6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Cyberpunk 2077 + Bonus Romance Guide

Cyberpunk 2077’s launch may have been fraught with bugs and glitches, but players rolled with the punches and powered through the story. Players that stuck around, like me, probably missed a few things and definitely learned a few things.

Here are some of the things I wish I knew before I played Cyberpunk 2077, along with a sweet romance guide.

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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Played Cyberpunk 2077

1. The Black Rayfield Caliburn is Free After Panam’s Quest

rayfield caliburn

The Black Rayfield Caliburn is easily one of the sleekest rides in the game. You can buy it, but it will set you back 157k.

Or you can continue with the questline until you get the “Ghost Town” quest. This is where you meet Panam for the first time (you can romance her, too – more on that below).

If you complete her tasks, you’ll eventually come to a mine. Before heading back to her truck, go a little deeper into the mine to find the shipping container with the car icon. Inside is a Rayfield Caliburn. Once you enter the car, it’s automatically saved to your collection.

That shipping container also has a legendary piece of armour, so don’t leave without it.

If you missed it the first time, don’t worry – you can go back and grab it. Just fast travel to the Sunset Motel. The mine’s entrance is nearby.

Had I known about this when I first played Cyberpunk, I could have saved myself 157k eddies. Don’t make the same mistake I did!

2. Stacking Your Attributes is Better Than Distributing Them Evenly


When you first get started with the game, you get a few attribute points. If you’re like me, your first instinct will be to distribute them evenly. Like other RPG games, different attributes will unlock different perks. By the time you get to the end of most games, you’ll have unlocked most attributes already.

But that’s really not the case with Cyberpunk. Many players, myself included, feel that it’s probably better to stack your attributes and to decide (early on) what type of combat you want to engage in. Focus your points on the attributes that support your preferred playstyle, so you can spend more time enjoying combat and less time feeling frustrated.

Do you want to be a ninja, or a brute force killing machine?

If you’re into stealth and hacking, you may want to focus more points on Intelligence, Cool and Technical Abilities.

If you’re into full-on combat (a.k.a. a Mercenary), then Body and Reflexes are where you want to focus your points.

3. Pay More Attention to Crafting – It’s a Huge Part of the Game and a Money-Maker

crafting 2

Like so many other RPGs, crafting is a big part of the gameplay. Even if you’re not focused heavily on it, you’ll need some crafting skill to upgrade your weapons and armour throughout the game.

It’s really hard to ignore crafting altogether. At some point, you’re going to want to upgrade your gear.

To craft items, you will need a Crafting Spec and its Item Components. Item Components can be common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. You can get these components from looted containers and enemies, or you can buy some of them from vendors.

Some Crafting Specs are available automatically, but others have to be found in the environment or bought. Enemies can drop specs, but most will be purchased from vendors.

Some component upgrades can only be unlocked with certain perks.

Upgrading weapons and armour requires Upgrading Components, which are a little harder to come by. Disassembling weapons will give you both Item Components and Upgrade Components of equal or lesser quality.

Iconic weapons and armour work a little differently. When upgrading them, you actually consume the lower-tier item in the process.

It’s safe to say that crafting is a complex beast, but it’s worth mastering.

4. There are Five Endings – And One of Them is Secret


Cyberpunk 2077 has five possible endings. Four of them are standard, and one is secret. If you want to unlock it, you have to complete certain side jobs related to Johnny Silverhand and a certain percentage of friendship towards him.

I don’t want to spoil it, but to get to this secret ending, you’ll have to complete these side jobs:

  • Chippin’ In
  • Tapeworm
  • Blistering Love

Your friendship with Johnny will have to be at least 70%.

5. Loot Everything


Don’t leave any loot behind – it’s another way to make cash in Cyberpunk. Most enemies will drop armour or a gun. Pick up their loot and sell it or dismantle it.

You can use your dismantled materials to upgrade your weapons and armour.

If you’re trying to be a stand-up citizen, looting and selling your spoils of war is a great way to make money.

6. Kabuki Market’s Secret Door Code

kabuki market secret

Cyberpunk 2077 is loaded with secret locations. Some have special loot. Others have pop culture references. But there’s one secret room in Kabuki Market that you can access pretty early on in the game.

If you started playing the game shortly after launch as I did, you probably didn’t even know about it – or maybe even walked right past it.

After completing “The Rescue” quest, you can make your way over to Kabuki Market. Head down the stairs in the Prefab City shop and follow the street all the way to the dead end. Look for a garage door near a dumpster and neon sign.

To get inside the room, just enter the code “605185.” Have a seat on the couch, listen to Johnny Silverhand play the guitar and turn on the TV to see selfies of the game developers.

Bonus: Cyberpunk 2077 Romance Guide

Night City is a gritty town. There’s plenty of violence to go around, but there are also some chances to fall in love.

V can romance quite a few characters. From lasting relationships to flings, there’s something for every player on the romance front.

How to Romance Judy

judy alvarez

V meets Judy Alvarez during “The Heist” main storyline quest. She’s a Braindance technician, and she’ll only be interested in you if you have a female tone and body type (unless you have a male mod as discovered in recent news).

You’ll encounter Judy a few more times in Act 2. Eventually, she’ll give you a call. But to romance her, you need to complete all of her side jobs. Once you get to the “Pisces” quest, you need to make a few key decisions if you want to take things further with her.

  • Don’t go along with Maiko’s plan
  • Don’t accept payment from Maiko

When you reach the final quest, “Pyramid Song,” you can finally get together with her. You can choose to have a one-off encounter or a relationship with her.

How to Romance River Ward


You won’t meet River Ward during the main storyline quest. You’ll encounter him during the side quest “I Fought The Law,” and this job can only be unlocked once you get to the second Street Cred tier. You should be able to hit this after you complete the “Life During Wartime” main quest.

River Ward is interested in the female body type.

He has his own questline, which you can start after you complete “I Fought The Law” and receive a call from him.

If you want to romance River, make sure that you go to the right farm and stay there until you help him. Choose dialogue options that support him. Make him feel like you’re on his side and will be there to help him when he needs it.

During his final quest, “Following the River,” make sure that you make your feelings obvious. After a little alone time together, you’ll have the option of entering a relationship with him.

How to Romance Panam


Panam is a nomad who is interested in the male body type.

You first meet Panam in the “Ghost Town” main story quest, and she’ll appear in more main story quests as you go along. After you complete “Life During Wartime,” you should get a call from her. She’ll have some side jobs of her own.

With her first quest, “Riders on The Storm,” make sure that you show up on time. Otherwise, you can ruin your chances of getting together.

When talking with Panam, make sure that you’re always choosing dialogue options that support her. If you play your cards right, you’ll get her final mission: “Queen of the Highway.” After a little alone time together, you can choose to move into a relationship with Panam.

How to Romance Kerry Eurodyne


You’ll meet Kerry Eurodyne during one of Johnny Silverhand’s side quests (Holdin’ On). He’s interested in the masculine body type and voice.

As you may have guessed, Kerry has his own questline, but you won’t be able to start these until you work through the other quests that he’s involved in.

You should get a call from him after you finish the “A Like Supreme” quest. Romancing him is pretty easy. Make sure that you choose the understanding and supportive dialogue options. Kiss him if you get the option.

During his final quest, “Boat Drinks,” you have the option of cruising the bay and kissing him again. Choose these options and you’ll be able to start a relationship with him.


What if you don’t want a lasting relationship? Commitment is a big thing in a place like Night City. Don’t worry, there are quite a few opportunities for flings to keep you occupied.

Meredith Stout


Meredith is interested in anyone and everyone. You’ll meet her on “The Pickup” main quest. As long as you make the right choices with her, you can have a brief fling.

First, meet up with her at the All Foods warehouse. If you want to romance her, you’ll need to do one of the following:

  • If you accepted the infected cred chip: Shoot Royce, or buy the Flathead
  • If you didn’t accept the infected cred chip: Shoot Royce

Afterwards, Meredith will give you a call asking to meet her at a motel in room 6.


Rogue Amendiares


You’ll first encounter Rogue during the main story quest “Ghost Town.” She’s interested in any V, but she’s also one of Johnny Silverhand’s old flames.

Rogue’s first side quest, “Chippin’ In,” gives you the option to become friends with Johnny. Make sure that you do that. Next, call Rogue to start the “Blistering Love” quest.

Romancing her is pretty straightforward. You’ll take her out on a date, and all you have to do is choose the right (and obvious) dialogue options to get a brief intimate moment with her.


Alt Cunningham

Alt’s romance encounter is a bit different because you’ll experience it through Johnny’s memories. It’s automatically shown through his flashbacks, so you don’t have to lift a finger to romance this one.



Ruby is another opportunity for a fling in Cyberpunk. You’ll meet her during the “Chippin’ In” side quest. Johnny can meet her while using V’s body.




Joytoys are Night City’s prostitutes, and you can find them in Westbrook. Two will be available from the start of the game, and you can unlock the other two during the “Off The Leash” side quest.

As you may have guessed, you’ll have to pay Joytoys for their time. For the first two, be prepared to pay 100 eddies for their attention. For some quality time with the other two, you’ll need shell out 3,000 eddies.

The Final Word

Cyberpunk 2077 is all about you, the player, and the choices you make. Play your cards right, and you can romance any of these characters (as long as they’re interested in your type).

To make the most of your gaming, I recommend that you watch other players and streamers on Twitch. It’s a great way to see gameplay and pick up a few tips and tricks along the way.

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