5 Google Play Games We Want to See On PC

5 Google Play Games We Want to See On PC


Video games have come a long way. Back then, video games were primarily played on home consoles and PCs. Video games were technically non-existent when it comes to mobile devices.

Sure, you can make a case for mobile games like the classic Snake game but overall, we didn’t have any substantial video game content for mobile phones.

Fast forward to today, mobile games have already begun topping video game charts when it comes to popularity.

Recent mobile titles like Genshin Impact and Pokemon UNITE have all received universal acclaim and have garnered a huge following paired with a significant player base.

That said, a handful of old-time gamers are still pretty hellbent on sticking with their “OG” devices—especially PC gamers—and would never move over to the mobile side of games.

This time, the party is coming to them. In recent news, it is reported that Google will be bringing Android games to Windows PCs where players will no longer need to use an emulator to run mobile games on their PC.

Hence, there is no excuse for PC gamers now as they can finally legitimately play mobile games on their gaming rig. And to get them started, here are 5 Google Play games that they will enjoy and we want to see being ported to the PC.


Clash of clans Google Play games for PC


1. Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans has been one of Supercell’s most iconic games. Released back in 2012, the legendary war-themed game cemented itself as one of mobile games’ greatest.

The reason behind its fame is because Clash of Clans is one of the few games that took mobile games seriously.

Many mobile games back then were like Candy Crush and Jetpack Joyride, all fun of course, but lacked a ‘serious’ factor. Most mobile games were treated like mini-games.

Clash of Clans was one of the few mobile games that had a system where it encouraged online PVPs while still maintaining its PVE system that most RPG mobile games need to have.

It had a solid understanding of the gratification of growth where players can expand their base to greater heights while competing with other players worldwide. With Clash of Clans, we can also see glimpses of mobile games being potentially competitive then.

Whether it is out of respect or Clash of Clans being a generally good game, Clash of Clans is more than deserving of a place in the PC after reigning the mobile world for close to a decade.


Temple Run google Play games for PC


2. Temple Run


Temple Run might not have the horsepower of Clash of Clans when it comes to game design and overall gameplay, but Temple Run shines where most “premium” games fall short. It’s easy to learn and difficult to master.

On paper, Temple Run is an extremely straightforward game. All you need to do is run and avoid/jump through any obstacles. There is no real end to Temple Run, as players will just continue on running until they lose, hence it’s a test of endurance.

By putting Temple Run on PC, we believe players might have an easier time navigating, as through the phone, players will need to make use of their smartphone’s gyroscopic camera setting to play the game well.

It really would be interesting to see how the developers of Temple Run would port the game to the PC while retaining its gameplay as a PC does not really have the luxury of mobility for Temple Run.

We’ll just have to wait ‘till it happens then.


Idle Heroes Google Play games for PC


3. Idle Heroes


Lazy to move around and play but would want to feel the enjoyment of growth? Check out Idle Heroes.

Idle Heroes core gameplay isn’t about quick reactions or exemplary timings but is more about management and team building.

In a way, it’s like your typical Pokemon game but in a more conditioned environment with more complex numbers.

And for those who have experienced this game before, one would know that it is an extreme hassle to manage your inventory through a mobile phone.

The icons of each hero are relatively small and if you have large fingers, you might find it tedious to navigate around the game’s interface.

Wouldn’t it be great if one could navigate the game through a mouse and keyboard? The ease of access itself is a good-enough reason for Idle Heroes to be ported to the PC.


Clash Royale Google Play games for PC


4. Clash Royale


Clash Royale is one of the more recent titles of Supercell and while it is very different from its big brother Clash of Clans, it is arguably more competitive than COC.

Timing and decision-making are extremely important aspects if you want to be good at Clash Royale and to master them both, you would definitely need to have a stable internet connection.

As most PCs tend to use a LAN connection for their Internet, no longer would players need to worry about latency issues or having delays when they put a card out during play.

Plus, having a cursor to aid you when you aim your cards to drop can also be convenient as using your fingers might not be as accurate and sometimes a slip of a hand can easily cost you a game.


Tower of Saviors Google Play games for PC


5. Tower of Saviors


Admittingly, Tower of Saviors has a reduced player base compared to glory days in the early 2010s. Don’t get us wrong, it is still a great game and is way ahead of its time when it was first released in 2013.

Back then, there wasn’t a game like Tower of Saviors where it combined elements from Candy Crush with a mix of lore and fantasy from different parts of the world.

Updates were consistent and many legendary characters for different mythologies were added over time with high expectations.

Currently, the game has toned down a little when it comes to popularity, but it still has a decent loyal fanbase.

That said, we think that if they were to port Tower of Saviors onto the PC, the PC port will definitely attract former players into trying out the game once more.

Can’t wait for these games to come over to the PC? No worries, you can install them from the Google Play Store, better yet, you can also enhance your experience with these games using some Google Play Gift Cards here