5 Tips for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion

5 Tips for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion


Destiny 2 has had numerous expansions and many of us have enjoyed them. Notable expansions that come to mind have to be the likes of the Beyond Light and Forsaken expansions where it introduced many new characters, weapon options and game modes.

The latest expansion—The Witch Queen—was set to be released in 2021 but due to the global pandemic, the launch was delayed.

Naturally, we were all pretty disappointed but better late than never because The Witch Queen, Savathûn has arrived and trust us when we say this—you’ll need all the help you can get!

Plus, with the new Legendary difficulty added, we are assuming that Bungie is not holding back with this expansion and here are a couple of tips that could come in handy when you take on The Witch Queen.


Side Quests Destiny 2 Witch Queen


1. Don’t Slack On the Side Quests


If the main campaign is proving too challenging for you, it is always good to take a breather and work on other miscellaneous quests instead.

Try working on quests that can yield the best results and can help you with what you are lacking. For instance, if you find your weapon a little lacklustre at the moment, consider doing Weapon Evidence Board Quests or Exotic Weapon Quests which will significantly help you gain better equipment and weapons.

On the other hand, if you want to make and craft your own beast, doing the Weapon Crafting Quests might be the best quest choice for you.

These quests will give you resources that you can use to Shape and Reshape weapons, making them stronger and allowing them to gain new abilities.


Classes Destiny 2 Witch Queen


2. Choose a Class Best Suited for Your Playstyle


Unfortunately, there will be no new subclasses for The Witch Queen expansion and still, you will need to main a certain class to comfortably get through the main campaign.

That said, there is no ‘best’ class per se and it all really depends on the players’ play-style and how they approach Destiny 2 in general.

Hence, here is a breakdown of the classes and their general gameplan.



Warlock is broken down into Dawnblade, Stormcaller, Voidwalker and Shadebinder. If you want to play mainly as a support role, go for Dawnblade or Shadebinder, and if you want to constantly be on the aggressive, Stormcaller and Voidwalker are the picks for you.



Hunter is split into Gunslinger, Arcstrider, Nightstalker and Revenant. One of Hunter’s greatest strengths is that its Nightstalker subclass can cast extremely useful debuffs while also turning yourself invisible.

In terms of DPS, the Gunslinger and Arcstrider subclasses are the best for damage as they can churn out huge bursts of damage during boss battles.



Titans are your generic tanks and are usually used to be beefy health tanks, capable of withstanding huge amounts of damage.

Hence if you want to be a full-fledged raid boss, consider going for the Sentinel subclass but Destiny 2’s classes are all extremely versatile as you can also build a damage-driven Titans character.

Striker and Sunbreakers are the culprits for respectable damage output if you decide on that route.


Team play Destiny 2 Witch Queen


3. Gather Friends for Help


As Destiny 2 is a team-based game, try to gather your gaming friends to take on the Witch Queen.

Make sure that each of your team members is playing different subclasses for flexibility, meaning with a versatile squad, you will have an answer to almost every situation.

Plus, there are certain quests that might prove to be difficult for new Destiny players and with familiar helping hands around you, we are confident that with enough tries, you and your teammates will be able to finish these harder quests.


Recommended guns destiny 2 witch queen


4. Recommended Guns


If you have a hard time figuring out which gun to use, here are some of the best guns that we recommend getting.



Extremely useful for PVE scenarios as this pulse rifle can easily and efficiently clear out huge waves of enemies.


Empirical Evidence

One of the more hard-hitting equipments out there. Again, the Empirical Evidence is super useful for PVE scenarios due to its easy aim for final blows.



Krait is one of the best auto rifles out there. Boasting more-than-decent Stability and Handling stats, the Krait is a very friendly weapon for both newbies and veterans.


Legendary difficulty Destiny 2 Witch Queen


5. Consider Completing The Campaign in Legendary Difficulty


This is obviously not recommended for newcomers to the Destiny franchise, but if you are a seasoned player and have experienced all of the past expansions, we suggest giving the Legendary difficulty a go.

The reason is, if you are able to complete the quests at the highest difficulty, you will be rewarded with better spoils which can really bolster your performance and progress.

Even so, we believe that players should play at their own pace and if Legendary is proving way too difficult, there’s no shame in reverting back to an easier difficulty.


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