15 Best RPG Games of All Time

RPG games are fun, long-lasting and engaging. If any of our readers remember Final Fantasy 3, you know exactly how far the genre has come in recent years. Stunning gameplay and environments are par for the course with these games.

And the worlds that these games create bring a new life and universe to players.

However, we’ve played through some massive universes for decades. But with today’s graphics on gaming PCs and consoles like the PS5, the visuals are stunning. Immersion has never been this intense in the world of RPGs.

Today, we’re honouring the best RPG games of all time and showing you the worlds that we would love to immerse ourselves in.


1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is an icon, and it helped revitalize the world of RPGs and made CD Projekt RED a household name. Also, an entire Netflix series about it brings many of the game’s elements to life like never before.

The third instalment of the game offers superb combat mechanics, a breathtaking open-world environment and major character depth for:

  • Geralt
  • Ciri
  • Triss
  • Yennefer

And 100+ hours of content keeps you in the game’s handcrafted world for ages. The game mastered nearly every aspect, from the graphics to the voice acting. However, one of the main reasons for making our top list is that this is really the first open-world that just flows seamlessly together in ways that many games fail to offer.

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2. Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy is an iconic series, with some of the best games in RPG history. One of, if not the most, iconic games in the franchise is Final Fantasy 7. You can also find the remake, which is really good, albeit not 100% the same as the original.

The game brought together:

  • Backgrounds rendered in full CGI
  • Turn-based system
  • Inventive camera angles
  • One of the best narratives in a game

Plus, you’ll go through a story that leads to one of the most iconic deaths in RPG history. Players will find the futuristic Midgar to be an enveloping environment, with players controlling Cloud Strife as he fights back against an evil corporation hell-bent on depleting the world’s resources for their own advantage.


3. Divinity 2: Original Sin

Divinity 2 deserves a lot of credit because it is a series that continues to get better as the years go by. You’ll dive into a turn-based combat system, which is an iconic game style that RPG gamers have experienced for over 20 years.

Complex strategies allow for a very robust combat system, but what truly stands out to me is that there’s so much environmental interactivity in the game.

A few things to note are:

  • Divinity doesn’t have the storyline of Witcher 3 or Disco Elysium
  • The world is massive, with so much to explore and learn

While vast open worlds are often a detriment to the game, it’s what makes Divinity 2 a masterpiece.


4. Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a newer game, but it changes how players view RPGs. The game challenges players and helps them understand who they really are in a game that lacks a combat system.

Instead, consider the game a bit of detective work mixed into an RPG.

Philosophical challenges really get into the minds of players, with a deep personality of the main character and side characters that you’ll meet in the world. In terms of storyline, many lists state that Disco Elysium has the best story of any game – ever.

You’ll find that the game teaches you a lot about life, moving forward, and humanity.


5. Undertale

Undertale is an underappreciated game, but it’s one that we wanted to give some love to because it’s cute and quirky. In addition, the game deserves a spot on the top lists because it shows that all actions have repercussions to deal with.

Players enter immersive environments in a throwback RPG, with the game’s true strength being the ability to make people care.

For an indie game, the combat system offers a unique way to fight foes, the dialogue is both funny and impressive, and it just has a way of making players really care about the decisions they make in the game.


6. Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a challenging game, but it feels so rewarding when you play because you’re not handed everything. One issue is the steep learning curve that can completely change your build for the better or worse.

But the game excels in so many ways:

  • Every quarter, there are new mechanics and areas added to the game
  • Playstyles are extremely diverse
  • Re-playability is very high

Re-playability is a good indicator of how great a game is, and people love to replay the game, especially once they master the mechanics. The main factor for this game being on the list is that the depth of each build is amazing, and crafting is better than 99% of games on the market.


7. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of those games that is really hard to explain why it’s so good – it just is. The game does a lot right. You’ll be playing in full immersion from the storyline to the audio and visuals. 

And it comes from the creators of Dark Souls, so you know the team behind the game is impeccable.

Elden Ring’s world is nothing short of intimidating, but even after 30 – 40 hours, you’ll be squirming in your chair, ready to keep playing as you explore the world. The story is co-authored by Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin, so to say the story is good is an understatement.

A few of the reasons to give the game a try are:

  • An unfolding world that opens up as you explore it
  • Tons and tons of places to explore
  • Challenging gameplay, making each victory feel rewarding

While most players beat the game in under 60 hours, you can spend many more hours playing if you like exploring the massive world.

Click here to read our Elden Ring Boss Guide 101: Defeating All 12 Main Bosses.


8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is iconic at this point, and if there’s one thing to note, the game developers continue to release special editions that keep new players interested in the game. The world fell in love with Skyrim because of its:

  • Massive places to explore, with exciting quests that actually matter
  • Truly engaging combat and crafting options
  • True ability to interact with the world and pick up anything
  • Opportunity to build a unique character

Hit NPCs, steal from houses, craft crazy gear, and do anything you want in Skyrim. While the story and fights may not be as immersive as other games on our list, it’s still one of the best RPGs ever made.


9. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is RPG royalty at this point. Considered a perfect game that rivals the likes of Final Fantasy 7, the game revolutionizes RPGs with:

  • Group adventurers that manipulate time
  • Multiple ending options based on your in-game choices
  • The major character development that was rarely seen in the industry at the time

Narrative and gameplay work so well in the game that even decades after its release, very few games have managed to match the greatness that Chrono Trigger brought to the world. After all, there are 10+ endings and a multi-layered time travel experience that remains as mind-blowing today as it did in 1995.


10. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW) is an MMORPG, and if you think any of the other games on this list are immersive, WoW has over eight expansions and has been added to for more than 20 decades. The game may not be up to everyone’s alley, but it remains the leading MMO because of its:

  • In-depth storyline
  • Massive content and worlds

Plus, you join millions of people in real-time as you try and destroy your foes. Talent systems, abilities and the opportunity to level the way you want are just a few of the many reasons to give the game a try. 

It’s not the graphics that lure players in. Instead, the storyline and lore keep players coming back year after year.


11. Diablo 2

Diablo is one of those games that you can go back and play 20 times without feeling overwhelmed or like you’re playing a mundane game. Instead, you’ll find that the second iteration of the game completely overshadowed the first.

The game may not seem revolutionary now, but progression was superb, with the option to choose different skill trees to make characters truly your own.

Plus, the game offered:

  • Brutal battles that felt rewarding
  • Searching and finding countless items, which becomes addicting
  • Brought true originality to the genre

Diablo 2 may not be as visually appealing as D3, but it’s a game that kept players in their seats until all hours of the night with its gameplay mechanics and environments.


12. Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout is a game that could be on the list multiple times, but the New Vegas addition is one of the best in the series. In fact, it’s the third instalment of the game, and it continues the original two games’ legacies in ways that other games rarely do.

You’ll be on a path of revenge as a courier, but the real magic comes from the decisions you make in the game.

Choices have consequences, and everything you do alters the game and quests that you’re on. As a player, you enter into an open-ended story with more freedom to change the game than ever before. This freedom is why everyone who loves RPGs must try Fallout: New Vegas.


13. Planescape: Torment

Planescape has immersed players for 20 years, and it’s a game that hardcore RPG players will absolutely love. Players are thrust into an alien setting rather than a beautiful world filled with greenery and animals like most roleplaying games tend to offer.

You’ll play as the Nameless One.

Nameless is an immortal, but there’s just one problem: he forgot all of his memories. Throughout the game, you’ll journey through self-discovery and reclaim many of your lost memories.

In fact, the storyline is so strong that it’s helped inspire many games that people love, such as

  • Zelda
  • Morrowind
  • Etc. 


14. Baldur’s Gate 2

Baldur’s Gate 2 is a masterpiece for its time with an encounter design and combat system that’s rarely matched, even if we’re well past the time of the Infinity Engine. What makes this game a must-play is that there’s so much great content that is engaging and will leave you entertained for hours.

Do you know how some games have content that is the same in 100 different spots in the game and feels grindy?

You won’t find that in Baldur’s Gate 2. Also, we have to mention that so many characters in the game are fleshed out. Players really get to know and understand characters in a way that truly changes the game.

In fact, when you make a character mad or happy, it even changes the game’s outcome, making it feel like your choices truly matter.


15. Persona 5

Are you looking for a different RPG – but in a good way? Persona 5 is different and weird, and you’ll be playing as the Joker. You’re playing a student that is going to school yet has to balance his life as he fights shadow monsters in the dungeons underneath the city.

What makes Persona 5 a game that you must play is that it’s not afraid to be different.

You see:

  • You’re normal during the day as you go through your everyday life
  • Enter the dungeons, and you’re filled with powers and abilities

In Persona 5, you take on an entirely new persona when entering the dungeons, and this is what people absolutely love about the game. But then you hear the music and view the environments, and you quickly realize that Persona 5 is truly an immersive experience.


Final Comments 

This rounds out our list of the best RPG games of all time. Please note that we like each of these games and that the list above is in no particular order.

If you’re interested in RPG games, be sure to check out Twitch or YouTube to learn more about the gameplay and mechanics of each game. We’ve also created a new post that will give insight into some of the best RPG games: OffGamers Gaming Fest – Explore A New World Round 1.