5 Tips and Tricks in Beating Sifu

5 Tips and Tricks in Beating Sifu


Many games have allured us with their aesthetics like Journey or have captivated us with their storyline like the Fire Emblem games.

However, there are still a handful of gamers that find the beauty in challenging games as they enjoy getting punished when making a mistake and the satisfaction of completing the game.

Whenever we think of such games, FromSoftware games come to mind but this time around, we’re talking about another game that is equally as challenging outside of the FromSoftware franchises.

This is a game developed by an indie developer, Slocap that promises a lot with its debut trailer and has delivered as promised. That said, Slocap did not pull any punches when it comes to the difficulty spike in Sifu and as the game progresses, it gets significantly more difficult.

Plus, if you are new to the genre or are just a casual gamer, it will do you well to have a couple of back pocket tricks to help make your game easier.


Dragon Shrines Tips and Tricks Sifu


1. Do Not Miss Out on Dragon Shrines


As the game gets harder, you would also need to make your character stronger. And to do so, you will need access to the various Dragon Shrines in the game.

While some Dragon Shrines are hard to miss, there are a few that are hidden in plain sight and are extremely easy to overlook.

Make sure to keep an eye out for these shrines as they are your gateway to stats and skill upgrades which will be essential in boosting your characters’ skills and abilities.


Takedown Tips and Tricks Sifu


2. Always Go For The Takedown


Takedown in Sifu is the equivalent of fatality in Mortal Kombat or a killing blow in God of War. It is arguably the most efficient way of eliminating your enemies with very few risks.

One thing to note about Takedowns is that you will be locked in an ‘I-frame’, meaning during your Takedown animation, you will be safe from any attacks which can be a good buffer to reset a fight against multiple opponents.

Therefore, when the opportunity arises for you to perform a Takedown, just do it without any hesitation.


Focus Attacks Tips and Tricks Sifu


3. Don’t Waste Your Focus Attacks


Focus Attacks are one of the most reliable martial art forms in your arsenal. However, to execute it, you will have to rely on your Focus bar.

As Focus Attacks cannot be spammed and used constantly, we highly recommend saving your Focus Attacks on tougher enemies that are harder to take down.

Focus Attacks are very powerful and can take away huge chunks of your enemies’ health and are therefore very useful for bosses or enemies that are a health bag.


Watch Your Age Tips and Tricks Sifu


4. Watch Your Age


As you die, you age quicker, which is easily Sifu’s most unique aspect. And no, your age is not just an indicator of how many times you have died, it will have lasting consequences.

The older you get, the more powerful your damage output is. However, this comes at the cost of you taking even more damage.

This outweighs the pros as you will have to expect taking damage and with a frail body, you won’t be able to tank much.

Also, once you’ve reached a certain age, there will be skills that are locked out which you will not be able to learn. Therefore, try not to die as much and conserve your ‘age’ for bosses that will definitely take away some of your youth.


Mind your surroundings Sifu


5. Mind Your Surroundings


You can find help all around you in Sifu. Some items that are lying around can be used to stagger and stun your opponents while other weapons can be used to offer a different source of damage output instead of just your bare fists.

And if you are not too familiar with how the camera works, try to avoid corners where you have a chance of being backed against a wall, because some enemies—especially bosses—are relentless with their attacks and can finish you off easily when you have no way out.

Always attempt to fight in an open area and if things were to go awry, you can always kite the boss by moving around and chipping away at their health.


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