10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Genshin Impact’s Sumeru Region

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Genshin Impact is always evolving, and now the developers are back with the Sumeru region. The region promises mysteries that you’ll unravel throughout the game and forests to explore. Plus, you get to enjoy other elements of Dendro.

However, there are a few things that we want to share with you that we wish we knew before diving into Genshin Impact Sumeru.

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How to Get to Sumeru

The Sumeru region was added with the 3.0 update, and it also adds a few playable characters:

  • Collei (4-star Dendro archer)
  • Tighnari (5-star Dendro archer
  • Dori (4-star Electro claymore)


Dori won’t appear until a little later on in the second half of the update. You’ll meet some new characters, too. 

First, you need to get to the new region. Thankfully, finding Sumeru is easy. First, you’ll want to:

  • Go through the tunnel in Chasm
  • Teleport to Cinnabar Cliff
  • Go through the tunnel to reach Sumeru


You’ll find the small opening in Cinnabar, and this is how you get to the new region. For some reason, Genshin doesn’t explain how to get to this region, so it can be tricky to find it.

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Sumeru has many different locations to explore, including several cities and underground areas. Key locations include:

  • Sumeru City
  • Port Ormos
  • Vanarana


You’ll find new bosses, new stories and new materials in this new region. There are lots to keep you busy, but before you dive in headfirst, I want to share some things that I wish I had known before starting this region.


10 Things to Know Before Starting Genshin Impact’s Sumeru Region

1. Complete Your World Quests

World quests are easy to ignore for some players and difficult for others. If you’re not a fan of world quests, you’ll need to become one to maximize your experience in the new region. There are two main reasons that we recommend that you focus on completing the world quests:

  1. Two hidden waypoints are on the map that makes traversing the region easier. However, you need to complete your world quests to open up these teleport waypoints. If you want to experience everything the region has to offer, be sure to open up these teleport waypoints.
  2. You would need more knowledge on utilizing Dendro and completing side quests and world quests help to build this knowledge and aid in your overall experience in the game.

Exploring the entire region and taking on as many world quests as you can is a must if you plan on having the most fun. 


2. Utilise The Four Leaf Sigil

Dendro will help you activate secret sigils by using Dendro on the plant stamens. However, you need to find the four-leaf sigils first. The sigil will glow green and will twinkle on the map with a little vine icon.

These sigils allow you to instantly fly to their location on the map.


Why are these sigils important?

Some locations are impossible to climb, but with the sigil, you can get to these locations. When fighting enemies, you’ll have a major advantage if you use sigils as often as you can. If you use Dendro powers on certain flowers, you’ll spawn secret four-leaf sigils, which is an extremely powerful tip that we wish we knew when first entering Sumeru.


3. Try to Obtain Collei ASAP

Dendro puzzles are everywhere in Sumeru, and you need to find and complete them. However, they need to be activated, so you’ll need to get a Dendro character ASAP. You can change your character to Dendro, by going to the Statue of the Seven but Collei is helpful in more ways than one.

Instead, Collei’s bow is what you need to focus on when first entering the region.

The bow allows you to:

  • Hit far-reaching switches
  • Get to difficult points
  • Aiming with the bow is so easy, too. 


You can use primos to get the bow, but you can also get it for free. Head over to Port Oromos, and you’ll get a quest called “The Unappreciated Carving.” You have to complete this quest, and it gives you the bow for free. 

We highly recommend going to the quest area and getting your bow ASAP to make traversing Genshin Impact Sumeru even more fun. 


4. Beware the Grayish Areas with Red Plants

When you play the main campaign, you’ll quickly find out about the Withering – and not in a good way. This phenomenon causes plants to wither and makes wildlife more aggressive.

But it also gives you a decay bar and makes you more vulnerable to damage. The decay debuff reduces your physical and elemental resistance as well as your HP. Each stack of decay you get will further reduce your resistance and HP, so you can quickly find yourself in peril if you’re there long enough.

The decay bar can be found just above your health bar, so you can see how many stacks you have at a glance.

Moral of the story? Don’t hang around in Withering areas for too long. Get out ASAP! Don’t worry – you’ll come back to cleanse the area at some point. 

If you have to stay in a Withering zone, activate and stand near Candles of Life. If you’re in an especially challenging zone, you’ll find that Flames of Life spawn from time to time. Collect them to prevent decay buildup.


5. Always Have A Bow User

Here’s a pro tip that I wish I knew before I started playing Genshin Impact’s Sumeru – always bring a bow user. Why?

Bow users can help you solve archery puzzles. And you don’t need Collei or Tighnari to solve these puzzles either. Any bow user will do.  Shooting all of the floating objects in these puzzles will reward you with a chest.

Also, bow users are great for quests that require you to cleanse Withering zones because they’re ranged attackers. It’s much easier to dodge AoE attacks when you’re shooting from afar.

To cleanse Withering zones, you need to find and kill the Tumor of the Withering. But in order to do that, you first need to remove the three branches and defeat a champion.


6. Attack With Dendro Anything That Glows

If you’re out on your adventure and find something suspicious, like a random sigil or marking that’s glowing, attack it with Dendro.

Some chests and collectibles can only be found after breaking the rocks around the tree branches. Dendro should work for most of them, but you may need to use Dendrograna for some of them (those with swirly patterns).

It’s worth the effort to grab these hidden collectibles and treasures.

Dendro sigils can be collected and exchanged for goods or given to the Tree of Dreams. You can find these sigils in chests.

Also, if you see any floating plant creatures, attack them with an electro attack. Doing so will reveal hidden objects.


7. Take Your Time With The Aranyaka Questline

Many players try to rush through the Aranyaka questline, but I recommend taking your time. The questline is huge with many parts. You won’t be completing it within your first 24 hours of gameplay, so enjoy it. 

Immerse yourself in the experience and really explore Sumeru. 

I do recommend getting started with the questline early on so that you can unlock some puzzles. But otherwise, take your time and enjoy the show.

To start the questline, you’ll need to first get through chapter 3, act 1 of the Archon quest. This comes after you meet Collei and Tighnari in the village.

There are four main parts of this questline:

  1. Woodland Encounter
  2. Dream Nursery
  3. Nursery of Lost Dreams
  4. In the End, The Forest Will Remember


Each part has several subquests that you’ll need to complete. Completing all main and sub-quests will reward you with a ton of primogems.

Still, take your time. You won’t be getting through these quests anytime soon. Many players claim it takes them more than ten hours to get through the whole series of quests.


8. Capturing Eremite Forts

While exploring Sumeru, you’ll find forts occupied by Eremite mercs. The Eremites are enemies that you’ll encounter in Sumeru. These mercenaries make their living selling strength and wisdom. They are loyal to no one, and they seem to have different factions even within their own group.

Eremites also have forts that you’ll find throughout the region. To shut down their forts, you need to find multiple keys hidden in the rooms inside. 

But here’s the thing – finding keys can spawn enemies. Be ready. Once you’ve found all the keys, you can activate the cross-shaped pillar and shut down the fort. 

The shutdown doesn’t happen immediately though. You’ll need to defend the tower, or you’ll have to start all over again and your efforts will have been for nothing. Many players don’t realize that you have to defend the tower, and they wind up getting frustrated when they can’t shut things down.


9. Kill Monster Mushrooms

If you find monster mushrooms when you’re in Sumeru, kill them. Why? Because they’ll drop spores of different rarities. Electro mushrooms specifically drop their nuclei. 

You’ll need spores from these mushrooms to ascend your characters and the Electro mushroom nuclei can be used to enhance your weapons. Collei needs Rukkhashava Mushrooms to ascend and Tighnari needs fungal spores.

When you go hunting for monster mushrooms, make sure to bring along an electro character. They’ll make quick work of the electro mushrooms.


10. Put the Green Mushrooms to Use

You’ll find green mushrooms scattered throughout Sumeru. They’re not just for show. You can use them to increase your jumping distance. If you shock them with an electro attack, you can jump even higher. Use this to your advantage to jump to great heights and scale Sumeru’s towering cliffs and hills.

Just be careful not to attack these mushrooms with pyro – they’ll deflate. Don’t panic if you attack them with pyro accidentally. You can use Dendro elements to bring them back to their original state.


Key Areas in the Sumeru Region

While we’ve touched on some of these key areas, you do need to know more about them if you want to make Sumeru feel like home. The key areas of the region, include:


Port Ormos

The Port is a harbour town, and it’s where all of the commerce takes place in the region. You’ll love the vibe of the port that feels like an old-school trading ground. The port is a stunning place to go, and you’ll be engaging a lot with Dori here.

Unfortunately, you won’t be in this port often enough in the game.

A few quests will bring you to this stunning location, including the main storyline quest. Hopefully, this area gets expanded on a little more in a future patch or update.


Sumeru City

The city is stunning, and it is where the Archon used to sit. You’ll be thrust into the city in Chapter 3, Act 2 of the game during the Sabzerusz Festival. You’ll want to be cautious in the city because people are always scheming and looking to gain more power.



Vanarana is where you’ll find a ton of world quests. It’s almost a region of its own. You’ll find the Tree of Dreams here as well as the Aranyaka questline.

There are two versions of Vanarana: the one that exists in reality, and the one that exists as a dream. The dream version is where you’ll find the Statue of the Seven. You can switch between reality and the dream state by playing the Rhythm of the Great Dream.

These are some of the key areas of Sumeru that you’ll want to explore. 

And that’s it. We hope that this guide helps you master Genshin Impact Sumeru and makes the new region a little more fun for you. 

If you want more detail on the region and see how professionals are killing it in the region, watch more of their gameplay on both Twitch and YouTube. A lot of great gamers are showing playthroughs and updates on new strategies that you can use in the game.

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