10 Games with Infinite Replayability

10 Games with Infinite Replayability


There are a lot of ways for us to measure a video game’s value. It could be the game’s gameplay, story or even characters. There is, however, one underrated metric that people seem to forget when reviewing a video game and that is its replay value.

A game that has a high replay value means that the game can be played countless times and the player will not be bored of it. These games are usually multidimensional and players can always find different ways to approach and tackle the game.

And if you are looking for games like these to fill your gaming library, we’ve saved you the trouble by gathering a list of games that have close to infinite replayability!

Let’s get started!


Stardew Valley Replayability


1. Stardew Valley


Pelican Town might seem small, but inside it holds countless secrets and relationships to be explored and discovered. With the addition of having to attend to your farm, you will without a doubt spend hundreds of hours on this game and would have barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer.

Do not expect to “complete” Stardew Valley during your first in-game year as the game requires you to work from scratch to be able to enjoy the best out of the game like new areas, tools and characters. That said, even if you were to unlock all of these, Stardew Valley technically has no end and you can go on and on by enhancing your dream farm.

Want to escape from your current life and become a farmer? Spend thousands of hours and be a virtual one in Stardew Valley!


Roblox Replayability


2. Roblox


There is no storyline in Roblox and there isn’t a plot you can follow or a specific task you have to accomplish in the game because it is you who determines how you want to play.

Roblox is essentially a platform where users get to unleash their creativity and build whatever they can. Since there is no end to one’s creativity, players will spend hours creating and recreating different games on the Roblox platform. It’s fun and immersive and it also encourages players to think outside of the box if they want to be good at the game.

Additionally, Roblox also gives players a chance to meet other players from all around the world. They can share their designs with one another, creating a sense of community which can completely suck you into this whole new universe.


Dead by Daylight Replayability


3. Dead by Deadlight


Dead by Deadlight is a game where anything can happen. You will either play as a Killer or as a normal player working together with other players to survive the Killer’s onslaught.

The premise might seem a cliche but trust us, once you’ve played a match or two, you will notice that there are a lot of strategies you can use to best the Killer or to capture the players as the Killer.

As such, there is no end to Dead by Deadlight because you will constantly be finding new ways to play against different players with various play styles. It’s a fun learning experience and it will certainly take you more than a few tries to be good at it and the end result will be super rewarding.


Mobile Legends Replayability


4. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


There is no end to MLBB as there will always be a new hero coming soon and an endless amount of patches that will refresh the game and redefine the meta. So, if you are looking to invest in a game—full-time—MLBB is your game.

Competing against five other players on the opposing team, your opponents will always be different each game and you will need to adapt to their tactics each time you step into a match. Essentially, every match will be different and anything can happen with different Hero synergies and mechanical exploits.

Find 4 friends that enjoy a good MOBA game and with a blink of an eye, you will see your entire crew spending endless hours consumed by this game.

And if you are looking to purchase exquisite skins for your Heroes, be sure to top up some Diamonds with our pins here!


The Sims 4 Replayability


5. The Sims 4


To be honest, any game from the Sims franchise will do, but the latest instalment of the series has the most content and we highly recommend you to go for that one if you have the resources to play it.

With a handful of DLCs of kits and packs, setting up a new life in the Sims world has never been more lively. Create bonds, start a new family and begin a new career. These are all hours and hours you must be prepared to spend if you want to fully enjoy a Sims game.

Luckily, The Sims 4 allows you to play at your own pace and there is officially no game over, so take your time and enjoy the view while you are on the Sims ride.


Hades Replayability


6. Hades


If death is what you seek then the house of Hades is the home for you. Playing as Zagreus, your job is to attempt an escape from Underworld and trust us when we say this—it is truly a hellish experience getting out.

Don’t get us wrong, the escape attempts may be tough but very satisfying. The first few hundred hours will be you dying constantly and after that, you will need to figure out how each of the weapons works and what Boons work best with other Boons.

While all these might seem overwhelming, we strongly believe that Hades has a lot to offer in terms of storytelling, replayability and writing—an amazing game to spend thousands of hours trying again and again to escape.


Planet Zoo Replayability


7. Planet Zoo


Don’t want to attend to a farm or start a new virtual life? Perhaps, setting up and organising a zoo is something you want to spend hours in.

Planet Zoo gives players a chance to manage their own virtual zoo where everything from its architecture to animal additions is decided by the player themselves. Of course, the game has its own science and everything you do will need to be logical so please do not put a Lion or a Zebra in a cold habitat!

In other words, you will be in charge of all aspects of your Zoo and you will need to think of ways to bring in new visitors. With this comes hours and hours of experimentation which is surprisingly a truckload of fun!


Apex Legends Replayability


8. Apex Legends


Apex Legends is one of the modern-day FPS games that has really set the standard for a high-octane shooting game. It has a decent learning curve that is suitable for newcomers and its characters are all very distinctive.

The game also has various modes for its players to choose from and each of these modes will make you spend a lot of time polishing your mechanical skill, making these modes the perfect training arena outside the Ranked mode.

And if you don’t own a PC or a console, Apex Legends Mobile is now out for mobile phones. There might be a slight difference in terms of gameplay, but overall, it is almost the same game and you will equally get as much fun from its PC/console counterpart.


Bloodborne Replayability


9. Bloodborne


FromSoftware games are usually very story-driven and most of the time, you will only need to play them once to have the full experience. However, this is different for Bloodborne as there are still a lot of secrets and optional bosses to fight after completing the game.

To freshen things up, Bloodborne also has a variety of classes you can try for different playthroughs. New character builds can be attempted with new weapons and armour, just enough to keep you occupied for another 100+ hours!


Terraria Replayability


10. Terraria


Terraria has been released for more than a decade now and there’s a reason why people are still playing it—mods!

The modding community for Terraria has always been active and even until this day, it still is. The added content from an already amazing game is extremely addicting and since the Terraria worlds are randomly generated, you quite literally don’t know what to expect and that is the best sensation to be had.

Boasting creativity, fun and the need to explore, Terraria is a game that has stood the test of time. We expect its popularity to last for a while as long as the modding community continues to stay active.


And there we have it! These are the games that will latch on you if you are not careful as even after completing the main game, you will definitely see yourself coming back to replay and finish everything there is to finish. Have fun down the rabbit hole!



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