6 Games To Put on Your Christmas Wishlist

6 Games To Put on Your Christmas Wishlist


One of the greatest gifts of Christmas are gifts themselves. Unfortunately, the pandemic has limited our ability to physically interact with each other. Hence, physical gifts this Christmas might not be ideal and when it comes to digital gifts, you can’t go wrong with video games.

Have a friend or a family member that is an avid gamer or wishing for some new games this Christmas yourself? 

Here are some of our recommended games to put on your wishlist!


Pokemon Christmas Wishlist


Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond


With so many new demo reviews on the new Pokemon games, Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond is on the radar of many gamers.

The remake of the Sinnoh region has been the talk of Pokemon fans for many years and after the successful remakes of both the Hoenn and Kanto regions, the Sinnoh region will be rebirthed on the 19th of November 2021.

The demo has also shown us promising footage where many have commented that the game’s top-down design stays true to the DS originals.

Of course, not everything about Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond is copy-and-paste as Nintendo did add modern Pokemon game features into the game. For instance, the Underground has been revamped to look like the Wild Area from the recent titles.

Both Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond can now be pre-ordered from the Nintendo eShop or you can wait ‘till the game is released and get them during a Christmas Sale that might include the new Pokemon games!


Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Wishlist


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy


Marvel has truly expanded over the years, not only from movies but to video games as well.

Successful Marvel titles like Spiderman and Avengers being relatively well-received games, the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy game is sought after by many.

Using a different story from the movies while retaining its casts, the Guardians of the Galaxy game can be considered as a breath of fresh air from the superhero game genre as it is angled to be more lively with an amazing 80s soundtrack and gameplay.

That said, the price for the game is pretty steep but we figured that since it’s Christmas, a game like Guardians of the Galaxy is worth the splurge.


Back 4 Blood Christmas Wishlist


Back 4 Blood


If you’ve decided to chill at home during Christmas then Back 4 Blood should definitely be on your Christmas wishlist!

One could almost call Back 4 Blood a spiritual sequel to the classic Left 4 Dead game with its co-op mechanic and ability to play either as a human or a zombie.

Although you can play the game alone, Christmas is about togetherness and playing Back 4 Blood with a group of friends is the best way to approach this game.


Monopoly Plus Christmas Wishlist


Monopoly Plus


Monopoly is probably one of the most famous board games there is and has been a Christmas classic for a long time, but did you know that there is a digital version of it?

This game is ideal for many families as it is known by many and it would not need much effort to get into, so if you cannot be asked to figure out a new Christmas virtual party game, getting the Monopoly Plus is highly recommended.

Plus, the game can run on the lowest of specs and those with a conventional PC or laptop can run this game perfectly.

Overcooked 2 Christmas Wishlist


Overcooked 2


When it comes to party games, Overcooked 2 is arguably the most genre-defining one.

Unlike Monopoly, Overcooked 2 might be a little harder to get into as the control and the pace of the game is a bit more complex.

However, once you’ve got the hang of the game’s tempo and controls down, you will be in for a whole world of fun.

So put on your chef hats with your family members and start a cooking fiesta in Overcooked 2 this Christmas!


Inspector Parker Christmas Wishlist


Inspector Parker


Inspector Parker is easily the most underrated game on the list. You can consider Inspector Parker as a pseudo scavenger hunt meets Ace Attorney type of game.

The game is old, sure, but it sure does stand the test of time. The game is to basically solve a murder while searching for the equipment of murder and linking the evidences.

Since most of us would probably be stuck indoors during this Christmas, we think Inspector Parker can be a decent substitute for your annual Christmas scavenger hunt.

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