5 Best Beginner-Friendly Characters in Street Fighter 6

Competitive fighting games are loved by many but can only be mastered by a few chosen ones. Well, this is the stereotype for it. For us, if one were to put their heart and soul into it, anyone can be a great player and with Street Fighter 6 being the hottest fighting game around, let us help you with that!

Yes, we know, fighting games like Street Fighter 6 have incredibly high skill ceilings but we’ll do our best to lower them—at least for SF 6 in this article! To do that, we will be listing down 5 beginner-friendly characters players can try to smoothen their SF experience.

Do note that by using these characters, it is not an auto-win, you’ll still need to get the game’s mechanics down before you can steadily climb the ranks. 

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Now that’s done, let us begin!

1. Cammy

Cammy SF6
Photo Credits: CAPCOM

Cammy is so iconic in the SF franchise and we’re glad that they made her so accessible to newer players.

One of the reasons why Cammy is so heavily favoured by newcomers is that she is less demanding when it comes to core mechanics. Don’t get us wrong, at peak level, you do still need refined skills but as a starting point, not so much.

Her model is also build “lengthy” so keeping a distance from your opponent can be pretty easy. Combined with the Modern Control options, beginners will find Cammy very comfortable to use. Thus, this makes her a really good pick for players who are not familiar with the fighting genre.

2. Juri

Juri SF6
Photo Credits: CAPCOM

Many would find Juri really overpowered because of her quirkiness in keeping her opponents at bay all the time. It’s really annoying to play against but if you are the one controlling her, things are a little bit different.

Adding to the fact that Juri is also relatively easy to execute, Juri is extremely welcoming for beginners. Her combos are very pressure-heavy and once you’ve got them down through practice, dealing enormous damage to your opponent is a cakewalk.

What we do recommend though is reading up a little about her. As we’ve mentioned, she does have a lot of quirky gameplays so knowing them yourself will make mastering here a lot easier.

3. Kimberly

Kimberly SF6
Photo Credits: CAPCOM

New characters in games are often seen as overpowered and even if they are not, they are quite easy to use. This is because the developers want to make these characters a starting point for newcomers and this is exactly the case for Kimberly.

New to the SF franchise, Kimberly has been making waves in online matches as she packs both power and ease of access. All you need is do a little research about her moves and combos and you’ll be all set, dominating the lower ranks.

As such, Kimberly is perfect for new players who want to ease into the game’s mechanics. By playing Kimberly, they can polish their basics, making things way easier if they want to move on to another character.

4. Luke

Luke SF6
Photo Credits: CAPCOM

Luke is another newcomer to the SF family. This lad is very refreshing to use and we’re sure that newer players will generally be attracted to play him. Well, they are in luck because Luke isn’t exactly the most complicated character to use.

Additionally, Luke has various useful tools to negate many moves. His anti-jump move is a super-convenient utility against jump-spammers found in the lower ranks. Not to mention, his moves are also extremely flashy which is also a plus point.

5. Guile

Guile SF6
Photo Credits: CAPCOM

Execution-wise, Guile is pretty difficult, however, if his game plan is as simple as it gets. Essentially, Guile is a very projectile-based character that translates to an amazing keep-out ability. For new players, this is an uphill challenge to deal with.

Therefore, hitting the training grounds with Guile is needed. Practice until you can comfortably execute his combos and you are in the green of climbing the ranks. All in all, once you can execute his moves, beating newcomers with Guile is actually pretty easy.

And there’s that! We’ve finally concluded our list of the 5 easiest characters to use in Street Fighter 6. Remember, practice is still the best way to learn these characters and experience is your best teacher. Also, if you haven’t got Street Fighter yet, be sure to do so using our Steam Wallet Codes here!

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