5 Games You Can Complete in Around an Hour

5 Games You Can Complete in Around an Hour


Every avid gamer knows that to complete games, one would have to pour in countless hours of game time. More so if you are a completionist that enjoys trophy hunting.

As we grow older, commitments start to pile up and many of us just do not have the time and effort to play through an entire Witcher game.

Lucky for us, there are a lot of great games out there that require minimal effort and are perfect to pass the time or if you’re looking for a quick video game break from your mundane daily tasks.


Emily is Away Complete In an Hour


Emily is Away


When it comes to mastering a game like Tekken 7, you would probably need to burn hours and hours just to get into the game’s basics.

This is where games like Emily is Away earn their grace. Emily is Away is a heartfelt and sentimental game that takes its players back to the late 90s and the early 2000s.

The game is conversation-based with writing that fits exactly with the tone of that generation.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a game that stops time and kicks you back into the past, Emily is Away is definitely the game for you.


To the moon Complete in an hour


To the Moon


No, To the Moon is not an NFT game. It is anything but that. To the Moon is arguably one of the most touching games there is on Steam.

To the Moon tells a story of two doctors trying to give their dying patients another chance to live but at a condition that we won’t mention.

To the Moon is a game that we can’t really go into details about because the game is so story-driven that any explanation can easily spoil players who haven’t played this wonderful game.

Hence, we would like to stress that players should not go around reading reviews of To the Moon and just play the game blindly and only then would you be able to fully experience this masterpiece.


Papers Please Complete In An Hour


Papers, Please


To be honest, Papers, Please looks like a game that was lazily made with its incoherent writing and eccentric design approach.

Do not be fooled, Papers, Please is a short game that delivers a punch that can last for a long time.

The gameplay in Papers, Please is easy to learn and hard to master making it very welcoming even for non-gamers. Once you’ve got the hang of the game, this game is actually pretty addicting.

That said, you would not need to worry about the game’s length because, despite the game’s ability to draw players in, the story is very short and can be completed within a short span of time.


Feeding Frenzy 2 Complete in an hour


Feeding Frenzy 2


This one’s a blast from the past. The Feeding Frenzy games have been one of PopCap Games’ iconic titles due to its quirkiness and overall speedy gameplay.

The game only requires you to use your mouse to navigate a certain fish. The objective of the game is to grow larger while consuming fishes smaller than you. You would also need to look out for larger fishes who are also looking to snack you up for a sea meal!

The game requires little to no effort and can be sprinted through in one sitting. Plus, if you have children, Feeding Frenzy is also suited for kids of all ages!


Crab Game Complete in an hour


Crab Game


Crab Game is a game inspired by the iconic Netflix series Squid Game. Essentially, Crab Game is a series of minigames in which you are pitted against other players online.

However, these games aren’t like your competitive MOBAs like DOTA 2 and League of Legends as most of the time you would just be laughing at how goofy the game is.

A perfect game that allows players to fool around with a touch of competitiveness in it.


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