5 Games That Will Make You Feel Less Alone This Singles Day

5 Games That Will Make You Feel Less Alone This Singles Day


When it comes to online shopping promos, 11.11 has to be one of the most iconic online shopping sensations as it is the first ‘double-date’ promo that has created the domino effect for other double-date sales.

Despite 11.11 being one of the largest online sales, the origin behind the event is a melancholic one. The date 11-11 is actually an unwritten event that is used to commemorate individuals who are still single.

As gamers, many of us find gaming as a form of escapism and here are some games that we recommend that are perfect for this year’s Singles Day.


Stardew Valley to make you feel less alone singles day


Stardew Valley


What better way to cope with isolation than more work. Plunge yourself in a colourful world of farming and building where you attempt to revive your late grandfather’s neglected farm.

Aside from managing your farm, in Stardew Valley, you are encouraged to interact with the town residents that are beautifully drawn with their own quirky characteristics.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a chill and relaxing game during 11.11, Stardew Valley will throw you down a rabbit hole of exploration and accomplishment.


Papers Please to make you feel less alone singles day


Papers, Please


If a farmers’ life is not to your liking, why not take up a job as an immigration officer. Papers, Please has very few to work with and yet Lucas Pope did a masterful job in creating an environment that is so tense and immersive.

Don’t get us wrong when we use the term ‘tense’ as it is the atmosphere that is tense but if you’re looking for a game to kill time, you’re looking at a serial time killer here.

The best part about this game is that it requires minimal effort to get into and it is short, sweet and straightforward with just enough complexity to get you through Singles Day.


Maple Story Less Alone




MapleStory has been around for a good chunk of time and it’s still just as amazing; both as a game and as a community.

We’re pretty confident that during Singles Day, there will still be many single folks turning on their Maple accounts to bash up mobs, grinding for levels and equipment.

If you’re lucky, you might actually meet new friends during boss raids. Existing guild members can also chill out together in-game with friendly banter, chat and maybe enjoy some long-forgotten party quests!

Plus, if you’re playing in the SEA server and are looking to gift your guildmates or Maple friends some cash points during this Singles Day, visit here for the best PlayPark @Cash pin cards!


Kind Words to make you feel less alone singles day


Kind Words


Are you a loner, a passionate writer and a gamer? Kind Words is an indie writing game that embraces the loneliness of the outside world with the beauty of writing.

The gameplay is very niche, where the player takes on letter requests from other players, replying to their queries and feelings. The best part about this is that both parties’ identities are hidden.

Hence, if you’re fond of writing and enjoy great music, this heartfelt game is definitely for you to spend your 11.11 alone.


Celeste to make you feel less alone singles day




Arguably one of the best games of 2018, Celeste is still extremely playable to this day with its addictive gameplay.

However, we’re recommending Celeste not only for its gameplay but because of its amazing storytelling.


A story that is themed around oneself and their inner demons, Celeste touches a lot on suppressing one’s self-empowerment which is relatable by many loners out there.