4 Methods to Improve The Internet/Wi-Fi Connection On Your Switch

4 Methods to Improve The Internet/Wi-Fi Connection On Your Switch


If there’s any caveat to downloading games from the Nintendo eShop is that if you have a weak internet connection, you’ll probably need to wait for hours and hours for your game to be ready.

As gamers, it’s our second nature to improvise when we encounter an issue and a weak internet connection is never going to stop us from getting the games we desire.

Therefore, if you are experiencing poor internet connection on your Switch, try tinkering around with these methods that might bolster your internet speed.


MTU Switch Faster Internet


1. Change the MTU of your Switch


This is easily the easiest way for Switch users to give their Switch’s Wi-Fi a little more power.

By default, most Switch systems have an MTU number of 1400. As such, most Switch devices’ maximum transfer unit is 1400 units and we would recommend users to change it to ‘1500’ instead.

To change the MTU, users would need to head over to ‘System Settings’ and access the ‘Internet Settings’ from there.

If the MTU value stated is already at 1500, you can just leave it as it is but if the MTU reads 1400, go ahead and manually change it to 1500 instead.


Switch closer router


2. Close the Distance


If you’re downloading a game on your Switch and your internet router is three floors below your room, there is definitely going to be a noticeable latency.

The simplest method to approach this is to just bring your Switch closer to the router where the Wi-Fi signal is at its strongest.

For optimal router performance, we suggest placing your router in a location that is central to your home. This way, you can get a decent Wi-Fi signal no matter where you are in your house.

That said, when it comes to downloading, we would still recommend leaving your Switch beside your router for the fastest performance.


Ethernet cable faster internet


3. Use an Ethernet Cable


Truth be told, no matter how one tinkers with the system settings of a device/Switch, Wi-Fi is still limited by latencies and instability. A convenient design with its flaws.

This is where an ethernet cable takes centre stage. An ethernet cable is a wire where you can connect your Switch (when it is docked) to the router.

By connecting your Switch with a router through an ethernet cable, you will now drastically increase your internet speed and there will be close to zero latency.

This is extremely useful when you are downloading large games like The Witcher 3 and Mortal Kombat 11 where it is advised that you leave your Switch docked while charging and connected to the router via an ethernet cable.


5G Wifi connection Switch


4. Use a 5G Wi-Fi Connection


This might not be applicable in certain countries but since most countries are adopting or have integrated 5G networks, we think connecting your Switch to a 5G network should be the norm.

And by using a 5G connection, you are less likely to encounter any interference which is equivalent to escaping a traffic jam within a sea of connections.

If you do not know whether you have a 5G connection available for your router or not, be sure to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to enquire about it.


Already got a stable internet connection for your Switch? Great! All there is left to do is for you to download some awesome games from the Nintendo eShop. You can top up funds with our Nintendo eShop Gift Cards here, so no worries!


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