13 Fall Guys Tips and Tricks To Up Your Game

Fall Guys is a fun, chaotic massively multiplayer party game that pits 60 players against each other to win a crown. Inspired by games like tag, Wipeout and It’s a Knockout, players must complete mini games in order to qualify for subsequent rounds.

Sometimes, you have to work together. Other times, it’s every man for himself. If you’re too slow or fail certain requirements, you’re out. Only a few players will compete in the final round, and the winner will be the last player standing.

Fall Guys is a ton of fun. The game sold 7 million copies in just a month. It’s available on Mac, PC and PS4, so there are plenty of people to play with.

But if you want to be the last man standing, you need to up your game. Keep reading to get Fall Guys tips.

Why Should You Improve Your Game? Season 2 is Here


Need a reason to get better at Fall Guys? Season 2 is upon us. It has a fun medieval theme, and there are changes to levels (including Egg Scramble and Hoopsie Daisy), which means you’ll need to be on your toes if you want to compete.

Season 2 incorporates so many fun elements:

  • Knockout knights
  • Feudal fortresses
  • Pugilistic paladins
  • New costumes, emotes and more

Some of the new stages are challenging. One will be similar to Door Dash, where you’ll have to climb really small boxes to scale large walls. With 60 players all vying to get over the wall, this stage is sure to be pure chaos.

There is also Knight Fever, which is a platforming gauntlet with a ton of medieval weaponry. You’ll need to make your way through the course dodging holes and blades all while sliding down a slide of slime. Oh, there’s also a drawbridge that randomly opens and closes to add an extra layer of difficulty.

The new costumes are predictable – dragons, Vikings, wizards, knights and witches – but still fun all the same.

With all of these changes, it’s important to up your game now at the start of the season. We’re going to share some tips to help you become the last guy standing.

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Fall Guys Guide: 13 Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Game

fall guys

1. Fail, Fall and Try Again

Fall Guys is a game of skill. Sure, speed and agility will come into play, but ultimately, it’s all about knowing when to make a move and when to hold tight for a second. The best way to figure this out is through first-hand experience. Falling, failing and trying again will help you figure out what works, what doesn’t, when to make a move and when to bide your time.

2. Understand the Different Level Modes

There are 25 maps in Fall Guys, which are called rounds. Each round is randomly selected when you play, but they each fall into one of the following categories: Team, Race, Survival and Final.

Let’s take a closer look at each type:

  • Race: These make up the majority of the stages. The goal, as you may have guessed, is to make it to the finish line. But it’s not as easy as racing to the end. The stage will be littered with obstacles and hazards that will keep you on your toes.
  • Team: Players will be split into three teams, and your objective is to complete a goal. In Egg Scramble, you’ll be stealing eggs from each other. In Rock ‘n’ Roll, you’ll have to navigate a hazardous ball-based obstacle course.
  • Survival: The objective is to stay on the stage at all times. If you get knocked off or fall off, you’re out.
  • Final: The final rounds. Only a handful of players will be competing for the crown. Obstacles and scheming opponents await you.

Now that you have a better understanding of each level type, you can be prepared for each one.

3. Grab and Sabotage

You’ll be doing a lot of jumping and waddling in Fall Guys, but in a battle royale race, there is no room for mercy. Along with jumping and waddling, your Fall Guy can also grab things – or players.

Yes, you can sabotage players by using the grab button (the right trigger on PS4 and the Shift button on PC). When other players try to jump, hit that grab button to send them hurtling to their deaths.

4. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Fall Guys can be chaotic. With so many little squishy characters running across the screen, it’s easy to lose track of your surroundings and the obstacles ahead.

Make sure that you’re using your joystick or mouse to survey the area around you as you’re sprinting across the course. Not only will this help you avoid obstacles, it will also help you see where other players are falling and failing so that you don’t make the same mistake.

Rotating the camera strategically will help you see and know what’s up ahead, so you can have a plan and stay focused on your objective.

5. Know When to Take it Slow

It’s easy to fall into the trap of sprinting ahead to reach the finish line as fast as possible. This is, after all, a race. Only a few players will make it through to the end.

But if you want to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line, plowing through the board at full speed will only get you in trouble.

It’s important to know when to slow down or take a different route to clear the obstacle. For example, in The Whirlygig and Hit Parade, you need to time your moves properly to avoid being knocked off.

6. Sometimes, it Pays to be Second in Line

Fall Guys levels can be unpredictable. If you’re a new player, you have no experience with the levels and don’t know what lies ahead. But even if you’re a seasoned player, these boards have plenty of hidden tricks that can take you by surprise.

Sometimes, especially in race games, it pays to stay a little bit behind the leading Fall Guys. Let them make mistakes and take their chances with obstacles, so that you can get an idea of what you’re up against and avoid making the same errors.

7. Know When to Dive

When you first start playing Fall Guys, you’re so focused on moving ahead and not being left behind that you forget you do more than just jump and waddle around. You can also dive.

Diving will propel you forward, and that can be helpful for moving from platform to platform. It’s also a critical move in Fall Ball. Use it to propel the ball away from your goal towards the opponent’s goal.

Diving can be useful in many levels, but use it wisely, as it can also leave you vulnerable in some stages.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Alternative Paths

It’s easy to assume that the easiest path may be the fastest, but that’s not always the case. There are multiple paths you can take to complete a course, and the fastest one may not be the most obvious.

In courses with multiple paths, give each one a try. You may find that the less obvious choices turn out to the fastest in the end.

9. Keep Your Distance in Survival Games

Survival courses are fun, but they can also be extremely stressful. Amidst the chaos, you have to look out for other Fall Guys who are looking to sabotage you on their way down or try to knock you over just to get you out of the way.

When playing survival levels, keep your distance. If you see another Fall Guy moving closer, get out of the way. Don’t back down, and don’t let them win.

10. Watch Streamers

One great way to pick up useful Fall Guys tips and tricks is to watch streamers on Twitch. And depending on who you’re watching, it can be a great way to figure out what not to do.

Pay attention to the moves and strategies that streamers are using to get ahead and stay in the game. You can try using these strategies in your own gameplay.

Watching streamers is also a fun way to enjoy the game, join the Fall Guys community and support fellow gamers.

11. Check Out Game Reviews

Reviews are another place to pick up some tips to improve your Fall Guys game. Video reviews can be especially helpful because you get to watch gameplay. If you’re new to the game, you don’t know what you will face when you enter each level. Review videos can help you get a feel for different courses so that you know what to expect and what to do when you get there.

12. Get Familiar with New Levels

Fall Guys Season 2 has new levels, and it’s important to familiarize yourself with these levels before you dive in. Let’s look at one of these new levels.


Wall Guys

wall guys

One of the new levels is called Wall Guys, and the objective is to scale small boxes to get up over large walls. This level has multiple sections, and each section gets incrementally higher.

Wall Guys is not a team course, so it’s important to be aware of other players and what they’re doing. Passing this round will require a combination of luck and strategy.

Sometimes, the blocks may be perfectly aligned, so all you have to do is climb up. Other times, the blocks will need to be moved around to position them properly.

Be ready to use your grab button as you scale the wall, but make sure that the path ahead is clear. Other Fall Guys will be looking for opportunities to hurl you to your death.


Knight Fever

knight fever

This is a tricky one that’s loaded with obstacles and objects, including big log swings, rotating spike logs, swinging axes and more.

The trick here is to take your time and do your best to predict the best time to race forward. Once you make it past the swinging axes, the rest of the course is pretty straightforward.


Hoopsie Legends

hoopsie legends

To qualify, you’ll need to jump through (collect) six hoops. Be on the lookout for golden hoops. They are worth five hoops, so collecting just one will nearly complete your qualification.

To get to some hoops, you may need to move some boxes around to give you some leverage when you jump. You can sabotage other players by pulling away boxes they’re using to grab hoops.


Egg Siege

egg siege

In this course, the objective is to steal as many eggs from the enemy’s nest as possible and bring them back to your team. The eggs are at the center of the map.

Here are a few tips:

  • Go for the golden eggs (they’re worth five).
  • Aim to run when the drawbridge is down, so you can efficiently run to and from the center of the map.

13. Fail Purposefully to Gain an Advantage

In some cases, it can be advantageous to fail on purpose. Getting whacked by a swinging bar, for example, may just launch you above your opponents and send you straight to the front of the line. Jumping off the side of a platform may just trigger a checkpoint that sends you ahead of where you were before.

Use this strategy wisely. Jumping off a platform or getting whacked by a bar at the wrong time will leave you behind.

Fall Guys is a fun, different take on the battle royale games we all love. Use these tips and tricks to boost your game and be the last man standing. Remember that you’ll need quite a bit of practice to reach your goal, but failing and falling is part of the fun. And don’t forget to get your PlayStation Gift Cards so that you’re ready for events and games during Season 2.