5 Reasons to Get HP’s New Line of OMEN Laptops

5 Reasons to Get HP’s New Line of OMEN Laptops


Getting a gaming laptop can and is a huge matter for most people as you would have to consider many essentials if you’ve decided to purchase one.

The questions that beg are like, “Which model is better?”, “Is the processor powerful enough to run the games I want to play?”, “How long will my gaming laptop stay relevant?” and many other queries that will be circling around you before you make your investment in a brand new gaming laptop.

Tech and computers’ advancement moves at an astounding pace which is evident when within a short span of time, newer models of graphics cards and CPUs are released. As such, what new buyers should look at is the model’s longevity and whether its specs are here to stay for a long time.

Today, we’re taking a look at HP’s OMEN 16 line of gaming laptop and how it lives up to today’s gaming and consumer standards.

Do also note that there are many different models for the OMEN 16 laptops and the ones that we are focusing on are the c0092AX, c0093AX, c0099AX models.


Bottlenecking Issues


1. There Won’t Be Bottlenecking Issues


The term “bottleneck” means that a part of a device’s performance is being limited by another part. To give an analogy, it’s like a car that is installed with a powerhouse of an engine and is equipped with subpar tires—ultimately, you wouldn’t be able to bring out the best in that powerful engine due to the tires.

For gaming laptops, the common culprits for this issue would be the GPU and the CPU. In short, many gaming laptops suffer performance issues when they have a weaker CPU running with a powerful GPU and vice versa.

The OMEN 16 laptops—for the c0092AX, c0093AX, c0099AX models—are powered by the Ryzen 9 and 7 processors and are paired with the 30-series graphics card and the equivalent of a 3060, RX 6600M for the c0099AX model.

As such, both of the CPU and GPU models chosen for the aforementioned laptops are equally as powerful and work seamlessly well with one another.

This will assure that your gaming performance will not be hindered by either a lacklustre CPU or GPU as these specifications compliment each other perfectly.


Mesmerizing Visuals


2. Mesmerising Visuals with Ideal Framerates


With the CPU and GPU the OMEN 16 laptops have, they are more than capable of handling demanding titles like Elden Ring and Dying Light 2. That said, there are still many gaming laptops out there that are capable of running said titles, so why should you opt for the OMEN 16?

We have made the point that the OMEN 16 laptops are powerful enough to run any modern video game titles at the time of writing but it would also need a screen that is able to visualise the performance.

Older gaming laptop screens are only able to display up to 60fps although their specs are able to dish out way more than that but players wouldn’t be able to see it due to the screen hitting its fps limit.

Fortunately the OMEN 16 laptops’ screens are able to display up to 144fps which is a huge difference compared to the 60fps screens.

Additionally, the panel of the screens are IPS which provide a more accurate colour accuracy and quality alongside better viewing angles.

Basically, the OMEN 16 has all you need for a desirable visual experience for not only video games but also for movie-watching sessions with its crisp and clear display.


Overheating laptop


3. Capable of Taking the Heat


One of the more prominent deal breakers for consumers when it comes to getting a gaming laptop is due to the overheating issues.

This is not unfounded as older generations of gaming laptops do have this issue and as a result of overheating, its performance will tank and you’ll see gaming laptops throttling.

However, manufacturers have got better over time and thermal issues have been addressed carefully. The OMEN 16 laptops have adopted the OMEN Tempest Cooling Technology that has a 3-sided venting and a 5-way airflow design to ensure that the laptop can continue to run smoothly under stress.

Hence, gamers will not need to worry about the laptop struggling due to heating issues as the OMEN 16 laptops have a modern ventilation and cooling system designed for demanding games.


Easy to carry


4. Conveniently Light to Carry


Most gaming laptops you see on the market—especially older models—are huge inside and they weigh a ton due to its fans and the need of a larger heatsink.

In other words, despite its portability, gaming laptops can be a hassle to carry around if you are a college student or someone who travels frequently.

The manufacturers of the OMEN 16 laptop understand this issue and have designed the laptop to be more lightweight. A sleek and clean approach.

Starting at a weight of 2.3kg, the OMEN 16 laptops are comparatively lighter than most gaming laptops, which makes it perfect for travel and portability.


Clean and nice finish omen laptop


5. Modern and Clean Finish


Traditionally, gaming laptops are usually designed to look extremely extravagant with a flashy finish.

Moving with the times, the overbearing design of gaming laptops are gone as gamers would want a more aesthetic and subtle look to their gaming rig.

Using the mica silver colour for a more professional look, the OMEN 16 laptop has the appearance of a classy-elegant office laptop but has the power to compete with most desktops when it comes to performance.




If you’re someone that is always on the go and would want to have a gaming partner with you, the OMEN 16 laptops can be that friend for you. It’s modern, easy-to-use and has the specifications to run the demanding games. And on top of that, due to its lightweight design, the OMEN 16 laptops are almost exclusively made for travel, just about what anyone needs from a laptop.


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