5 PlayStation Games that Needs a Remaster/Remake

5 PlayStation Games that Needs a Remaster/Remake


Remastering and remaking a game is seen by many as a form of a cash grab, especially when the developers/publishers add only minimal changes to the remastered version.

But what happens when a remaster is done right?

Beautiful things could happen. For instance, games like Dark Souls and NieR Replicant are fine examples of enhancements done to perfection. These games have received a noticeable FPS boost and their graphics have been improved significantly to run best on today’s consoles.

As such, it is safe to say that remasters aren’t all just out there to grab your cash because if they are done right, they can really bring many classics back to life!

Here we have a list of PlayStation games that are due for a revamp!


Red Dead Redemption remaster and remake


Red Dead Redemption

Genre: Western, Action-Adventure

Developers: Rockstar North, Rockstar San Diego


Back in 2019, we were treated with a PC port of Red Dead Redemption 2 which has since been receiving positive reviews due to its exceptional graphical and technical enhancements.

Unfortunately, its younger brother, Red Dead Redemption—the first instalment of the Red Dead series—did not get any enhancements of any sort.

Being a PlayStation 3 game, Red Dead Redemption was way ahead of its time and the PS3’s hardware specifications may actually be too limiting for an epic game like RDR.

This is evident when the emulation community has been spending countless hours trying to emulate the game to meet today’s system requirements—to make it look better and perform better.

Whether it’s for the PlayStation 5 or for the PC, we hope that Rockstar Games can do us a solid and give Red Dead Redemption a remaster/remake that it deserves.


Dante's Inferno remaster and remake


Dante’s Inferno

Genre: Action-Adventure, Hack-and-Slash

Developers: Visceral Games, EA Originals, Behaviour Interactive


When Dante’s Inferno was first introduced, we were extremely excited for its gritty and unforgiving take on the legendary poem by Dante Alighieri.

And if you think God of War is brutal, Dante’s Inferno takes it to a whole different level in terms of gore and blood. However, it still suffers the same fate as RDR when it comes to spec limitation and Dante’s Inferno had it even worse.

This is especially true for the PSP where despite being one of the strongest handheld consoles in the mid-2000s, the graphically-intensive Dante’s Inferno was still quite a challenge for the PSP to run.

Therefore, if you were running a modded PSP back in the day, you probably would have experienced extreme stutters and annoying lags.

Hopefully, Dante’s Inferno can resurrect from the ashes and EA can do its justice by revamping it with a better-told story and also making it run at higher resolution and FPS.


Persona 3 remaster and remake


Persona 3

Genre: JRPG

Developers: Atlus


We’ve seen countless rants from Persona fans going on about how they want Persona 5 Royal to be ported to the PC. We would want that too since P5 Royal was such an awesome game but we have somehow forgotten the Persona game that started this all.

Yes, we are talking about Persona 3. P3 was the first of the Persona games to include a social simulation system—the Social Link.

The Social Link would then go on and be a recurring system in the future Persona games but Persona 3 is the prototype for the system and deserves a lot of credit for it. Persona 3 walked so that the rest of the Persona games could fly.

Therefore, if we’re talking about a port or a remake, we think that Persona 3 should definitely be on the list. Slap it with some high-fidelity graphics and replace the outdated Persona 3 battle system with a more modernised one which will certainly appeal to the current Persona players.


God of War remaster and remake


God of War Trilogy

Genre: Action-Adventure

Developers: Santa Monica Studio


There is no question that the God of War franchise is one of the most iconic PlayStation titles of recent times.

Plus, its revamped combat approach for its newest titles have been fondly accepted by players and the PC port has received universal acclaim.

While we say God of War (2018) is an overall success, there is also no denying that the original God of War trilogy has also played an integral role in shaping the franchise’s success.

The first three games were released for both the PS2 and PS3 with overwhelming success as well. So the question lies—how do we remaster or remake something that is already so darn good?

Of course, we understand the adage of not fixing what isn’t broken, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see the combat system of God of War (2018) implemented to the older entries?

Well, we can only keep our fingers crossed for it to happen.


Brave Story New Traveller remaster and remake


Brave Story: New Traveler

Genre: JRPG

Developers: Game Republic Inc.


Brave Story: New Traveler is one of the underrated gems hidden under the shadows of games like Final Fantasy: Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Considering that it was developed by an independent company, its results are actually stunning and made full use of the PSP hardware capabilities.

The story is loosely based on the novel written by Miyuki Miyabe, retaining its setting with recurring characters. An honest retelling of one of the Japanese magical novels.

It is also sad to mention that its initial developer, Game Republic Inc. has gone under back in 2011 and if Brave Story: New Traveler were to make a comeback, it would need to be in the hands of a different developer.

We do hope that there are developers out there that would take on this project as we believe that Brave Story: New Traveler is a project waiting to be perfected with the current-gen technology.


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