5 Neat Tricks to Have Before Playing Don’t Starve Together

5 Neat Tricks to Have Before Playing Don’t Starve Together


Don’t Starve Together is a certified classic and it needs no introduction. Not knowing what took so long, DST is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch and we’re expecting a lot of new players to come into the Don’t Starve franchise.

And with its overwhelming success, Don’t Starve Together is also known to be extremely punishing—given that you have no idea what you are doing.

Hence, today we will be walking you through some tips and habits that you might want to get used to before jumping into the game. That way, you can know what to expect and what to do under certain circumstances.

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Time is of the Essence Dont Starve Together


1. Time Is of The Essence


If you have played survival games like The Forest and ARK: Survival Evolved, you will know that time is one of your greatest enemies.

Every minute counts. Make sure you are doing something at any given moment—be it cooking, crafting or farming. Essentially, you would want to fill your time by doing something that benefits or contributes to your survival.

While one might think that foraging and gathering resources can be mundane tasks, you will still need to put in the effort to do them as these resources are your lifelines to surviving, especially during the dark where exploration is severely limited.

Ironically, even dying is not a waste of time. By dying, you will gain EXP points which you can use to unlock new characters.

In short, always look for something to do!


Let There Be Light Dont Starve Together


2. Let There Be Light


Earlier, we’ve mentioned that nightfall limits your exploration and that is only a fraction of the damage darkness can do to you and your friends. Enemies—most notably Charlie—will attempt to strike you in the dark and the ebony night will also quickly deplete your Sanity meter.

But if you have made the right preparations, nightfall wouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Firstly, the easiest way to gain access to Light is by crafting a Torch. This is super simple, all you need is some Cut Grass and Twigs and you can craft one.

As you progress, other reliable sources for Light would be Fire Pits and Campfires which can also be used for cooking purposes.

Besides providing you protection from Charlie, fire is also extremely important during the harsh winter. Yes without light/fire, you will freeze to death, so be sure to always have access to light and fire at all times if possible.


Crockpots Dont Starve Together


3. Prioritise Crock Pots


Understandably, Crock Pots can be quite difficult to craft during the early stages of the game but once you can make one, we highly recommend that you make one as it holds insane value.

By combining 3 Cut Stones, 6 Charcoals and 6 Twigs into a Crock Pot, you will be able to tremendously increase your foods’ worth and value. These enhanced meals will be your saving grace in maintaining your Health, Hunger and Sanity meters.

Another amazing thing about Crock Pots is that they can also be a source of Light, meaning aside from Cooking, Crock Pots provide mini-protection against enemies during Nightfall.

If you are struggling with the cooking recipes, know that there is no shame in looking up the recipes because, at the end of the day, all you want is to survive!


Stellar Base Camp Dont Starve Together


4. Have a Good Foundation with a Stellar Base Camp


The location where you decide to make your base camp will also be the indicator as to whether you will make it far in Don’t Starve Together.

When setting up your base camp, what you want to prioritise is consistency. This is because your base camp is a place where you will retreat to during danger and it is a place where you will be spending most of the time.

As such, you would want a base camp located in an area where you can conveniently gather resources. For instance, you would want an area that has a reliable food source like Rabbit Holes or a place that has many Pigs roaming around.

Once you have set up your base camp, remember to also build Lightning Rods as lightning strikes can cause serious damage to your camp and these rods will protect you from these hazards.

Chests are also valuable craftable items which you should consider building. Resources are aplenty out in the wild and you would need the help of Chests to store them. Having extra resources as a backup can sometimes come in clutch.


Best Characters Beginner Dont Starve Together


5. Understand the Characters


Don’t Starve Together has up to 16 playable characters and each of them has its special abilities. Newer players might find it vexing to go through the game mechanics, let alone experiment with multiple characters that require different playstyles.

Here we’ve shortened the list of characters down to 3. These 3 characters are deemed to be beginner-friendly and will surely make your first few runs of the game much easier.



Woodie’s greatest asset is his axe, Lucy. To gather resources from trees, an axe is needed and with Woodie on your team, you will automatically have one.

Not only that, Woodie’s axe is much more efficient than your craftable axe as Lucy can take down trees with fewer chops. Beginners who often struggle with resource management can consider trying out Woodie as he is a shortcut for resources.



Managing through darkness is also another mechanic that newcomers tend to struggle with. Fortunately for Wendy, darkness is her best friend.

Her Sanity meter during the night drops significantly slower than other characters, meaning you will have more leeway in exploring the wild during Nightfall.

Plus her special ability to summon Abigail in combat is a huge investment, where Abigail’s health will increase gradually as each day progresses.



You can consider Walter to be the vanguard of your team. Equipped with his slingshot, he can deal respectable damage to enemies and he has the added quirk of cooking quicker than others.

Walter is an overall solid and stable character. He is safe and there’s not much wrong that can happen by picking him.


There you have it! Although there are still many other ways you can approach Don’t Starve Together, we believe that these 5 tips will carry you through most of the game, and as always, the most important thing is to have fun while playing and learn as you play.