5 Ideal Games to Gift Your Loved Ones This Christmas

5 Ideal Games to Gift Your Loved Ones This Christmas


Christmas is all about giving and video games are certainly one of the best gifts for both children and adult recipients.

However, we are all spoiled with the number of video game choices we have and we will probably spend hours deciding on which game is the perfect gift for the Christmas occasion.

To be honest, there isn’t a ‘perfect’ video game gift as each video game has its own quirks and uniqueness that makes it an ideal gift and not a perfect one.

That said, we’ve compiled a list of games that centres around the theme of Christmas based on its gameplay and game design concept.

Dead Rising 4 Christmas gift


1. Dead Rising 4


The first Dead Rising game was released back in 2006 and has been one of the few hack-and-slash video games themed around a zombie apocalypse.

It’s unique in the sense that most zombie games like Left 4 Dead are usually shooters and rarely will it be of the button mashing genre.

The latest instalment of the Dead Rising series, Dead Rising 4, can be considered an ‘evolved’ form from its predecessors.

Dead Rising 4 has an open-world setting and players are given more freedom to roam around and explore.

Gameplay has also been watered down to be more accessible which is great for players who are just getting into the Dead Rising games because ultimately, we all just want to have fun killing zombies during Christmas instead of spending time figuring out the mechanics.


Batman Arkham Video Game Gift


2. Batman: Arkham


Finished binge-watching your favourite Batman films while sipping the last drop of your chocolate drink? What better way to continue Christmas with some high-octane Batman games!

We didn’t specifically pick out a Batman game from the Arkham franchise as we felt that all of the games in the series are suitable for the Christmas occasion.

Plus, we even recommend users to purchase the entire Arkham bundle as Steam would always have a special promotion in place for the game. You can snag the whole franchise at an extremely low price.

Although the game lacks multiplayer gameplay, the writing of the game is extremely immersive as a single-player adventure. The general gameplay is not difficult and we assure you that even non-avid gamers will enjoy the game on a cold Christmas night.


Animal Crossing Video Game Gift


3. Animal Crossing


The Batman games can be a little gloomy and Animal Crossing is exactly the opposite of gloomy.

Animal Crossing shares a lot of resemblance to the iconic Harvest Moon games where they both have social simulation and world-building essences built onto them.

We would make the case that Animal Crossing leans more towards the ‘freer’ side compared to Harvest Moon.

For Harvest Moon, players are required to restructure and revive their farm with conditions you would have to meet by the end of the third year. Conditions as such are non-existent in Animal Crossing.

Therefore, if your family member or friends want a truly wholesome and fun game to spend their Christmas with, you can strongly consider Animal Crossing as a video game gift!


Pummel Party Video Game Gift


4. Pummel Party


We know that there are people out there who love video games but will only play multiplayer games, which is understandable since video games are meant to be played together.

When it comes to multiplayer games. Pummel Party checks all the boxes. It’s exciting, addictive and most importantly, it can either make or break relationships in a fun way.

It is very comparable to the recent Crab Game, but Pummel Party is more refined and developed.

Of course, one can argue that there are free games like Crab Game as alternatives, but Pummel Party offers a lot more for its price.

The mini-games available are all very unique in their own aspects and bring out the best from their genre. Yes, these mini-games are not just race-and-reach type of games, but they are equipped with all sorts of genres from brawling, racing and even turn-based games akin to Monopoly.

Therefore, if you are making plans to visit your relatives or have a friend gathering during Christmas, Pummel Party could be a strong contender to light up your Christmas night!


The Escapists 2 Video Game Gift


5. The Escapists 2


Want a decent challenge to give your Christmas an extra spark? The Escapists 2 is perhaps one of the best strategy-action games for party occasions.

Additionally, The Escapists 2 has a special prison theme called Santa’s Shakedown that is themed around Christmas.

Unlike Pummel Party where we recommend having a Christmas LAN party to enjoy the game to its fullest, The Escapists 2 is just as enjoyable from your home, although you would want to make sure that you have a decent voice call app like Discord ready for use!

To learn more about the enhanced Discord experience with Nitro, click here.


Most of the games mentioned above are available on the Steam platform, and you can purchase some Steam Wallet Codes here. As for Animal Crossing, you can purchase it from the Nintendo eShop which you can top up with our Nintendo eShop Card here.



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