5 Heroes That We Think Might Be Hot Picks For The International 10

5 Heroes That We Think Might Be Hot Picks For The International 10


For every DOTA 2 fan, the most anticipated event for every year would be its annual TI. The International or TI, has been like an annual World Cup for DOTA 2.

Many were also disappointed that last year’s TI was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and with TI10 coming up in a few days, we are extremely thrilled to be able to witness some awesome DOTA!

Like all previous TIs, many players, coaches and analysts would try to figure out the current meta with some exceptional talents defining them.

And with over 100 heroes to choose from, here is our humble take on what we think might be the flavours of this year’s tournament.

Note that these picks are purely subjective and do see the list as an opinionated one.

Vengeful Spirit TI 10 Dota 2


Vengeful Spirit


Vengeful Spirit has been under the radar for quite some time. But ever since the last couple of patches, she’s definitely turned into an annoying character that can disrupt game plans.

This is largely due to her recent sceptre upgrade that allows her to stay on the battlefield even after she is killed. Plus, her ‘death’ spirit is able to cast spells—even her ultimate—while also moving with extra movement speed.

Needless to say, Venge is extremely notorious and unfun to play against and we can see her being picked or banned a lot.

Silencer TI 10 Dota 2




Silencer has been a niche pick, especially to counter core heroes like Enigma and Tinker.

That said, Silencer has always been a silent killer with its modifier ‘Glaives of Wisdom’ but many have found Silencer way too frail to be a proper core. This time, his strongest weapon would be his Arcane Curse.

Arcane Curse now deals 1.7x damage-over-time to silenced opponents and will extend its duration if the affected hero casts any spells.

This is literal pain melded with silence and if you ever face one in your public match, be sure to queue up a BKB or an Euls sceptre.

Hoodwink TI 10 Dota 2




One would figure that a Pixar-like hero would be relatively harmless, but this squirrel-ranger is one of the peskiest heroes to play against.

Having almost a perfect skillset and combined with her high-tier movement speed at 310, Hoodwink is easily one of the most obnoxious offlane/support heroes. 

Being able to harass carries easily and dominate opposing supports, her pressure play during the laning phase is what favoured in many drafts that enjoy dominating the early stages of the game.

Tinker TI10 Dota 2




One of the major Achilles Heel for Tinker is its slow start and its over-reliant on the Boots of Travel. Guess what? The problem is gone!

Currently, Tinker has a new ability called Keen Conveyance that essentially functions the same as Boots of Travel. This allows Tinker to put a lot of pressure on the map at a very early stage, and with its high-nuking prowess, many squishy supports are going to suffer.

Plus, Tinker’s Laser now has splash damage, and even if he were to lose his lane, he can still retreat back into the jungle to catch up in net worth.

Io TI 10 Dota 2




The silent guardian has always been a top pick. No one could forget Io’s dominance in TI9 where Ana with his Io convincingly dominated the stage.

While the nerfs have toned town Io considerably, Io’s ability in turning heroes into absolute monsters will be universally coveted.

Put him behind a hard-hitter or a tanker, the hero that is linked with Io will dish out insane amounts of damage while also having an obscene amount of regeneration.


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