5 Essential Tips for Starters in Evil Dead: The Game

5 Essential Tips for Starters in Evil Dead: The Game


Evil Dead: The Game has been making big waves in the gaming community with many Twitch streamers broadcasting their Evil Dead matches live!

We understand the excitement as Evil Dead: The Game is a spectator game due to its emphasis on teamwork, decision-making and reactionary skills, making it even an awesome party game.

However, like with every new game, casual gamers will be in for a bumpy ride as gameplay footage and walkthroughs are still scarce.

No worries though! Today, we will be looking at 5 easy and essential tips which you might find handy, especially if this is your first time diving into Evil Dead!


Evil Dead Indoor Flashlight


1. Make it a Habit to Turn on the Flashlight Indoors


Indoors are your safe haven in Evil Dead: The Game. It is the only place where demons won’t be able to harm you. Hence, you would need to expect yourself to revisit the indoor areas for safety and to recover your Fear meter.

Once you are indoors, be sure to use your Flashlight to scout for items. Some of the items are hidden and only the light churning out from your flashlight will be able to spot them. Make this a habit and your inventory will be stacked in no time!

However, there is one precaution that you might need to know before using your Flashlight—there is a limit to it. Flashlights in Evil Dead: The Game run on battery life and they will run out. What we recommend is turning it on when you are scouting for items and then turning it off when you are sure you’ve got all the items looted.


Melee Weapons Evil Dead Game Tips


2. Guns Aren’t Your Only Weapon


Sure, shooting Demons is super fun and satisfying but without ammo, you will be in a whole world of pain.

To preface, weapons are very limited in Evil Dead: The Game and you will need to use them resourcefully. If possible, try to finish your enemies off with melee weapons and try to save your guns’ ammo for dangerous moments.

Moments when you are overwhelmed and surrounded by demons would be the best opportunity for you to utilise your gun to secure an exit route and without ammo, you are pretty much screwed.

This also brings us back to our earlier point, always be on the lookout for items as Evil Dead: The Game is essentially a survival game and it will test your min-maxing ability and how you manage your resources wisely.


Stay together Evil Dead Game Tips


3. Together We Stand, Divided We Fall


While this might be true for most multiplayer games, Evil Dead: The Game will spare you no quarter when you are completely alone.

For one, your Fear meter will rise quicker without the presence of your teammates and when your Fear meter is done for, you will be possessed by the Demons, hence, never wander off alone.

Aside from quickening the Fear meter, going alone in a survival game is never a good idea. If you are unlucky enough to encounter a horde of demons when you are alone, you are mostly a goner.

Make sure to at least explore in pairs so that both members can watch each other’s back, while also reducing the speed of the Fear meter.

If you are playing with a group of friends, voice apps like Discord help with communication. When you are in a pickle, you can always ask your teammates to come back you up.


Secure Daggers and Pages Evil Dead Game Tips


4. Aim for Objectives


We can’t stress this enough—it is a survival game, you don’t need kills to progress or complete the game.

It wouldn’t do you well if you eliminate countless demons and your entire party is six feet under. Focus on the objectives and do them together, that’s how you beat the game and getting sidetracked from your original task is a huge taboo in Evil Dead: The Game.

Keep in mind that your goal is to secure the ancient dagger and pages. If need be, attempt the “kiting” method where few of your teammates can distract the demons and the rest secures the dagger and pages.

Work it out with your crew to streamline and assign each task to a specific person, that way, you wouldn’t fumble during decisive moments.


Level up stats Evil Dead Game Tips


5. Level Up Your Character’s Stats


The pink potions you find from Chests are not just for show; they are incredibly important!

Be sure to make use of these potions to make your character stronger by buffing up your essential stats.

For beginners, we highly recommend focusing your potions on Health, Fear and Stamina. These three stats are the most difficult to maintain and without them, you are pretty much fodder for the demons.

On the other hand, if you are confident in your abilities, you can invest your potions on the Melee and Ranged stats that will increase your damage output.

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong in investing in whichever stat. It all boils down to your playstyle; whether to be on the offensive or defensive.


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