5 Entertaining Apps For Your Bollywood Fix Feat. Riya Sen!

5 Entertaining Apps For Your Bollywood Fix Feat. Riya Sen!


With recent blockbusters like Annaatthe and Sooryavanshi, Indian films have once again proved that its artistry knows no bounds.

From its jaw-dropping action sequence to its iconic dance choreography, Bollywood films have not only astounded Indian audiences but have also made their legacy globally.

And if you’re one of us Bollywood lovers with a knack for binge-watching Bollywood films, here are a few products that can enhance or even assist with your Bollywood fix!

Genshin Impact Riya Sen Entertaining App


1. Genshin Impact


Bollywood is all about dramatism and Genshin Impact has a plot and a number of subplots that are certainly up there with some of the best Bollywood dramas.

The characters of the game are as gorgeous as the Bollywood stars that exude charm, elegance and tenacity.

Those who have been playing Genshin Impact will also know that they can enhance their gameplay experience with Primogems which you can use to replenish Original Resin, the game’s energy resource or purchase Wishes to get better weapons and characters.

Hence, if you want to take your Genshin experience to the max, you can take a page out of Bollywood star Riya Sen’s book and purchase the Genesis Crystals from OffGamers right here.



Free Fire Riya Sen Entertaining App


2. Free Fire


One common trope in Bollywood movies is that many of their action sequences are over-the-top.

Ironically, these scenes are very satisfying to watch as they have a perfect blend of both comedy and action.

Free Fire has almost similar vibes when it comes to combining fun and seriousness.

At first glance, Free Fire appears to be your typical mobile FPS game but it really isn’t. Free Fire is like PUBG but with more lively characters, each with their own quirks.

Therefore, for moviegoers who are interested in Bollywood films with its slapstick approach, Free Fire is definitely the game that is right up your alley.

Want to look good while playing your favourite Free Fire characters? You can purchase Free Fire Diamond Pins here for better skins and items!


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Riya Sen


3. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Many might find it odd that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang somehow managed to make it to the list. Bear with us as we unveil why Mobile Legends shares a lot of sentiments with Indian cinema.

To say that Bollywood is only made up of action and comedy films is but a shallow take. Films like Lagaan and Chak De!India are fine examples that Bollywood are not only masters of the action genre but also have classics that embody the spirit of teamwork and leadership.

Any good MOBA like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang requires extreme amounts of teamwork and leadership as the game focuses not only on your enemies but your teammates as well.

Again, if you want to enter the battlefield looking awesome before the match even starts, redeem some Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamonds with some pins here!


Spotify Riya Sen Bollywood


4. Spotify


Music is without doubt one of the most important components when it comes to perfecting a movie.

Most Bollywood films are packed with awesome soundtracks that are either insanely catchy or touch us right into our soul.

With Spotify, you can easily create your personal Bollywood playlist and play it conveniently in your car or even when you’re finishing mundane work on a workday.

So if you’re looking to purchase Spotify Premium or renew your Spotify subscription, click here for the best Spotify gift card deals!


Disney Hotstar Riya Sen Entertaining Apps


5. Disney+ Hotstar


Music, drama and pretty people. All ingredients to a classic Disney cartoon/film.

Coincidentally, these are also usual suspects for most Bollywood films. As much as we all love Bollywood content, sometimes we would want to change the flavour a bit to add a little variation to our content consumption.

Contents like Marvel and Pixar movies are all great substitutes for Bollywood dramas as most of them share the same core albeit a change in culture.

Therefore, if you need a quick break from Bollywood, try visiting the Disney+ Hotstar platform for some fresh exclusive Disney content.

You can get Disney+ Hotstar gift cards for amazing prices here!


Are these five suggestions not enough for your entertainment palate? There’s more to be consumed with OffGamers that hosts the best gift card and key deals for games and entertainment subscriptions.

The OffGamers app can be downloaded here for all devices.




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