5 Games to Grab During This Steam Lunar New Year Sale

5 Games to Grab During This Steam Lunar New Year Sale


Steam’s Winter Sale is one of the best video game sales for 2021. Lucky for us, we will be having another awesome Steam sale, dressed in red, ready to greet us in 2022—yes, we’re talking about the annual Steam Lunar New Year Sale!

Of course, there’s still no official confirmation as to when the sale is going to happen, but what we know for sure is that it is happening around February and tons of video games would be available for extremely low prices.

Since we’re all pampered with so many choices, we have compiled a list of worthy games that if these games were to be on the Lunar New Year Sale’s list, you should definitely grab them in a heartbeat.


Phasmophobia Lunar New Year 2022


1. Phasmophobia

Genre: Horror

Developers: Kinetic Games


You’d probably be thinking that Phasmophobia is more suited for a Halloween list than a Chinese New Year one, but we’re including it because it’s a horror game that encourages teamwork and togetherness—both essential to the Lunar New Year spirit.

Phasmophobia’s gameplay is arguably one of the most immersive there is to a horror game and combined with the required teamwork to determine the ghost that is tormenting the area, your friends and yourself will have a hell of a time playing ghostbusters.

Note that this game requires good communication skills and it would be ideal for you to also have voice chat apps like Discord ready to bring out Phasmophobia’s true potential.


Naraka Bladepoint Lunar New Year 2022


2. Naraka: Bladepoint

Genre: Fighting, Battle Royale

Developers: 24 Entertainment


A big fan of games like PUBG and Fortnite? If so, then you’ll definitely want to get a taste of Naraka where you brawl it out with up to 60 players on a mythical battlefield.

Its gameplay is like your standard battle royale genre where the last one standing wins, but instead of using guns, you will be primarily using your martial arts skills to survive.

This is very similar to the well-acclaimed Chinese anime series, The King’s Avatar, where you play at a high-octane pace with combat that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

And if you start your Naraka adventure today, you will also get to play a brand new character—the legendary Bruce Lee with his blinding-speed nunchucks.

Also, we recommend that you take the game slowly as the difficulty ceiling of the game is pretty high and you’d probably die a lot during your first few tries.

But no worries, as you have the entire Chinese New Year holiday to work on your skills!


Chinese Parents Lunar New Year 2022


3. Chinese Parents

Genre: Simulation

Developers: Moyuwan Games


Step into the shoes of a good and filial Chinese kid in a typical Chinese household during Chinese New Year in Chinese Parents on Steam.

Chinese Parents allows you to raise your children in your desired way, whether they make it or break it, it is all on you.

You will be required to make tough decisions, like choosing between leisure or studies for your kid and each decision you make will have an impact on your kid’s upbringing.

These decisions will ultimately propel you to over 100 different endings, in which they will have an outstanding career due to excellent tutelage or end up as an Average Joe with mediocre parenting.

The steering wheel’s on you in Chinese Parents.


God of War Lunar New Year 2022


4. God of War

Genre: Action, Adventure

Developers: Santa Monica Studio


God of War needs no introduction to even casual gamers. It has been a long-standing franchise and being the first PC port, God of War will certainly make a lot of waves when it goes live on Steam during the 15th of January.

However, it is also important to note that the PC port for this God of War game is not Ragnarok which will most likely be released on SONY’s consoles before it makes its way to the PC.

That said, if you wish to fully enjoy Ragnarok, you will definitely need to play through the latest God of War to extensively know about Kratos’ entire journey in Midgard.

Plus, the additional fps and graphic enhancements that you will be getting from the PC port is certainly a deal-closer as even for a AAA game, God of War is a sight to behold.


Bloons TD 6 Lunar New Year 2022


5. Bloons TD 6

Genre: Strategy, Tower Defense

Developers: Ninja Kiwi


If creativity is bread and theory-crafting is your butter, Bloons TD 6 will easily be your new addiction.

Bloons TD 6 is a game that requires you to think outside the box when it comes to building your defence. You will be thrown into a spiral of decisions where you need to make sound decisions on which defence and skills to upgrade first.

Therefore, if you are able to find 3 more friends to play this game with you, Bloons TD 6 can be chaotically fun with different projectiles flying around your screen.

Consider getting this game if you are someone who enjoys games like Plants vs Zombies or Teamfight Tactics.


Excited about the Chinese New Year Steam Sale that is coming soon? We certainly are! Get your Steam Wallet ready as well with some Steam Wallet Codes here!



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