7 Apps and Services to Get Your PC Up and Running

7 Apps and Services to Get Your PC Up and Running


Since the pandemic began, most people have been working remotely and there is no saying ‘till when will we be able to fully resume work at the office.

Hence, if you are planning to build a PC or a remote workstation, now is probably the best time. Once you’ve gathered all the parts and have successfully built one, do you know that there’s a second part to your PC building?

The second part might not be as tedious as building the station but is equally as important. Installation of important services and apps can go a long way and will significantly improve your work and entertainment experience.

Here are 7 apps and services we recommend that you should have running on your brand new PC.


Discord App to Start Your PC


1. Discord


Discord is easily the go-to app when it comes to a voice chat app. Used primarily for gamers, Discord has since branched out to various communities outside video games.

Discord has become a place where people from different backgrounds and interests can share their resources and two cents with minimal moderation inside different servers.

With the addition of Nitro and Nitro Classic, users can also enhance their Discord with server-boosting and customisable emojis, supporting their favourite communities which they can call their second home.

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Speccy Services to Start your PC


2.  Speccy


Most computer parts have a certain lifespan as they do not last forever and will wear out over time.

Therefore, it would be wise to occasionally monitor your PC parts’ health and make sure that they are performing as they should.

Speccy is a utility software that gives you detailed insights into your computer parts and the temperatures that they are running at.

This is both good for benchmarking and maintaining your PC, as it lets you know that your computer is not overheating which is important in expanding your computer’s longevity.

After installing Speccy, we recommend running the program at least once a month to see how your PC is performing and if you notice anything out of place, it would be best to bring your computer for maintenance to avoid further damage.


iTunes Services to Start your PC


3. iTunes


If you are building a Mac, the iTunes app is definitely something you would want running. With that said, if you are building a Windows computer and you own an Apple mobile device, installing the iTunes program is not a bad idea either.

The iTunes program is perhaps the one place where you can get all of Apple’s entertainment content that includes a plethora of movies, TV shows and music.

The content on the iTunes platform is frequently updated for users to purchase their selected films or albums at a good price.

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Microsoft Office Apps and Services for PC


4. Microsoft Office


Some may argue that having Google Docs might be good enough as it is free and available as long as you are connected to the Internet.

While that might be true, having the full Microsoft Office service is still superior to the free online version.

The official software has much more features and will work seamlessly with its sister software. For instance, if you want to include an Excel sheet in your Word document, all you need is to copy and paste and it will place it properly with the correct formatting.

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Steam App to Start PC


5. Steam


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” is a saying that holds true even to this day. Steam is essentially the most well-known platform for gamers to spend their time on but it has also grown into the lives of many casuals and developers.

Hosting countless games and software, Steam will always have the best promos and discounts for their apps and games which you can purchase and download with ease.

Therefore, if you are burnt out after a long day’s work, shopping for new games or playing games is one of the more therapeutic ways to relieve stress from home.

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Antivirus App to Start Your PC


6. Antivirus Program


Usually, if you know what you are doing and your Windows Defender is up to date, you would not have to worry about viruses infecting your system.

However, to the less tech-savvy, it would be best to get a reputable antivirus program that would offer a second opinion when you are performing your occasional computer scan.

And, we would not want to recommend any specific antivirus, and as long as they are reputable with good reviews, they usually do the job.

Plus, always remember, having good computer awareness like not running and downloading suspicious programs will always be your first layer of defence.


VPN unlimited Services to Start your PC


7. VPN Unlimited


Privacy is easily the most important factor when you are surfing the internet. Unfortunately, without the proper tools, it is almost impossible for us to stay anonymous when we are online.

Therefore, with the help of VPN Unlimited, internet dwellers can continue dwelling on the web anonymously without fearing their information being tracked or stolen.

Additionally, using VPN Unlimited also helps to bypass certain region locks, meaning you can access content available for that specific country or region.

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Hopefully, these apps would help you garner an enhanced PC experience and help you along your PC journey. Don’t get carried away while you’re having fun and remember to maintain your PC’s health and care in order for a lasting gaming experience!