4 Easy Ways to Conserve Battery Life Playing PUBGM

4 Easy Ways to Conserve Battery Life Playing PUBGM


There’s no arguing that mobile games have come a long way. It’s fun, convenient and very accessible as everyone on planet Earth probably owns a smartphone nowadays.

A testament to the success of mobile games is the likes of Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans and Genshin Impact.

While the games we’ve mentioned require lesser computing power from phones, more demanding titles like PUBGM not only require you to have a powerful phone, but they can also potentially drain your mobile phone’s battery at a very fast rate.

This is also the reason why we see mobile eSport players having to charge their phones constantly as they compete; because if they don’t, they would risk having their phones running out of battery midway through the competition.

That said, there are still some workarounds that you can do as a casual player to conserve some battery life while playing PUBGM.

Therefore, if you find your phone constantly running out of battery during your mobile gaming sessions, you might want to consider following the methods below.


Background Apps PUBGM


Turn Off Background Applications


Not closing applications when we’re not using them is a habit of many. Note that when we say ‘close the app’ it does not mean just pressing the back button. Pressing the back button will only put the running application to sleep and not turn it off.

As this has become a common way for many when they want to ‘close’ their app, the task manager of the phone will then become clogged, wasting resources — like battery life — in keeping the applications idle.

Make it a routine to check your background apps before starting your PUBGM adventure. Make sure unused applications, especially your social media apps, are all properly exited as they not only waste your battery life but also eats up RAM which can hinder your in-game performance.


Battery Saving Mode PUBGM Conserve Battery Life


Enable Battery Saving Mode


This is arguably the easiest way for you to conserve your phone’s battery life when it comes to mobile gaming. Do note that you might notice a dip in performance once this option is enabled, but if you are running short on battery, enabling this option is highly recommended.

For Android users, you can enable Battery Saving Mode with these steps:


Step 1

Press ‘Settings’


Step 2

Press ‘Battery’


Step 3

On the Battery page, you will be given the option to toggle the Battery Saving Mode. Toggle it on.


For other Android alternatives, you can use trusted apps like Battery Guru or Greenify to manage your phone’s energy output. Do make sure to also research the app you are going to download by reading the Google App Store reviews to ensure the best experience.

On the other hand, iOS devices can use the Low Power Mode to conserve battery life. To enable it, follow these steps:


Step 1

Press ‘Settings’


Step 2

Press ‘Control Center’ and select ‘Customize Control’


Step 3

Once you are inside the control customisation page, select ‘Low Power Mode’ and add it to the Control Center for easier access.


Recommended battery management apps for iOS include Battery Monitor App and Battery Life Checker.

Similar to Android, remember to always do some research regarding the app you are about to download through user reviews and comments.


Adjust brightness PUBGM Conserve Battery Life


Reduce Brightness and Volume


Aside from relying on a third-party app to help you with your power management, you can actually take matters into your own hands to save some of your phone’s juice.

If you are playing PUBGM in a dim environment, you might not need to set the brightness of your phone to the highest.

This is even more true for high-quality panels like OLED screens which—at the highest brightness setting—can use up quite a bit of your phone’s battery power.

As such, it is best that you tinker with your phone’s brightness level depending on the brightness of your surroundings. If you are playing PUBGM in a dark room, you can perhaps get away with a lower brightness level to save battery life.

This is similar to the volume setting. Having a volume bar set at the maximum can also drain your battery life quite quickly.

One way to go around this is to connect your phone with a pair of headphones. That way, you can let your headphones do the sound amplification while your phone sound system can rest a little, giving your battery life more juice for your video games.




Lowering the Maximum Frame Rate for PUBGM


Intentionally reducing your FPS might sound like a bad idea at first, but if you are playing on a low-spec phone, capping your frame rate to an optimal number can be good for both gameplay and battery performance.

Fortunately, PUBGM developers have made it really easy for its players to cap their framerates. In the ‘Settings’ in-game tab, there are 5 different options for you to choose under Frame Rate— Low, Medium, High, Ultra and Extreme.

For Ultra and Extreme, you are basically allowing your phone to run the game—given that your phone is capable—to run at 60fps.

We know that running a game consistently at 60fps can be a treat for the eyes, but it is certainly not a treat for your battery.

Therefore, if you are using a phone battery that is ageing and drains quickly, you might want to select the ‘High’ option instead. The ‘High’ option will limit the game’s FPS to 30 which may lead you to experience some choppiness in your gameplay but will also save you some battery life.

Do make sure to not go below ‘High’ though, as below 30fps the gameplay might not be optimal for many and it might have an impact on your overall experience.


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