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Explore a unique story as you navigate between the 3 mega-corporations and their struggle for dominance. Collect over 50+ heroes with varying but balanced skills, and master launching both their special and awaken abilities in real-time battles. Increase your firm’s own fame by climbing the multiple PVP ladders.

  • Explore: Unique story which blends East and West elements
  • Master: Strategic battle planning and real-time tactics action
  • Collect: Heroes and gods with vary but balanced skills
  • Climb: PVP ranks with insight into the evolving meta



《三国终极觉醒》是一款 MMORPG 手机策略型游戏,开发历时一年零七个月。该游戏故事情节新颖独创,是以三国英雄在现代商战为主线,并加入了丰富的英雄升级系统和多样的装备及技能搭配,使得这个游戏的耐玩度极高。游戏以日式动漫为风格,3种独特的英雄培养模式,200余种技能组合,再加上用户自己选择战斗阵容即时PK的玩法, 给用户带来丰富多彩,新奇惊喜的 游戏体验。



3K Ultimate
Awaken (Global)



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