5 Beginner Tips for Ghostwire: Tokyo

5 Beginner Tips for Ghostwire: Tokyo


Elden Ring may have taken the top spot for the most anticipated and most talked about game of 2022 but Ghostwire: Tokyo is definitely also in the argument for one of the more highly expected games of the year.

From the trailer, the concept of Ghostwire: Tokyo was super interesting. Its first-person perspective and high-octane combat style gameplay were pretty eye-catching. Adding to the fact that the visuals were gorgeous and had a brilliant depiction of an apocalyptic Japan for us to venture into.

Despite the game’s official release on the 25th of March 2022, there are a handful of gamers who have early access to the game. Therefore, we were able to get some insights on the game and have compiled some tips that you might want to know before jumping into Ghostwire: Tokyo!

Collecting Spirits Ghostwire Tokyo Guide


1. Take an Effort in Collecting Spirits


It’s like when you are playing a Pokemon game—Pokemon Legends: Arceus to be exact—and you are rewarded for catching Pokemons despite it technically not being related to the main story. You’ll get great returns when you actually put in the effort in collecting.

For Ghostwire: Tokyo you will be compensated for capturing spirits with the Katashiro. These spirits can be exchanged for some amount of EXP and cash at payphones.

Therefore, be sure to take your time to explore a certain area to find spirits lingering around and capture as many spirits as possible to min-max a single area.


Blocking Mechanic Ghostwire Tokyo Guide


2. Blocking is One of Your Greatest Assets


Nowadays, modern games favour the art of dodging and defending; ask games like Elden Ring and God of War. While Ghostwire: Tokyo might not be as punishing as the aforementioned games, blocking is still extremely important and useful.

Blocking in Ghostwire: Tokyo can also serve as a “cancel” to moves that use energy. This means if you feel that your move isn’t going to land and you’ve cast it, press block and the initial move will be cancelled and you won’t waste your energy for a failed move.

Besides that, having a second nature to block instinctively is a good trait to have as the spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo can ambush you from different directions and keeping your guard up at all times is certainly advised.


Beads Collecting Ghostwire Tokyo Guide


3. Beads Are Super Important


Beads are like upgrades to your existing skills. And you will definitely need the beads’ upgrades to make your progress easier as you face stronger enemies.

Found from Torii Gates, the beads—divided into Flame, Gust and Aqua—are needed to be cleansed and obtained from the altar.

The beads’ upgrades are supposedly the only way the players can increase their damage output, hence making it very crucial for players to explore these Torii Gates so that their damage wouldn’t stay stagnant for a long period of time.


Collect Plastic Bag for Consumables Ghostwire Tokyo


4. Check All Plastics for Consumables


When you see a white plastic bag lying around the streets of Tokyo or on a seat in a building, make sure to check it as they hold consumables that are super beneficial to your Ghostwire: Tokyo experience.

These consumables can be used to restore your health and spectral food will also provide buffs for your character.

And as we mentioned earlier, the spirits of Ghostwire: Tokyo enjoy ambushing players from unknown directions and if you are new to the game, you’re definitely going to get hit by some surprise attacks.

Having a handful of health-restoring consumables with you can be a game-changer and we highly recommend players to check the furniture like cupboards, chairs and sofas for food as they are free and easily accessible.


Yokai Cats Ghostwire Tokyo


5. Accept Quests from Yokai Cats


Who wouldn’t want to help a kitty out, right? Plus, you’ll get rewarded handsomely for it!

Usually, these quests are item-searching quests that will require you to explore certain areas of the map and turn in some requested items for the kitties. This also serves as a good opportunity for players to revisit some areas they might have missed out on, and we think this is a plus because the ghastly-eerie scenery of Tokyo can be horrifyingly beautiful.

The rewards for the requests are mostly money but after hitting certain milestones from completing quests, you will be able to gain access to many different cosmetics to make you look even flashier as you travel around Tokyo.


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