5 Games to Watch Out for This Winter Sale on Steam

5 Games to Watch Out for This Winter Sale on Steam


Brace yourselves. Winter is coming and a horde of amazing deals are expected to ravage the Steam platform.

Despite us not knowing what the Steam Winter Sale might hold for us this year, we recommend that you should at least have a virtual list in your head on which games you would want to put on your wishlist so that you can receive the latest update from Steam when there is a discount on your desired product this Winter.

That said, with so many options available on Steam, we have gathered a couple of games that might interest you if you are still undecided on which game you want to get from the upcoming Winter Sale.


Graveyard Keeper Winter Sale 2021


1. Graveyard Keeper

Genre: Indie, Simulation

Developer: Lazy Bear Games


You’ve been a farmer in Stardew Valley and you’ve tried your hand as a waitress/restaurant owner back in the Diner Dash games.

It’s now time to make a career switch by digging some graves and being awesome at it!

Graveyard Keeper allows its players to play as an eccentric gravekeeper where your main goal is to populate your graveyard and bring out the best in it.

The game’s framework is very similar to Stardew Valley and the Harvest Moon games, but due to its unique take on a graveyard keeper job, we find it a worthy addition to any gamers’ library.

With a shovel at hand and a local community to impress, attending to the dead has never been more fun with Graveyard Keeper.


Hades Winter Sale 2021


2. Hades

Genre: Action

Developer: Supergiant Games


“Just one more run” would probably be your thought after experiencing Hades.

We kid you not. Hades is an extremely immersive and addictive game that can suck you in for hours and hours.

Supergiant Games has always stood out when it comes to their games’ aesthetics but for Hades, they have certainly outdone themselves with this masterpiece.

Every character is exquisitely designed with their own unique personality and the writing for the story is phenomenal.

While we would recommend purchasing Hades even if it is not on sale, however, if you can actually snag this game for a really good price during the Winter Sale, don’t hesitate and go for it!


Ruined King Winter Sale 2021


3. Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Genre: RPG

Developer: Airship Syndicate, Riot Forge


After the overwhelmingly positive reviews for Fortiche Production and Riot Games’ animated series, Arcane, the LOL fest is now making waves even on the Steam platform.

Ruined King is a turn-based game that uses the existing characters from the original LOL MOBA.

Its gameplay and visuals are very reminiscent of Slay the Spire which is very well acclaimed, only this time, its characters would be used for combat instead of cards.

As such, you can also imagine it being the marriage of both Slay the Spire and Pokemon. And if both of the said games are up your alley, Ruined King might be a worthy game sitting inside your cart for this coming Winter.


Dark Souls Winter Sale 2021


4. Dark Souls

Genre: Souls-like

Developer: FromSoftware


The Dark Souls franchise needs no introduction for both casuals and enthusiasts. For the casuals, it is arguably seen as the hardest video game there is and for ‘pro’ gamers, conquering Dark Souls is like obtaining the Holy Grail for video games.

We’re not going to beat around the bush. The Dark Souls games are hefty in their pricing, and to be frank, the price is justifiable with its contents.

And for smart shoppers like us, we would do a ‘pro-gamer’ move and be on the lookout for special Winter Sale deals that might include Dark Souls in their roster.

Better yet, the Winter Sale might also have bundle deals where you can purchase all the Dark Souls games for an extremely worthwhile price.


Octopath Traveler Winter Saale 2021


5. Octopath Traveler

Genre: JRPG

Developer: Square Enix


8 protagonists, 8 different adventures. Octopath Traveler is one of Square Enix’s underrated gems.

Despite working with pixel graphics, Octopath Traveler stands out with its retro look that integrates modern tech to make its animations flow seamlessly above 60fps.

Similar to Dark Souls, the original price for Octopath Traveler is not cheap and can be a dealbreaker for many.

Therefore, we all have our fingers crossed and pray that the Steam Winter Sale will deliver us the goods and present us with an awesome deal for Octopath Traveler which we can snag in a heartbeat.


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