5 Holiday Gifts for the Gamer on Your Shopping List

5 Holiday Gifts for the Gamer on Your Shopping List

This should be your top 5 holiday gifts for the gamer on your shopping list. Trying to buy gifts for your gamer friend can be a real nightmare, even if you have a little bit of “video game nerd” in you!

Sure, you’ve probably have all kinds of gift ideas that you’d like to purchase for them leading up to Christmas, but the odds are pretty good that most of those ideas aren’t going to fly – just because your gamer friend probably already has them or plans to purchase them before Christmas finally rolls around.

Trying to find video games that they don’t have (and games that they would enjoy) can be a real headache and hassle, as can trying to locate consoles, accessories, or other quirky gift ideas that go right along with video gamer culture.

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It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

However, if you pay close attention to the insider information below and focus on the top five Christmas gift ideas for your gamer friend that we have outlined below, things are going to be a lot easier for you this Christmas season.

Each and every one of the gift ideas below will help them enjoy their favorite pastime without ever getting in the way of the types of games they like, worrying about whether or not they already have a gift idea that you’ve purchased, or any other problems or bumps in the road that may present themselves if you decide to go in a different direction.

Check out these awesome Christmas gift ideas!


You just can’t go wrong with a fully loaded Steam wallet card

steam productSteam is one of the most (if not the most) popular way for PC gamers to get their hands on the latest and greatest blockbuster games – as well as a bunch of independent titles that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

With more than 100 million people signed up with a Steam wallet account (and more than 4000 video games in their library right now – with more being added on a daily basis), you giving your friend a fully loaded Steam wallet card is going to be the gift that keeps on giving!

They’ll be able to pick and choose which games they buy with their new Steam credit, so you know that they are always going to be able to get exactly what they want – all without you ever having to worry about spoiling the surprise in the process!

If he games on his iPad or iPhone, don’t forget about iTunes credit

More and more gamers are jumping headfirst into the world of mobile video gaming, and a lot of them are breaking into this segment of the market with their iPad or iPhone.iTunes product

iTunes is the be-all, end-all when it comes to content for iOS devices, and the iTunes Store is loaded with literally thousands and thousands of different mobile games, applications, movies, music, and just about anything else your game or friend could ever want to load onto their smart phone or tablet.

This is another “catchall” kind of gift idea, we review purchase a specific block of credit for them to spend later down the line on all of the things that they wanted in the first place. It’s a great idea to get them exactly what they want without having to ask, while at the same time making sure that you aren’t spoiling Christmas by getting them something that they already have!


Of course, if they are running Android, you’re going to want to get Google Play credit instead

iTunes credit is only going to be a good idea if your friend is running iOS devices. If they have Android devices, you’re going to want to make sure that you pulled google play productthe trigger on Google Play credit instead.

Google Play is the marketplace for all Android devices, allowing your friend to pick and choose from amongst hundreds of thousands of different video games, mobile applications, music and movies – but also books, magazines, and so much more – and is the largest app and videogame marketplace out there for mobile devices.

Some Google Play credit will go a long way this holiday season!


Buy them the chance to burn up some hours online with their PlayStation or Xbox

If your friend currently owns a next generation PlayStation or Xbox console, the odds are pretty good that they’re going to want to have the chance to play with their playstation productfriends, family members, and even complete and total strangers in all of their favorite games online – but they might not have the chance to just yet.

This is because both the PlayStation and Xbox require you to have a subscription code for their online services and content. This is a monthly fee that they are going to be responsible for on a regular basis if they want to get the most out of their video gaming experience.

However, this is where you come in.

One of the best gift ideas out there is to buy a “block subscription” to the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, giving them at least a year (or maybe xbox live producteven more) of 100% free online gaming as a gift this holiday season.

You had better believe that they’ll love it!


Karma Koin credit is a great gift idea this holiday season

One of the most exciting third-party marketplaces out there on the web today, you’ll be able to purchase Karma Koin credit online and gift it to your friend so that they can purchase all kinds of in game accessories, weapons, armor, tools, technology, upgrades, skills, and even “gold” across a wide variety of titles that will help them squeeze every last drop of fun and excitement out of all their favorite games.karma koin product

Currently, Karma Koin supports a variety of different titles (including Warframe, World of Tanks, Sudden Attack, Rakion, Rappelz and so many more), and they are adding a bunch of new titles on an almost daily basis.

By purchasing your friend Karma Coin credit, you’re making sure that they are able to get the very most out of the gains that they love so much without having to burn up hours and hours grinding away to scrounge up some resources or save up for next level weapons, armor, and equipment.

These obviously aren’t the only great gift ideas out there for gamers this holiday season, but they are definitely some of the very best!

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