10 Tips and Tricks for Redfall

Tips and Tricks for Redfall with OffGamers
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Are you playing the Redfall game and having a hard time beating mercenaries or vampires?  The devs throw you into battle quickly, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might get frustrated at how easily you’ll die.

You also start with weak weapons, which makes Redfall even more challenging. 

Don’t worry. You’ll get better gear and start levelling up your skills to kill your way through the vampire-infested world that you’re stuck in. Surviving on these hardened streets will take a lot of skill, some luck and following the professional Redfall tips that we’re going to share.

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10 Redfall Tips and Tricks to Become the Best Player Possible

1. Understanding the Characters

Redfall Characters
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Redfall is like every other game where it seems that the developers love certain characters and make them overpowered. You may not like the characters’ gameplay, and you should find a hero that you want to play.

However, knowing a little bit about characters before playing will empower you to choose the right hero the first time around.

You have four main heroes to choose from:

Jacob Boyer

Jacob Boyer Redfall
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Jacob looks like he’s seen some battles in his life, and he is a sniper who has the precision to shoot an enemy right through the eye. You’ll enjoy playing Boyer if you have fun hiding from enemies and taking a stealthier approach to the game. 

And the odd eye that you see is actually an undead eye that allows Jacob to boost his precision even further.

If you find yourself in a bind, you can call out a raven that will distract enemies and allow you some breathing room. A few of the abilities that you’ll have fun exploring with Jacob include:

  • Cloak: An ability that every sniper needs – it allows you to hide from your foes.
  • Heartstopper: Deal massive damage with a ghostly rifle.

You also have the Raven ability, which will allow you to summon and command your raven.

Devinder ‘Dev’ Crousley

Devinder Crousley Redfall
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Dev is one of the most interesting heroes in gaming because he’s a cryptozoologist. What in the world does this mean? He studies weird monsters (think Big Foot). However, his quirky profession has led him to be an inventor of sorts that has created a cache of weapons to kill vampires, such as:

  • Javelin: Hurl a javelin at your enemies and spread lightning to others.
  • Blacklight: Stun humans and petrify enemies with a super UV light blast.
  • Translocate: Drop a beacon on the floor for you and your allies to use to transport to a nearby terminal.

Remi De La Rosa

Remi De La Rosa Redfall
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Remi De La Rosa is a robotics engineering specialist. She was developing search-and-rescue technology for the Coast Guard when the vampire legion attacked. Now, she uses her robotic knowledge to fend off hordes of vampires.

Remi has a small robotic companion called Bribón, which acts as a decoy and attack drone in one. Bribón can distract enemies, allowing Remi to launch surprise attacks.

She’s a character with a lot of neat abilities, such as:

  • Mobilize: A rally point that heals you and your friends.
  • C4: Throw a sticky dynamite charge on your target and detonate when you want to obliterate them.
  • Siren: Call on Bribón to cause havoc.

Layla Ellison

Layla Ellison Redfall
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Layla came to Redfall as a biomechanical engineering student. After graduating with a mountain of student loan debt, she volunteered to participate in a clinical trial to earn some extra cash. Layla reported to treatment just in time for the vampire legion to attack.

After being knocked out in an attack, Layla woke up to find herself in a brand new world with new superpowers.

Layla’s telekinetic powers allow her to manipulate the environment. She can:

  • Generate shields.
  • Push and pull objects.

She also carries a huge umbrella that’s charged with kinetic energy. Layla’s abilities include:

  • Umbrella: Summons a psychic umbrella that blocks projectiles and releases a damaging psychic blast.
  • Lift: Summons a psychic lift that propels you up into the air.

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend: Summons Layla’s vampire ex-boyfriend, Jason.

2. Stay Clear of Areas Surrounded by Red Mist

Stay Clear of Areas Surrounded by Red Mist Redfall
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Red mist on the floor is not something that you want to explore and see what it does to you. The mist will drain your health. You’ll die fast if you stay in the mist, and even if it’s blocking your path, don’t just charge through it. 


  • Look for a different path to go around the mist.
  • Jump over the mist if you think that you can make the jump.

3. Cars are Explosive

Redfall Cars Are Explosive
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Enemies like to stick together, and this is something that you need to overcome by using the environment around you. There are a few Redfall tips that we plan on sharing to survive the swarms of enemies you’ll encounter.

But you will come across cars early on in the game and should use them to your advantage.


  • Cars explode.
  • Cars cause a massive amount of AOE damage.

You must learn how to lure your enemies into a “trap” by hanging out near cars, running before an enemy reaches you, shooting the vehicle and blowing it up. A lot of times, enemies are seen standing around vehicles and can be blown up on sight by using this tactic.

If you’re running low on ammo, this explosion trick will help you conserve more ammunition until you can find more.

4. Do Not be Lazy When it Comes to Looting

Looting Redfall
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Looting can seem like a chore in some games. You’ll find a ton of useless items during your time in-game, but one of the best Redfall tips that helped me a lot is to loot everything. You want to be as greedy as you can.

Hunt down junk items. Go back to that room you ignored and search through everything.


  • You can sell every item to vendors.
  • Items in the game cost a lot.
  • You lose coins when you die.
  • Buying better gear is crucial for your progression.

Many gamers flocked to forums and Discord complaining that they didn’t have the money they needed to advance in the game. These players allowed coins to become a bottleneck to their progression.

You’ll need a lot of coins in the latter parts of the game if you want to hold back the horde of enemies and beat bosses. 

5. Be on the Lookout for Markers

Redfall Markers
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Markers are found all over Redfall, and they’re your key to navigating the world with greater ease. A lot of players want to fast-travel around the world, but they forget to activate the markers.

Once activated, you’ll be able to fast-travel back to this spot in the future.

However, you want to proceed to the marker with the utmost caution. It’s not uncommon for patrols to be passing through this area. The patrol is ready to try killing you, so be prepared for a fight.

Cycle to your shotgun to inflict massive damage if a patrol is coming your way.

Pro tip: If you’re at a marker and can’t fast-travel, it’s because you’re being attacked. Eliminate the enemy and you’ll be able to travel like normal.

6. Oil Puddles Are Your Friends

Redfall Oil Puddles
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

The Redfall game tries to be as realistic as possible, and you can experience this for yourself when you pass by cars. Just like in real life, you’ll see discolouration on the floor from the oil leaking out of the vehicle.

In real life, you’ll notice oil at traffic lights.

Redfall makes it easy to spot the oil puddles because they’re splashes of colour that are shiny and on the ground.

So, what should you do if you see puddles?

  • Lure your enemies close to the oil.
  • Shoot the oil puddle.
  • Watch everything burn.

You’ll ignite the puddles and damage anything or anyone who is standing next to them. Be sure to keep your distance from the puddle before shooting or you’ll end up hurting yourself, too. Once you learn how to kite enemies and lure them into your trap, this is a powerful tool that can take out a lot of enemies in a single inferno.

7. Running is Sometimes the Answer

Redfall Run Away
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Standing your ground and trying to take out a horde of enemies is honourable. You want to beat back your enemies, which is something that every gamer wants to do. Unlearn this level of heroism and realize that running might be the answer.

It’s better to fight another day than die.

Redfall doesn’t have a stamina bar, so abuse your ability to run when it’s a necessity. During your initial sprint, your enemies will follow you and try to land a kill. Keep running away from them and they’ll eventually stop following you.

PS. Dying will cost you money, so you’re not a coward if you decide to run and try a different tactic to kill your enemies.

8. A Small Shining Light is Your Enemy

Redfall Sniper
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

You’re not just seeing things when you see a shining light in the distance. And it’s not your fairy godmother or someone that wants to save you from this nightmare.

It’s your enemy.

If you see one of these small lights, it’s a sniper who is waiting to attack you and take out a massive portion of your health. The right shot will even kill you. Instead, take cover the moment you notice any light in the distance.

Snipers will hide in the back and are hard to find.

Never stand still and keep moving if you want to avoid falling victim to a sniper’s shot.

9. Abuse Shotguns

Redfall Shotgun
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

What is your go-to weapon to carry? I don’t know about you, but shotguns are my absolute favourite weapon to have with me at every stage of the game. You’ll blow away enemies in this open world with a well-placed shotgun shot.

You want to abuse shotguns as much as you can because they’re overpowered.

How fast can you become OP? 

Early on. One area where people miss their chance to get a shotgun is on the ferry deck. You’ll find a door that needs a key, which you don’t have. 

Where’s the key?

  • You’ll want to go back to the hold by taking the stairs.
  • Go under the big door to go outside and through the door.
  • Locate the car with the gun in it and make your way back up to the locked door. Break the window that goes out to the deck, and you’ll find a hatch that you can enter and find a key hanging from the door.
  • Now, go back to the locked door and get your shotgun.

Using this method, you’ll have a high-powered shotgun fairly early in the game. When you progress through the game, keep a close eye out for Lockjaw. These weapons are semi-automatic shotguns that will obliterate your enemies and can be used in stealth.

A stealth shot deals double damage and will even replenish some of your health in the process.

10. Do Not Skimp on Picks and Rewire Kits

Redfall Pick Kits
Photo Credits: Arkane Studios

Picks and rewire kits are immensely helpful and will make escaping into buildings possible. If you’ve had to run from vampire armies before, you’ve probably been in a situation where you ran up to a door, jostled the knob and could not get inside. Why? Because you needed either a:

  • Pick, or
  • Rewire kit

Always have a stockpile of these items in your inventory or you’ll miss out on a lot of great aspects of the game.

You can:

  1. Find these items in the wild.
  2. Buy them from a vendor.

Lockpicks are found randomly in containers, bags and boxes. You’ll need them to get into terminals. A sure-fire place to find them is in the Lost & Found. You can purchase a rewire kit for 1,500 coins, so be prepared to save up some coins.

Redfall with OffGamers
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