10 Games You’ll Love If You’ve Enjoyed V Rising

10 Games You’ll Love If You’ve Enjoyed V Rising


Despite being an early access game, V Rising is rising fast in popularity due to its immersive gameplay and unique theme, bringing a fresh new take to the survival genre.

As we’ve previously mentioned, V Rising is still at the early access stage, which means that there are still many parts of the game yet to be fully developed. This is great because this also means that V Rising—with its current acclaim—has not peaked yet, with its full potential untapped.

The sad part about this is that we’ll have to wait a little while longer before the game is fully released. Hence, we did you a favour by listing 10 games that bear resemblance to V Rising that you can play in the meantime.

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1. Valheim


We’ve seen many early comparisons between Valheim and V Rising and we can see that they are hugely similar due to their emphasis on certain gameplay elements like crafting and survival.

At the moment, we can’t say which is better but what we can tell you is that if you had a great time with V Rising, you’ll surely enjoy Valheim. Just imagine a similar game but with a Viking theme.

Like V Rising, Valheim is a multiplayer-driven game and is best enjoyed with friends so, if you have a group of friends that is into survival co-op games, Valheim might be the game for your clique.


Road to Eden


2. Road to Eden


While Road to Eden might not have the same gothic setting as V Rising, this game is still one hell of a survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

In Road to Eden, you will need to pair up with other survivors of an alien invasion to gather resources and craft items that ensure your population’s survival.

Road to Eden has a more classic approach to the survival genre and if you are a fan of the old school survival games, Road to Eden is the right fit for you and your friends.


Dont Starve Together


3. Don’t Starve Together


Previously, we did a comprehensive guide for Don’t Starve Together and there is a lot to be explored with this game.

The quirky and eccentric design of Don’t Starve Together has its charm but takes nothing away from its brilliant gameplay where you need to consider so many factors to just get safely past one night.

Plus, Don’t Starve Together has the best of both RPG and survival genres. You play as a specific character with abilities unique to that one character where you will need to also gather resources and craft equipment for survival.


Code Vein


4. Code Vein


So far, all the games we’ve mentioned have at least some survival gameplay in them. Code Vein will be the combo breaker of this list.

Although Code Vein might see “survival” as its core, its strong gothic vibes and vampire aesthetics might attract V Rising players.

Again, the gameplay is vastly different from V Rising, as Code Vein is a hack-and-slash game with amazing character customisation features.

Hence, if you fell in love with V Rising due to its gothic theme, Code Vein is sure to fulfil all your dark-gothic fantasies.




5. Castlevania


The Castlevania games need no introduction for video game enthusiasts as they are all-time classics. Similar to Code Vein, the Castlevania games are not of the multiplayer survival co-op genre but resonate greatly with the vampire genre.

Available on various consoles and platforms, we’re not going to tell you which is the “best” Castlevania game as you will need to play them yourself to get a good feel for the game. If you enjoy classic platformers like Mega Man or Metroid, consider giving Castlevania a go.

Do note that, platformers are generally difficult games to play, so don’t get too frustrated when you fail the first couple of attempts!


The Forest


6. The Forest


And now we’re back to the survival genre! The Forest is also no stranger to many as it is one of the most popular games to this day.

The premise of The Forest is that you are stranded on an unknown land that is infested with zombie-like creatures and your job is to survive and uncover certain mysteries behind these creatures.

A thing to note about The Forest is that the game can be extremely punishing for new players as there isn’t really a complete guide for this game. Therefore, believe that there is no shame in looking up some walkthroughs or tips for navigating the early parts of the game.

Though you might want to skip guides that might reveal certain secrets of the game, ‘cause despite being a survival-horror game, The Forest has an intriguing story which you would want to experience blindly.


The Last of Us


7. The Last of Us


Are you a gamer that gets engrossed in the game’s story completely or someone that emotionally invests themselves in a video game? If so, then The Last of Us is what you are looking for.

Traversing through a post-apocalyptic world, you will be playing as Joel and tasked with protecting a girl, Ellie through this ravaged environment filled with mutant creatures.

We don’t want to go into detail about the story, as we’ve mentioned that The Last of Us is a spoiler-sensitive game and going in with fresh eyes is the best way to play it.

Sure, it might not be as entertainingly edgy as V Rising but when it comes to storytelling, there are few games that do it better than The Last of Us.


Conan Exiles


8. Conan Exiles


It’s not bats and vampires but surviving with barbarians can be quite a feat to attempt. Conan Exiles is a beautiful open-world survival game that will test your exploration and survival skills.

As with most survival games, Conan Exiles has a steep learning curve which players might need some getting used to. We also recommend going into Conan Exiles with a friend or two as it’ll definitely make the learning experience quicker.

Conan Exiles is similar to Valheim in its clan-centric direction and with exciting combat mechanics that makes the game super proactive throughout.




9. Raft


Not a huge fan of gore and blood but would want a game like V Rising that puts your survival instincts to the test? Raft is the answer to your desire.

Raft in many ways is more grounded in reality. It basically throws you into the middle of nowhere into the sea and you will need to do whatever it takes to survive.

Raft is perhaps also the least combat-driven survival game we have on this list but it is certainly one that requires the most building and crafting.

As such, resource-gathering and item management are crucial in this game. You will need to properly manage your resources to ensure that you can sustain your survival and build the best raft known to mankind.




10. Rust


Rust is arguably one of the most iconic survival games out there and we consider it one of the pioneers of the survival genre.

This is because Rust has almost all the elements needed for the perfect survival game. Craft, combat and exploration, are all checked. The best part is that Rust has been consistently updated by the developers for a good amount of time and that means bottomless content.

Really, if you are still scratching your head over which survival video game you should get, going with Rust is not just a safe option, but also a mighty brilliant one. You absolutely cannot go wrong with it.


There you have it! These are the games that we think players will have a good time with while they wait for the full release of V Rising. Remember, most of the games that we’ve mentioned are all best played with friends so be sure to get them on the act for some long hours of fun!