6 Games You’d Love If You Enjoy Squid Game

6 Games You’d Love If You Enjoy Squid Game


If you haven’t heard of Squid Game, you are either living under a rock or you’re having an Internet detoxing period because at every corner of the net, you would be able to find elements of the Netflix show, Squid Game.

For those who don’t know, Squid Game is a South Korean show that puts hundreds of players into a survive-or-die contest. The contestants are required to play through these mini-games and if they lose, they’ll forfeit their right to live.

Squid Game is now available on Netflix, and you can purchase the Netflix Gift Card on OffGamers here.

Sounds exciting right? Luckily, it’s all just a TV show. However, what if there were actual video games that are similar to Squid Game?

It would definitely be an adrenaline rush for many, and many gamers would love the rush of excitement. So here are 5 games that we think share similar vibes to Squid Game.

Fall Guys Squid Game


1. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


Fall Guys isn’t as big as it once was but it is still a pretty damn good party game.

Similar to Squid Game, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout puts players in a series of mini-games, or in this case obstacle courses that are in a knockout format.

Players who fail to reach the end within the time limit will be thrown inside a juicer to be cut and blended.

Sounds pretty morbid right? But it’s all in good fun and certainly a great game to play with a group of friends!


Danganronpa Series Squid Game


2. Danganronpa Series


Despite initially thought to be too gruesome for the public, Danganronpa remains as one of the best visual novel cum puzzle games there is.

Without spoiling too much, the series’ premise is that a group of high school students are trapped and forced to kill each other to prove themselves innocent by trial.

Combining game elements from Town of Salem and the Ace Attorney games, Danganronpa’s ‘kill-to-win’ nature resonates a lot with Squid Game’s approach to storytelling.


Among Us Squid Game


3. Among Us


One of the similarities between Among Us and Squid Game is that its participants are pushed to the limits in terms of wit and survival.

For Among Us you would need to lie your way out of trouble and trick the crewmembers into believing that you are one of them.

All of it requires a calm state of mind while under duress, an atmosphere that is consistent throughout Squid Game as well.


Pummel Party Squid Game


4. Pummel Party


Pummel Party is probably the least nerve-wracking game on this list. Pummel Party is a game where a group of players are also thrown into multiple mini-games where they compete with one another for the highest score.

These mini-games are all randomised and all of them have their own unique quirks and objectives.

As the game supports up to 8 players, the state of the game can be extremely chaotic and we’re pretty sure that you and your friends will have a good laugh wrecking one another.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Squid Game


5. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Ever felt like defusing a bomb? This is as real as it gets for a video game!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a game that piles on the pressure as you progress. You and your friends have to work together to defuse a bomb within a short time limit.

One player will be the one defusing the bomb while the others will be tasked with reading the manual, teaching the former on how to defuse the bomb.

Do note that this game is only playable with more than one player so make sure you have some friends who are willing to sit through this tension-packed game with you before making your purchase!


K Game Challenge Squid Game


6. K Game Challenge


K Game Challenge is a mobile app game that features many traditional Korean games that are heavily inspired by the show itself.

Players will be able to progress through multiple different levels that are filled with even more excitement and tension.

Hence, if you’ve watched the series and wish to join in on the fun, the K Game Challenge might just be up your alley.