5 Tips That Go a Long Way in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

5 Tips That Go a Long Way in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland


Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is certainly one of the more unique game entries in 2022. Its unique art style and its fast-paced gameplay are largely similar to Borderlands and how we have missed that franchise.

Combined with its mischievous nature, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland promises a lot and from its trailer, it would seem that Tiny Tina’s Wonderland has the full package of fun, quirky and eccentric design.

As such, it is safe to assume that Tiny Tina’s Wonderland would be a great game based on the aforementioned praises. However, a question still begs—will newcomers to the Borderlands franchise be able to adapt to this new style of FPS game?

Well no worries, we have taken the effort to compile some tips that you can use to hold your own in this fantasy-themed tabletop universe.


Tiny Tinas Wonderland Class Strengths


1. Know Your Class’ Strengths


We won’t tell you which class is the “best” of the 6 available classes as we highly recommend players to choose based on what they like instead of having us decide for you.

That said, each class has its own strengths and perks which means it’s also important that once you have decided on a specific class.

Here are some of the best traits from each class:



– Graveborn is like your typical Warlock class in classic MMORPGs. It uses a certain amount of health to deal with strong dark magic with high damage numbers. Graveborns also get stronger when their health is lower which will make it suitable for players who want to play on the edge—someone who prefers high-risk-high-reward gameplay.



Brr-Zeekers greatest asset lies in its ability to kite enemies around. Due to its cryo element, it can freeze or frost enemies which will either slow them tremendously or completely freeze them. An awesome class for players who are used to crowd controlling mechanics.


Spore Warden

A ranged class, Spore Wardens can deal insane amounts of damage safely, making it very accessible for newcomers to the genre. Spore Wardens can also deal poison damage through its mushroom companion which can potentially deal nasty damage to enemies.



As the name suggests, Spellshot is a spell dealing class that focuses on magical damage. Having skills that enhance and buff its spell damage, the Spellshot class is a force to be reckoned with due to its high magical damage output. Plus, its ability to polymorph enemies can also come in clutch in certain situations.



An assassin-like class that works in the shadows and relies on its critical for significant damage. Its “From the Shadows” ability allows players to go invisible which players can utilise and get out of tight situations or even just reposition themselves.



Clawbringers are the masters of fire and lightning. Equipped with a hammer at hand, the Clawbringer can deal colossal damage at a cost of longer cooldown skills. A very powerful class, but requires a certain mastery of mechanics, making it ideal for veterans and less welcoming for newcomers.


Upgrade Inventory Tiny Tinas Wonderland


2. Upgrade Your Inventory


For the early stage, it’ll definitely be more worth it to upgrade your inventory space over your weapons as a bigger inventory means that you can store more items and ammo which in the long run is more beneficial.

Plus, the inventory is irreplaceable as compared to weapons which you will constantly change as you progress through the game. Hence, we highly recommend players to first upgrade their inventory with their gold as it provides the most consistency when it comes to value.


Complete Challenges Tiny Tina's Wonderland


3. Do Not Overlook Challenges


Like for most games, players seem to be fixated on completing the main quests and tend to ignore the sidequests—be sure to not fall into this habit when you are playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderland!

This is because the sidequests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland provide permanent buffs like hero points! Usually, these sidequests require you to search for some collectables which are actually pretty easy to accomplish and for the rewards you are getting, it is definitely worth your time.


Constitution Stat Tiny Tina's Wonderland


4. Go For Constitution If You Are New


If you are inexperienced with shooter games or the Borderlands franchise, you are probably going to take a lot of hits as you would probably be very new to positioning and aim.

As such, you are expected to take a lot of damage and to offset this issue, we recommend new players focus on the constitution stat.

The constitution stat increases the player’s HP and can be described as the most practical stat and can assist newer players in tanking more damage without that severe of a punishment.


Lucky Dice Tiny Tina's Wonderland


5. Collect The Underrated Lucky Dice


While there are many beautifully crafted items/weapons you can find loitering around Wonderlands, be sure to be on the lookout for the Lucky Dice.

Every time you locate a Lucky Dice, the probability of you getting a better item increases. This is really useful as in a way, this buff is permanent and can affect your late-game tremendously.

Therefore, try scouring the area and try to find if there are any lucky dice around before jumping into a different area.


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