4Games : Checkout Guide

Do refer to the account setup process which consists of the following basic steps listed below.

1) Register for an OffGamers account here.

2) After signing up for an account, in order to locate 4Games product page, search for “4Games” in our search box which is located at the top right of our website.

3) Click on “4Games” on the search listing.

4) Choose your preferred denomination. Insert your desired quantity of product you wish to purchase. Click “Direct Top-up” to purchase.

5) Ensure your product quantity and denomination is correct before selecting on the “Confirm Order” tab.

6) There’s a wide range of payment options to choose from and you may change the currency settings to view all available payment methods, available for your region. Click “Secure Checkout” to complete the process.

7) The order number will be visible to you upon a successful checkout. You could track the status of your order from your OffGamers order history page. Click here for the guides to track the status of your order. Click “View Order” to view your serial numbers.

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