7 3DS Games to Replay in 2023

We’ve all heard the news. Nintendo will stop selling 3DS games on the eShop in March 2023. This is a shame because the 3DS console does offer a variety of good games and soon, we will not be able to purchase them digitally.

So, it’s best that we make haste and purchase them when they are still available! The thing is, there are just so many games and it’s impossible for us to play them all. Not to worry though, as we’ve taken the initiative to list out 7 3DS games that you should play or replay before the Nintendo takes them out.

Let’s begin.


1. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon 3ds

Arguably the hardest Pokemon games to play, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is the first Pokemon game to remove the Gym Leader structure, replacing them with Trials instead.

The games are iconic for their Z-Moves that were honestly really goofy but packed a whole lot of fun. Gameplay-wise, Ultra Sun and Moon were pretty difficult for Pokemon standards and the boss fight against the mascot Legendary was brutal.

So, if you are looking for a challenging Pokemon game to play and you would like to revisit the past, going on a trip to the Alola region should be in your plans before March arrives.


2. Fire Emblem: Awakening

fire emblem awakening 3ds games to replay

With the newly released Fire Emblem Engage, the hype for FE games is at a high. While there are a lot of Fire Emblem titles to choose from, the Awakening title remains a classic for the 3DS.

For a 3DS game, Awakening’s graphics and visuals are superb. The colours and character designs are gorgeous to look at and can even give the Switch FE games a run for their money. The user interface is also very accessible and despite the complexity of the game, accessing the menus is pretty simple.

Gameplay-wise, Awakening retains its classic tactical-RPG elements with its tile-based movements. So, if you are already a huge fan of modern FE games, playing this classic is a must and you better do so before it is removed from the Nintendo eShop.


3. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

xenoblade chronicles 3d 3ds

The Xenoblade titles are also classics in the Nintendo catalogue. They are one of the Nintendo games that explore the open-world system and have received positive reviews.

It’s also really amazing to see how the 3DS platform can actually run a game like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D where there are just so many things happening in the game’s environment. This also translates to great performance optimisation and even with a demanding title, the 3DS is still able to handle it well.

Sure, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, might not have as much content as their modern counterparts but if you are looking for something to revisit, this is the game for you! It’s quick, snappy and most importantly, it’s still just as good as it is a couple of years ago.


4. Bravely Default

bravely default 3ds

If you love Octopath Traveler then we have no question that you will also fall for Bravely Default. Visually and their gameplay are more or less the same but they have a completely different story and a new set of characters. It’s a classic JRPG that is polished and clean.

Bravely Default uses a 4-man party system in combat and includes new Brave and Default mechanics into its gameplay. It might not have as many characters as Octopath Traveler but the game makes up with its attention to detail for its environment. For instance, the enemies will alter based on the time of the game, if it’s during the night, the enemy encounter will vary from the morning ones.

All in all, Bravely Default is a household classic of Nintendo and certainly one worth playing in the 3DS catalogue.


5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- Dual Destinies

ace attorney dual destinies 3ds

We’ve all heard and possibly played the well-acclaimed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and it was amazing. Little did we know that there is actually an underrated Ace Attorney game that flew under the radar.

This is the Dual Destinies title that follows almost the same cast of characters but with a tad bid difference in the investigation process. The premise is still the same where your ultimate goal is to prove your client not guilty but getting it is excitingly different.

In Dual Destinies, you will be able to look at the emotions of the NPCs to tell what are they feeling at the moment. This will give you clues as to whether they are being honest or dishonest with their responses. It’s an interesting take on the whodunnit genre, and we always love when developers take a new spin on a mechanic that is already relatively perfect.


6. Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

Etrian Odyssey Untold 3ds

The Etrian Odyssey franchise isn’t exactly the most popular, especially when compared to franchises like Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem. That said, the Millennium Girl title from them is actually really underrated and is definitely a must-play for the 3DS console.

This title is also the first in the Etrian franchise to include an extra mode; the Story Mode. In this mode, the game will have its own plot and is more story-driven than its Classic Mode. Therefore, players who wish to have a more traditional RPG experience can opt for Story Mode and existing Etrian players can also play the mode that they are used to in Classic.


7. Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

radiant historia perfect chronology 3ds

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is basically the perfected and finalised version of the classic Radiant Historia game. It adds juicy new content and better qualities of life like voice acting and music.

Also, when we say this game is story-driven, it truly is. Radiant Historia plays out entirely as a book/novel itself. It is very immersive and the plot will keep you captivated at the same time. We highly recommend players take their time in reading the texts and dialogues because the plot is just that good.

For its gameplay, it uses a traditional turn-based RPG concept that you can stack damage with your party members for combos. The mechanics are fairly easy to learn which makes it very accessible for players that are not familiar with the JRPG genre. Like many Nintendo games, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is a great entry game to explore the JRPG genre.

We’ve made it to the bottom of the list! It’s sad to see that the Nintendo eShop will not be hosting any more 3DS games in the future but at least they are still here for the moment! So, if you want to grab these games now, be sure to add funds to your Nintendo eShop account with our Nintendo eShop Gift Card here!