10 Hidden Gems Available on Steam

We often praise AAA games and how they set the standards for video games. Not to argue their quality as there are a lot of AAA games that are truly great like God of War and Hogwarts Legacy. Still, there are a lot of games on Steam that have flown under the radar but are labours of love, filled with love.

So today, we will be listing down 10 hidden gems available on Steam and if you wish to get them yourself, be sure to do so with our Steam Wallet Codes here!

1. Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer hidden gems steam

We just love a game that speaks to our hearts. When they do, you’ll know that they are made with care and love. Spiritfarer is all that, capable of reaching hearts with its warming storytelling and gorgeous aesthetics.

Tasked with guiding the dead across the world, your job as a spiritfarer is to make sure that the deceased are able to safely move on to the afterlife. The gameplay is a little bit like Terraria but is more human and calming.

If you are an indie lover, this one needs to be on your wishlist of games to play.

2. Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks hidden gems steam

Games are sometimes considered to be works of art and while Hidden Folks might not have the biggest budget out there, it certainly delivers on an artistic level.

The gameplay is self-explanatory, all you need to do is find the hidden folks that are hiding in hand-drawn paintings that are filled with objects and buildings. This might sound simple but it actually requires a lot of focus, not so much that it will overwhelm you though!

All in all, Hidden Folk is a cutesy game that is clearly targeted at casual gamers. That said, for those that have an eye for the arts can certainly pick this one up too!

3. My Time at Portia

my time at portia hidden gems steam

When it comes to farming sims, Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley are sitting comfortably at the top. However, there is one game from the same genre that is often overlooked. My Time of Portia is that game if you want something different from a farming simulator.

Ironically, as a farming sim, My Time at Portia does not primarily focus on farming. Instead, it places more emphasis on crafting and building equipment. These tools are way more complex than the aforementioned games which mean success is more rewarding.

Farming simulators who want to break free from just farming can perhaps look into My Time at Portia. It offers a different form of challenge and will certainly be worth your time.

4. Potion Craft

Potions Craft hidden gems steam

Now that we’ve talked about being a farmer, so let’s explore a little about being an alchemist. Yes, there is a lesser-known game on Steam called Potion Craft that lets you do just that.

Again, the gameplay can be found in the title, you will be crafting all types of potions. While this might sound simple, it is actually pretty complex where you need to follow specific guidelines to craft these magical juices.

Fortunately, the UI design for this game is beautiful and easy to digest. For some odd reason, the interface alone can keep you drawn and sucked into this game, making the player want to keep crafting more and more potions.

Truly a magical experience.

5. Northgard

northgard hidden gems steam

RTS games are extremely hard to learn. We’ve seen how crazy it gets with games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft. Northgard is a little bit different, not to say it is way easier, but it is definitely more accommodating for beginners.

Set based on Norse mythology, Northgard offers a rich variety of content that will make lore lovers and strategy enthusiasts drool. The game is amazing to look at and the gameplay is highly addictive, making us wonder why Northgard isn’t more popular than it is today.

So, if you are a huge fan of games of the Total War and Civilisation games, Northgard is a great pickup game that you’ll surely fall in love with.

6. Hotel Renovator

hotel renovator hidden gems steam

Always dreamed of being an architect or an interior designer but don’t want to go the usual route of booting up The Sims? Well, there’s one game to fill that void and that’s Hotel Renovator!

Hotel Renovator is a game that lets you embrace your creativity in designing. You are given a run-down place and it is up to you to fully refurbish and renovate it. Take control of all aspects of the place, its furniture, design, and compartment. Imagine The Sims without the social element and a lot more focus on the design.

7. Contraband Police

contraband police hidden gems steam

Papers Please has received widespread acclaim and for the right reasons. It is a very original game that allows you to be the authority and very few games allow you to do that.

To play this game well, you need to have an eye for detail. You will need to spot the discrepancies between the visitors’ credentials to decide whether they are authentic or not. It’s a high pressured game but strongly addicting, making you want to play more and more.

8. Triangle Strategy

triangle strategy hidden gems steam

We know it is odd to place a Square Enix game in a hidden gems list. That said, we do feel that Triangle Strategy is relatively unknown, especially when compared to their other games.

If you’ve enjoyed games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Triangle Strategy takes the same concept but modernises it a lot more. The game uses tile-based gameplay that will require some learning. So, if you are into that stuff, this is the game for you!

Also, this game’s story is excellent and really well-written. Honestly, it is a JRPG that deserves a lot more love.

9. Return of the Obra Dinn

return of the obra dinn hidden gems steam

Investigative games are usually loved as it is evident that their developers put their hearts and souls into making them. This couldn’t be more true for the Return of the Obra Dinn, creator of Papers Please.

On paper, this game is super simple, more so when you look at its visuals. It boasts some of the best storytelling and has some of the most beautiful music to go with it. Here, you will need to crack your brain and squeeze out as much brain juice as possible because you will need deductive skills to beat this game.

Needless to say, once you’ve done it, it is just so satisfying.

10. Dave the Diver

dave the diver steam hidden gems

The underwater is a vast and dangerous place. Often we are reminded of its horrors but we somehow forget the beauty it holds as well.

Playing as Dave in Dave the Diver allows you to explore the beauty of the underwater universe with a mix of management and business where you own your own restaurant. It’s a game like Moonlighter but set amongst the seas.

The game is still in early access which means that there is still more content to come. So, this is not the last we will be seeing from Dave the Diver.

Whew! We have finally gone through the entire list of what we think to be the 10 best-hidden gems available on Steam! These games are considered to be really subtle with not much traction so, remember to give them some love and try them out yourselves!