5 Chinese New Year Traditions That Are Still Followed

We at OffGamers would like to wish all our Chinese fans a Happy Chinese New Year! For those who don’t know, Chinese New Year is when Chinese celebrates the coming of a new year with the hopes of profits and success in career and life. Despite being such an ancient festival, there are still traditions being followed to this day. Here are five that you should get to know!

Celebrating Chinese New Year

1. Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

A family get together, or a “reunion dinner”, is a must during Chinese New Year. On the eve of Chinese New Year, families gather from all over to enjoy what is considered the most important meal of the year. Often times, families of several generations get together under one roof and enjoy a boisterous dinner together while catching up with each other.

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

2. Ang Pows / Red Packets

During Chinese New Year, young children will receive a Red Packet (Ang Pows) that has money in it, given by adults, usually married couples, and the elders. The idea is that the money in the red packet will give them protection against evil and give them a healthy, long life. Plus, a little extra pocket money doesn’t hurt when you want to buy some Steam codes.

Chinese New Year Ang Pows

3. Cleaning The House

Days before the New Year, families will clean their house and housewares to usher in the new year, signifying the end of the old. Often time, the house is cleaned from top-to-bottom before New Year’s Eve. Cleaning on New Year’s Day itself is a big no-no as it’s considered as “sweeping away” good fortune.

Chinese New Year Cleaning House

4. Firecrackers/ Fireworks

On New Year’s Eve, just as the clock strikes midnight, firecrackers (or fireworks) are often ignited to celebrate the new year. It is also used to drive away evil and bad luck from entering the house.

Chinese New Year Fireworks

5. The Color Red

When it comes to Chinese New Year, the color red is synonymous with the celebrations. For Chinese culture, the color red symbolizes a bright and prosperous future, which is why you tend to see decorations in red (and gold sometimes) and people wearing red color clothing.

Chinese New Year The Color Red


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