimately, it is its own game and delivered as a fresh soulslike game.

It has even stronger anime tropes than DMC and like Elden Ring, you get to customise and create your very own anime protagonist which we figure will take up a chunk of your time!

Additionally, Code Vein is also similar to Elden Ring where you will also get to switch between countless weapons like axes and spears which have different interactions with different enemies, encouraging its players to try builds for better results.


New World Post Elden Ring Depression


5. New World


One thing that we love about Elden Ring is immersion. It takes us into a different world and we are completely immersed in Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin’s world—even more so since Elden Ring is an open-world game.

Hence, if you are looking for an open-world experience, consider getting New World where you will be joining thousands of online players in taking on bosses, choosing from different classes and creating the best online character of yourself.

We recommend New World for those that enjoyed Elden Ring and games like World of Warcraft and MapleStory.


Lost Ark Post Elden Ring Depression


6. Lost Ark


In many ways, Lost Ark is hugely similar to New World but each has its own identity. New World focuses more on the open-world concept whereas Lost Ark has a top-down approach—very reminiscent of the classic Diablo games.

That said, both of these games require a good understanding of the game’s mechanics and reward their players for min-maxing when it comes to character building like Elden Ring.

And if we have to point out one thing that Lost Ark has an edge on New World is that Lost Ark is more accessible due to New World server restrictions.


Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Post Elden Ring Depression


7. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Talking about identity, when it comes to FromSoftware games, Sekiro is easily one of the more unique FromSoftware games there is.

Its combat system is extremely unique with its emphasis on parrying and its grapple hooking mechanic is also the first for its genre.

Similar to Dark Souls 3, players will not enjoy many perks of Elden Ring, therefore newer players might find it a little frustrating to get into Sekiro, but if you’ve managed to overcome Elden Ring, Sekiro should be within your grasp.


Monster Hunter World Post Elden Ring Depression


8. Monster Hunter: World


Over time, many huge soulslike games like Dark Souls 3 and Elden Ring have begun implementing multiplayer elements into their games despite them ultimately being single-player games—and we love that!

Multiplayer is almost like the core concept of MHW as you would certainly require a squad to take down bosses.

This is great as it encourages players to actually socialise and bring their friends into battle which, to be honest, is severely lacking in most triple-A games.


God of War 2018 Post Elden Ring Depression


9. God of War (2018)


Elden Ring is a game that has super-deep mythology surrounding it and God of War’s story writing is just as immersive.

With Kratos stepping into the Norse world, we get to witness new adaptations of the Norse deities and how we can link them with the Greek gods.

The game is beautiful as it is challenging (depending on which difficulty setting you’ve chosen), making it just right for Elden Ring fans out there.

Plus, God of War: Ragnarok is in the works, so playing God of War (2018) before it releases might be a good idea, just so that you are up to speed with the lore when the game drops.


Blasphemous Post Elden Ring Depression


10. Blasphemous


Blasphemous might not have the horsepower of Elden Ring or Code Vein but its pixel art brings with it its own charm.

When it comes to difficulty, Blasphemous is arguably the most punishing game out there—easily the hardest game on this list.

Boasting strong themes from Christianity and Spanish culture, Blasphemous might be seen as controversial but ultimately one of the more original and innovative games ever created.


Nice! We’ve finally made it to the end! We figure that these games would be able to keep you occupied enough if you’re still itching for an awesome game after Elden Ring. Aside from Bloodborne, all of the games mentioned can be purchased on Steam through our Steam Wallet Codes here!