2016 Will Bring Big Changes To League Of Legends

It’s that time of the year again. No, not Thanksgiving. It’s the season update for League of Legends for the year 2016. And fans of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) can expect some big changes coming to League of Legends next year with the recent update post from Riot Games

League of Legends 2016 Update

While there are plenty of changes that are coming to League of Legends, which you can read over here, we’ve decided to highlight some changes that should be noted by the average League of Legends gamer. And the first big change will be seen as soon as you select a champion.


Riot Games have always intended to introduce a new UI and system when it comes to choosing your champion and building a team, as the current system that’s being used can often times be a bit frustrating. This new system will hopefully make everything more streamlined with a larger and more systematic interface that will apply to all available game modes.

Here’s a breakdown from Riot Games themselves:

“Break out your best champs in your favorite roles. With new champ select, everyone is on the same page before the draft even begins. Each player chooses two positions (or fill!) before queueing up to find a team. A new feature, “pick intent”, helps everyone understand the champ you want to play and the contribution you want to make to your team’s comp. With the draft underway, a new ban phase distributes one ban each to the players who receive the last three picks, while the top two have a shot at securing priority champs for the team. Put simply: champ select should leave every teammate – and every team – better placed to smash the enemy nexus.”

The new system will definitely be more efficient for players as it allows you to choose two different preferred positions before you get to actually choose your champion. Riot Games further elaborated the system below:

“When exploring position select, we delved into how most people play the game and designed around what we found: most players feel strongest in two positions. So you now select two positions out of top, jungle, mid, bottom, support, and fill. You’re guaranteed to land in one of the positions you select. And yes, support’s now officially a position in addition to a role. Check out your options:

– Select a primary and secondary position and matchmaking weights your primary choice, making it more likely you land there; you’re guaranteed to slot into one of the positions you select.

– Select a primary position and “Fill” as your secondary, and matchmaking weights your primary choice, placing you in any other role if necessary.

– Select “Fill” and join a team in any position.

Requiring two positions ensures short queue times and that no one on your team gets stuck in a position that they don’t want to play. We know some options (*cough* support and jungle) aren’t always quite as popular, and plan to incentivize these roles with IP bonuses if necessary.

We don’t see position select impeding lane swaps or other emergent strategies in the future, and teams remain totally free to collaborate and experiment with different comps (double jungle 2016)!”

This will come as a boon to players who are often frustrated with the team building aspect of League of Legends when selecting a champion. When the update comes, we’ll see how well and how it’ll change (or even improve) the strategies that players are currently using.


League of Legends Hextach Crafting

Here’s something new that is coming to League of Legends. “Loot” and “Crafting”. Dubbed as “Hextach Crafting”, Riot Games introduced these new systems to give players more loot in-game. Here’s Riot Games’ explanation of the “Hextach Crafting”:

“We’re introducing a new system called “Hextech Crafting” with two goals in mind: one, create a new way to pick up randomized loot at large discounts (we’re tuning the drops stats here but, if you want something specific, a direct purchase will still be the most efficient), and two (this one may be more important for some of you), allow players to earn their way toward champions or skins for their in-game accomplishments. Free.”

So for those that are looking to get more loot from the game, they should be excited for the “Hextach Crafting”. And to slowly introduce this system, Riot Games will be giving players a series of “chests”, which players can open when combining Mastery Chests and Keys that players receive when teaming up with friends and competing against each other. The rewards for the loot can range from “7-day rentals to permanent skins and champions.”

If you just want to pick up the loot at a discount, Riot Games are offering “unique types of chests in the store that are guaranteed to be good deals!” It’s an interesting way to include micro-transactions for the loot and crafting system. As for how it’ll turn out, we’ll see when the update launches.

But what about the loot that you already have in your inventory. Well, Riot Games indicated that you can tinker with them by crafting and rerolling them. Here’s a better explanation from Riot Games:

When it comes to content you plunder, you’ll be able to redeem or modify it via the crafting table. Loot items you don’t want can be disenchanted into essences. These essences are used to upgrade other items from shard rentals to permanent content. Alternatively, you can use the crafting table to reroll 3 of any permanent or rental item into a different permanent item of the same type (skin or champion).

While it’s great that Riot Games are including more ways to get loot, it’s a hit-or-miss when it comes down to micro-transaction. Hopefully, it’ll be a welcomed addition that allows a healthy eco-system between in-game drops and purchasable loots.

There’s plenty more that’s coming to League of Legends in 2016 and we’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg. If you want to read up on all the changes that are coming, you can head over here to read all about it. If you’re getting back into League of Legends, pick up some Riot Points Card for your currency of choice at OffGamers!

Source: League Of Legends Season Update 2016

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