5 Best Magicians/Wizards in Video Games

5 Best Magicians/Wizards in Video Games


With the recent release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there’s been a lot of hype about magic and sorcery. Both of which are very present in video games.

While Doctor Strange has been an awesome wizard archetype for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, today we will be looking at some of the best wizards in the video game universe.

Disclaimer: Note that the list is purely opinion-based and we advise readers to take the list with a grain of salt.


Yen Side mages video games


1. Yen Sid (Kingdom Hearts)


Making his first appearance in the legendary 1940 Fantasia, Yen Sid has since seen little spotlight. That said, his inclusion in the Kingdom Hearts franchise has been one of the best additions to the KH games.

In the KH games, he is seen as a wise and powerful guide for the player and usually the beacon of knowledge for the good side.

Despite his stern and near-emotionless demeanour, Yen Sid shows a lot of care to the players and his friends—Donald and Goofy. When the team encounters any difficulties, Yen Sid will always be there to guide them and steer them in the right direction to fight against the darkness.

Yen Sid is easily the epitome of a cool, calm and collected character.


Yuna mages video games


2. Yuna (Final Fantasy)


Yuna’s popularity in both pop culture and video game culture is perhaps only second to Tifa’s. Her loving, kind and serene energy captivated many during the early 2000s and has since been an icon for the FF games.

Yuna is mainly seen as the dedicated healer for the FF games and her support magics were imperative for many of our successes in the early FF games. Having the backing of one of the best healers in our party was an underrated treat that Square Enix has gifted us and ‘till today we are extremely grateful for it.

Story-wise, her relationship with Tidus is seen by many as one of the greatest romances in video game history. It has depth, emotions and great development—things that are extremely difficult to pull off in a video game.


Jaina Proudmoore video games


3. Jaina Proudmoore (World of Warcraft)


The sorceress of ice is the marriage of beauty and power. Her character design and development are very memorable and have made Jaina one of the most iconic WoW characters.

As one of the characters that took down the Burning Legion and is a participant in many wars, Jaina has experienced many hardships and turmoil but she has also survived them all.

Her relationship with Arthas—where she agreed to the denial of a relationship—shows a strong sense of responsibility in Jaina as she—despite being in love—could see that not committing to a romantic relationship was the best for both parties.


Lezard Valeth mages video games


4. Lezard Valeth (Valkyrie Profile)


We can totally see why people would despise Lezard. His pompous and arrogant attitude can be off-putting, but his ambition and idea of godhood allowed his character to flourish in terms of character building.

Arguably the strongest magic user in the Valkyrie franchise, Lezard is feared by many and to match that, he is also deviously intelligent, capable of coming up with plans and nefarious plots to attain godhood.

If you are looking for a hateable, enigmatic and dark antagonist, Lezard Valeth is probably up there on the podium for the best one.


Shang Tsung mages video games


5. Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat)


Another antagonist that has the sole objective of immortality, Shang Tsung is a soul-stealing sorcerer that takes the soul of others to prolong his own lifespan, and like Lezard, he has the intelligence to do it.

Serving as the game’s main antagonist through many instalments, Shang Tsung is a character that is both sophisticated and evil which in itself is some sort of devious charm that draws people to him.

On top of that, Shang Tsung also has the ability to shapeshift, making him even more dangerous as he can blend in with the good guys, planting disinformation and sowing discord.

When we were younger, this always put us in a dilemma as to whether the people are interacting is genuine or just another ploy brewing, instigated by Shang Tsung with his shapeshifting ability.


And there we have it, here are some of the best mages and wizards that have appeared in video games that might actually compare with Doctor Strange himself! And if you are going to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness soon, it would be great for you to catch up on the MCU films on your PlayStation consoles from Disney+ using our PlayStation Network Cards here!