7 Beginner Agents to Play in VALORANT

VALORANT has been here for a while and as a competitive esports title, this game has a steep learning curve. It’s not a game that you can just hope in and be good at, you’ll need time and practice. One of the things that beginner players will need to practice on is how to get good at a specific Agent.

If you’re starting at the starting point, it’s best for beginners to stick with just a couple of Agents first. So, who are these Agents? This brings us to today’s topic where we will be listing down 7 beginner-friendly Agents you can play to have an easier time in VALORANT.

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With that out of the way, let’s start!

1. Sage

Photo Credits: Riot Games

Let’s start with a support-based Agent. Sage is one of the most beginner-friendly agents in Valorant because of her straightforward abilities. They are used to support the team in various ways like healing and reviving her allies. 

Her abilities allow her to come in clutch in various tight situations. She can be single-handedly responsible for her team’s survival, giving her team an edge during do-or-die situations. Besides heal-based support, her wall ability can also block off chokepoints, buying time for her team to regroup and plan for another approach.

2. Brimstone

Photo Credits: Riot Games

Brimstone is another easy-to-understand Agent, suitable for players that are unfamiliar with shooter games. His biggest contribution to the team is his area control abilities. As such, it is good to play Brimstone to learn how zoning out works.

Brimstone can call in smokescreens and use his ultimate to deal massive damage to enemies in a specific area. His ability to provide cover for his team and deal significant damage. This makes him very deadly in certain areas. Used correctly and at the right time, with little execution, Brimstone alone can win a skirmish on its own.

3. Phoenix

Photo Credits: Riot Games

Phoenix is a beginner-friendly Agent that can hold his own in any situation. While he is generally played as a Support, Phoenix can take down opponents if you are adept at using him.

In battle, Phoenix can heal himself and use his ultimate to create a fiery explosion that damages enemies. He might not be as simple as the other Agents on this list but in the bigger picture, Phoenix’s execution is fairly forgiving. Using minimal effort, you can contribute greatly to the team.

4. Jett

Photo Credits: Riot Games

Jett is an excellent choice for players who enjoy a more aggressive playstyle. Her abilities allow her to move quickly and dodge enemy fire. Jett can use her abilities to create a smokescreen or to propel herself forward, giving her an advantage in combat.

Her ultimate can also be used to quickly take down enemies which makes her a flavour pick for new players. Plus, she’s such a well-designed character and is often seen as the poster girl for the game. Fortunately, she’s not difficult to play and getting used to her gameplay is very manageable, even if you are new.

5. Raze

Photo Credits: Riot Games

Raze is a beginner-friendly agent who’s biggest asset is chunking out significant damage to enemies. Her abilities allow her to launch grenades that deal colossal damage to opponents.

Raze can also use her ultimate to launch a missile that can deal significant damage to enemies in a specific area. Raze is an excellent choice for players who enjoy an aggressive playstyle and want to take down the enemy quickly.

6. Cypher

Photo Credits: Riot Games

Cypher is another excellent choice for players who want to provide support means to their team. He is easy to learn and almost all teams will benefit from what Cypher can do.

His abilities thrive on area control and information. Playing around with traps, Cypher can use these devices to gather information in certain areas, giving his team valuable knowledge about enemy movements. At any skill level, this benefit can change the course of a game so, Cypher will still be viable, even in higher-skilled games.

So, if you’re looking for a more subtle and different kind of support play, Cypher is the ideal choice. He is an Agent that can improve your map awareness so aside from learning the character, you can improve your overall VALORANT senses.

7. Sova

Photo Credits: Riot Games

Similar to Cypher, Sova’s biggest strength is his information-gathering abilities. Although Sova is more battle-oriented which means, he is more versatile and can be played differently when it comes to offence.

To gather information, Sova launches arrows that reveal the location of enemies and make the enemies’ movements known. Sova can also use his ultimate to deal significant damage to enemies in a specific area. Sova is an excellent choice for players who want to play a more supportive role on the team.