10 Most Difficult Characters to Play in Tekken 7

There is no question that Tekken 7 is a super difficult game to get into. Previously, we’ve done an article discussing the easiest characters Tekken 7 players can play. Hopefully, that article has helped newer players settle in easier into the game.

On the other side of the aisle, what about the hardest characters to play? As mentioned, Tekken 7 has a steep learning curve, so naturally, there will be some complex characters in the roster. And today, we will be looking at 10 of the most difficult characters to play in Tekken 7.

Let’s begin.


1. Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama

Often seen as the face of the Tekken franchise, Jin is a fan favourite but a complex character to fully utilise. Sure, he might have all the tools in the game but to efficiently use them is another story altogether.

For one, players will need to fully understand the fundamentals of Tekken 7 if they want to be good at using Jin. His moves require a lot of theory-crafting and in many ways, players will also need to be creative about them. There is just no flowchart to Jin’s gameplay. Playing him, you will need to practice a lot in real games in order to get a sense of what he is truly capable of.


2. Steve Fox

steve fox

A character that almost solely uses his fists is going to be hard. Steve Fox, the boxing champ, is one of the hardest characters to play due to its annoying execution and gameplay.

To play a good Steve, players will need to have swift fingers and any less will result in them in messing up their combos. In Tekken context, messing up a combo or a string is very punishing, making beginner Steve Fox players food for easier characters.

That being said, Steve Fox is a really fun character to learn. It’s hard, sure, but once you’ve mastered it, the satisfaction is unreal.


3. Geese Howard

geese howard

Throwing projectiles and having supernatural powers are uncommon in the Tekken universe. Geese has that and luckily they are all super hard to combo with, or else, we would be seeing any Tom, Dick and Harry picking this character up.

Like with Steve, Geese’s execution is insanely hard. His combos are very complex and newer players will definitely have a hard time executing them. Geese is a character that players will need to spend time with in the Practice Mode for more than 10+ hours to get good at.


4. Bryan Fury

bryan fury

Bryan has a lot of ‘cheesy’ moves in his gameplay. His Hatchet Kick is rather abusive and can punish a lot of new players. Even so, even at an intermediate level, Bryan suffers a lot because of his astoundingly difficult gameplay.

What we’re trying to say is Bryan players need to put a lot of thought into how he wants to approach every round. He does not have a definite flowchart he can follow and players will need to look for new ways to make him work. He is certainly a hard character to utilise fully.


5. Kazuya Mishima


Kazuya is another fan favourite due to his 50-50 capability. However, getting to the 50-50 is a problem. His Electric Wind God Fist is iconic and also very difficult to pull off. In other words, his execution is a pain.

Not only that, but Kazuya’s hell-sweep move is also very hard to do—albeit it is super fast and almost unreadable. Upon being blocked, Kazuya can then be launch-punished and he will be in a whole world of pain. This means, not only Kazuya needs inhuman execution, but players will also need to put some thought into his gameplay.


6. Heihachi Mishima


Heihachi can do an absurd amount of damage with his combos and punishes. The problem is, doing them will probably take hours and hours of practice.

Yes, Heihachi is an execution demon because anything less will make him a fairly weak character. Similar to other Mishimas, Heihachi is also capable of executing the Electric Wind God Fist and Hell-Sweep. Both of which are insanely hard to do.


7. Lee Chaolan

lee chaolan

Lee has a lot of flair in his moves. They are over the top and visually, it’s really nice to watch but doing them will have your fingers begging you to stop.

To be a good player with Lee, players will need to really understand the nuances of his Hitman stance and how they can utilise it to ‘cheese’ out their opponent. In some cases, going into the Practice Mode alone will not work. Instead, you will probably need to look up some guide on YouTube to learn how this character works.


8. Akuma


This guest character from the Street Fighter universe is no joke. At full power, this character can demolish tournaments with his crazy combo and damage. Still, tournament players are all professionals so they do have the skills to use this beast and we don’t.

While Akuma might be a powerhouse, using him is really damn hard. He requires insane execution and his moves are not as conventional as other characters. Again, this is a character that you will need to experiment with and out to fully grasp what he can really do. You’d probably spend more time in Practice Mode with this character than in Ranked Mode.


9. Devil Jin

devil jin

Devil Jin is arguably the easiest Mishma-based character to learn but is still ultimately a really hard character to play when compared to the rest.

His moves are all really powerful and in many ways unorthodox. As such, there are many creative things you can do with Devil Jin but beginner players usually will not have the capability to formulate their own plans.

And when you start using the same ‘easy’ flowchart over and over again, Devil Jin’s gameplay becomes really predictable. This will then be the downfall of many beginner Devil Jin players.


10. Yoshimitsu


Yoshimitsu is a fun one. He has so many gimmicks up his sleeve and even veterans will not know what he is up to. This is also to say that Yoshimitsu does not have a specific game plan they can follow like a robot.

To truly be a great Yoshi player, you will need to come up with a lot of ideas on how to execute his moves altogether differently. It’s a character that is vastly different from others and picking him up can be really troublesome, especially for new players. If you don’t like formulating your own gameplay, Yoshimitsu is definitely not the character you want to pick up.

So there we have it, these are 10 characters that we think are the toughest to play in Tekken 7. And if you’re interested in playing them don’t be discouraged! Purchase the game now on Steam with our Steam Wallet Codes here!

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