10 Totally Unfair Bosses in Video Games

Bosses are an integral part of any video game. They pose a challenge to their players and sometimes, developers go a little overboard and make this boss battles ridiculously unfair. This is not to say that these battles are bad, but they are just way too unfairly hard and have moves that you’ll never see it coming.

For today’s article, we will be diving into 10 of the most unfair bosses video games have offered us, many of which have killed us time and time again.

Let’s begin!

1. Azazel (Tekken 6)

Azazel unfair boss

Fighting games have their fair share of difficult bosses but Azazel is a different kind of annoying. While getting to him might be a cakewalk, the difficulty difference between Azazel and those that lie in your wake is ocean-huge.

This is because Azazel doesn’t really work like normal Tekken characters. Its moves are very unorthodox and if we’re being honest, most of them are downright unfair. One small mistake and the AI will punish you with a high-damaging move to take away your health.

This is a boss that you definitely need to try and try over again to have a good read of its moves.

2. Lu Bu (Dynasty Warriors)

lu bu unfair bosses

Often regarded as the most feared warrior of the Three Kingdoms era, Lu Bu truly lives up to that name in the DW series—especially the older DW instalments.

To make matters worse, Lu Bu is stationed pretty early in the games where you would need to beat or avoid him with a lowly-equipped character. If you decide to take him head-on, he will most likely unfairly kill you with a combo attack or two. It’s almost nonsensical and harsh for the developers to do this.

That said, there is usually a way to go about this where you can avoid Lu Bu completely and head straight for the enemy commander instead. But that doesn’t really take away how unfairly powerful he is.

3. Tyrant (Resident Evil)

tyrant resident evil

Tyrant might not be able to one-shot you but this boss is pretty shady when it comes to going down. This is because before getting on the plane he is an obstacle you need to overcome. Many thought this Tyrant would be the final boss but we were all fooled like little children.

Once you’ve used a decent amount of ammunition and gotten Tyrant out of the way, you will be able to board the plane. Unknowingly on the plane, you will actually need to fight him for the second time, and this time, he is now way stronger. With your ammunition and resources depleted this battle is everything unfair and newer players will be in for an unpleasant surprise.

4. Contrarian King (Persona 4)

contrarion king unfair boss

Modern Persona games are generally considered to be very easy games. However, there are some bosses that notoriously stand out from the crowd and the optional Contrarian King is one of them.

Starting things off, the King will use a move called Red Wall, allowing the player to think that its weakness is Fire. Lo and behold, this is actually a ploy where the King is naturally resistant to Fire moves making you waste a turn. Also, the King appears very early in the game and if you are playing at a higher difficulty level, he can very easily one-shot you.

Fortunately, this boss is optional if not, many newcomers to the franchise are in for a whole lot of pain.

5. Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)

silver unfair boss

This white version of Sonic is obnoxiously annoying to deal with. Silver’s moves are absolutely bonkers and just downright unfair.

One of his attacks can put you in your place, freezing you where he sets up for another attack that can very easily take you out. Silver can also take all of your rings away and his telekinetic attack is also very lethal, sending you miles away.

Additionally, this boss is also considered by many to be glitchy at times so fighting it is surely not fun. Unfair, annoying and ridden with bugs.

6. Theseus and Minotaur (Hades)

theseus and minotaur unfair boss

Hades is by no means an easy game, as with most roguelikes, they all have difficult stages and bosses. Even so, one—or should we say two—of Hades’ bosses stood out to us for notorious reasons.

Fighting one of these bosses should already be tough enough but going against them while they are together taking it to a whole new level. For Astreus the Minotaur, his attacks cover a huge range and while you are dodging it, you’ll need to also avoid Theseus’ annoying javelins.

Once you’ve lowered Theseus’ health to a critical point, he will even go on to call aid from a random God to mess up your fight. Technically, it’s three against one, so yes, we can definitely call this fight unfair.

7. Sigrun (God of War)

sigrun god of war

Honestly, to get to Sigrun herself is an arduous task but fighting her is excruciatingly unfair. And if you’ve struggled a lot against the other valkyries, it is most likely you will fall against Sigrun.

Plus her attacks have a lot of different variety and compared to the other bosses in the game, she is easily the hardest. The Queen is relentless in her attacks and you will need to fight her with raw power if you really want to win, playing tricks will do you no good here.

That said, do not be discouraged if you lose a couple of times against Sigrun. Make these attempts, attempts to read her movements. In time, you might be able to successfully predict her attacks and keep up with her crazy tempo.

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8. Elizabeth (Persona 3)

elizabeth persona unfair boss

One thing that is truly annoying and unfair about Elizabeth is her set of rules. The fact that you cannot have a Persona that nullifies attacks is absurd. Yes, if you have any of them equipped, she’ll blow you off with a one-hit-ko spell.

Basically, you will be fighting Elizabeth with your hands tied. With a limited amount of Personas to use, you need to strategise really well to have a chance with her. Oh, and did we forget to mention that you are at a timer as well?

After a set amount of turns, if she is not beaten, she will against you a one-hit-ko spell to obliterate you. In other words, this fight is completely not fair.

9. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon (Elden Ring)

rennala elden ring unfair boss

Rennala has two phases and both of them are extremely annoying to deal with. The first phase is much easier but you’ll need to deal with her summons that is pure nuisances.

The real trouble comes during the second half of the fight. Many might suggest using physical attacks against her and while it is true that she is weak against them, the problem is reaching her. Constantly shooting far-ranged projectiles, this cheap move will make it almost impossible for you to get Rennala in a melee position.

And yes, the summons is here to stay and you’ll need to deal with them simultaneously with the projectiles. Good luck.

10. Headless (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)

headless sekiro unfair boss

Sekiro has some of the most unique boss fights but Headless is one of those really cheap ones that truly grinds players’ gears.

This boss can do some really sneaky things like lowering Wolf’s movements and making your motion really sluggish. This means dodging Headless attacks will be a pain and you will need to adjust your timings if you are slowed down.

Other things to be concerned about is also how resistant Headless is to normal attacks. This means chunking his health down is going to be a time-consuming effort. His attacks will fill up Wolf’s Terror meter and once it is filled, it’s basically bye-bye.

And there we have it! These are our humble takes on what we considered to be the most annoyingly unfair bosses in video games. What do you think? If you are curious to see how you fare against them, be sure to pick up these games to try them out yourself!