10 Reasons Why You Should Play Video Games

Gaming is probably a major part of many people’s lives these days. While the “gamer” stereotype is already banishing – like being this 30 year old man-child who still lives in his mom’s basement – negative comments about video games are still present these days.

Violent, anti-social, or even pornographic, you’re probably wondering why there are still many people, both the young and old, who like to spend more time with their gamepads and gaming keyboards instead of the outside world.

Video games are addictive, and this addiction isn’t really something that will turn you into a better person in the future. On the other hand, there are research studies nowadays that will be of use by millions of gamers out there who say that video games aren’t that bad.

In fact these studies have arrived into a conclusion that playing computer or console games can help you a lot in many different aspects. Here are the top 10 reasons that might change your views about video games


child development


1 – They are great for child development.

There was a study conducted by the Oxford University that involved children ages 10 to 15 about their views in life in relation to their playing habits.  The children were asked about their satisfaction in life, social activities, problem solving, and hyperactivity.

The results show that playing a video game for a short period of time in a day creates a positive impact on kids. These kids said that they were more satisfied with their lives and happier with new and old peers. On the contrary, the ones who played for longer hours said that they weren’t very happy with their lives.


call of duty


2 – Call of Duty and other fast-paced games make you decide faster.

Scientists from the University of Rochester who specialize in the cognitive functions of the human brain did research about how playing a video game can train you to make faster and better decisions.

The study had two groups of people play different games, with one group playing a fast-paced game and the other one with a basic strategy game.

After a series of assessment methods, the scientists found out that playing Call of Duty 2 and other fast-paced games can make you decide faster in any kind of situation. While this is a positive result that might amaze you, playing games still won’t make you make better decisions all the time.


super mario 64


3 – Playing Super Mario 64 can induce brain growth.

Who said that playing video games damages your brain? While this is what many people think these days, the results of the study conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and a university in Germany say otherwise.

Surprisingly, the results came up with the conclusion that playing this game might lead to potential brain growth and repair. The researchers also said that it can be very useful when it comes to psychiatric disorder treatment.


brain neuron structure


4 – Playing them slows mental decay.

You must be proud of being one of the old gamers out there who like to visit Gamestop shops every month to get a little more dose for your gaming life. While you enjoy playing games at an old age, it’s actually a very effective method of slowing brain decay.

According to the research study from the University of Iowa, playing video games is like exercising your brain to be stronger and healthier.




5 – Tetris can help you with your diet.

Gaming and eating are two addictions that most people have these days. In fact, many gamers these days have been found to enjoy eating while busting their thumbs on a game controller. If you’re on a diet, playing Tetris can actually help you keep your cravings down.

A research study in United Kingdom came up with an interesting finding that this game and your cravings are related to each other. The researchers also concluded that your cravings after playing Tetris can be reduced up to 24%!




6. FPS games improves your short-term memory.

Counterstrike, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Crysis – you name it. There are lots of FPS games these days and they’re probably very popular because of the action-packed sequences from them or the fun you get from finishing in a hardcore fashion.

Another good thing about these games is that they can actually improve your short-term memory, according to the study of some researchers coming from Leiden University in Netherlands.

The study worked on how the human brain works when it comes to dealing with the situations from these games, and how these factors affect your brain’s problem solving functions.




7. They can lead to better eyesight.

Since playing a video game involves a lot of your visual skills to assess a situation and react properly, the University of California, Riverside conducted a research on how playing video games can help you improve your vision.

They had interesting results, showing that playing a video game that trains your vision can make you see things 20 feet away clearer than others.




8. Playing them can treat your depression.

Video games these days, especially the violent ones, are often blamed for the negative behaviors coming from people who play them. While this is what most people think, video games can also be a cure, especially if you’re having symptoms of depression.

A research study in New Zealand came into a surprising conclusion that video games can also improve how you see yourself as a person. They’ve used a custom-made game called SPARX, and the researchers arrived at a rather positive result.


video game in pain


9. If you’re hurt, play a video game!

One of the presenters in the annual scientific meeting at the American Pain Society talked about how video games can relieve pain.

The study showed interesting results, suggesting that video games can also be repurposed as an effective pain treatment for people who are suffering from chronic diseases, pain, and anxiety.




10. Want to get smarter? Play Starcraft!

A British research study that was just published last August 2013 showed results on how playing strategy games like Starcraft can improve one’s cognitive abilities.

After the tests conducted on the participants, the results confirmed that these games can improve your performance in psychological tests and brain flexibility.

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