5 Games You Should Get From Apple Arcade in 2022

5 Games You Should Get From Apple Arcade in 2022


The Apple Arcade is home to countless awesome games dedicated for iOS devices and often we find ourselves scratching our heads trying to figure out which games we should purchase.

This vexing matter is understandable as we definitely do not want to spend money on a game that we might not enjoy and it is only natural that we would want to do some research before sealing the deal.

Lucky for you, we have taken a peek at what the Apple Arcade has to offer and have compiled a list of games that are still very playable in 2022 for you to consider!



Crashlands Apple Arcade 2022

1. Crashlands+

Genre: RPG

Developers: Butterscotch Shenanigans


When we first saw the screenshots of Crashlands+, we thought that it would be more or less a copy of either Among Us or Jackbox Games. Never have we been so wrong.

Despite its art style being very similar to the aforementioned games, its gameplay and story are very unique allowing it to have a distinct charm that combines both retro and modern elements together.

In Crashlands+ you play as Flux Dabes who has been attacked by a hostile alien, leaving you stranded in the wilderness of space.

Players will need to hone their survival skills, forging and crafting to help you overcome obstacles on your way home.

Make new friends and enemies as you explore around Woanope and unravel hidden secrets of the universe using both your brain and brawn.

Crashlands+ will definitely be the pick for you if you enjoy games like Moonlighter or Stardew Valley.


Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis 2022


2. Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis

Genre: Sports

Developers: Nickelodeon


Love tennis but you can’t be asked to go out and play it yourself? No worries, Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis will let you have a piece of the action even if you are lying on your couch.

Get into a goofy-fun tennis match with all your favourite Nickelodeon classic characters like Danny Phantom, Garfield and Zim.

From the footage we’ve seen on social media, Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis seems to be extremely chaotic which can potentially bring a whole lot of excitement to the traditional tennis sport.

Like the Mario Kart games, Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis will have different kinds of power-ups which will shift the tides of the match, making it crazily comical.

You might want to give Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis a try if you are a Nickelodeon-type kid or are into games like Crash! and Mario Kart.


Star Wars Battles 2022 Apple Arcade


3. LEGO Star Wars Battles

Genre: Strategy

Developers: TT Games


Most Star Wars games we have ‘till today are very action-packed and would require its players to have relatively good reflexes to beat the game, LEGO Star Wars Battles strays itself from that gameplay approach.

For LEGO Star Wars Battles, players are tested more on their intellect, timing and decision-making skills. You would need to make quick decisions on which unit to deploy and different units have their own set of purposes.

Thus, you would need to manage your choices as each unit you deploy will use energy and if you are poor in your energy management, you will find yourself in a pickle quite often.

That said, practice makes perfect and with the right amount of games and conditioning, you will soon get the hang of the game. Definitely a grab for those who enjoy planned execution games like Clash Royale and Plants vs Zombies.


Legends of Kingdom Rush Apple Arcade 2022


4. Legend of Kingdom Rush

Genre: RPG, Turn-based Combat

Developers: Ironhide Game Studio


The Kingdom is under the tyranny of the menacing Dark Lord and it’s up to you and your legendary formed team to rescue it.

Cliche as it may sound, the Legend of Kingdom Rush is actually amazing with its visuals and gameplay. Its bright-coloured characters are extremely likeable and its grid-based movement gameplay takes us back to the mid-90s classic RPGs that we all love.

Similar to LEGO Star Wars Battles, every new match will require you to reorganise and rethink your strategies. As such, team-building is essential in Legend of Kingdom Rush and you would need to figure out which team is best for which horde of opponents in order for you to smoothly overcome them.

If you are a big fan of Idle Heroes or the classic Fire Emblem games, you might find Legend of Kingdom Rush to be a suitable mobile game for your iOS device.



Hidden Folks Apple Arcade 2022

5. Hidden Folks+

Genre: Indie, Point-and-Click, Puzzle

Developers: Adriaan de Jongh, Sylvain Tegroeg


Just got home after a long day of work, or you simply want to unwind with some chill-cool game, then we’ve got the one for you.

Hidden Folks+ is here for you with its aesthetic art style and simple gameplay. All you need to do is search for the hidden folks that are hidden in plain sight and that’s about it.

The hand-drawn illustrations are exquisite and gorgeous to look at. Drawn as if they are made for an artbook, players would find themselves mesmerised by the pictures before even attempting to look for the hidden characters.

Hidden Folks+ is very similar to the classic Where’s Waldo game-book and if you have played it as a child and enjoyed it, Hidden Folks+ is surely the right game for you.


Interested in any of the games we’ve mentioned? They are all available on Apple Arcade for purchase, get them now with some of our iTunes Gift Cards here!